9 Circles Of Dan Brown's Inferno


With development of technologies books become more and more rare. Unfortunately people choose movies instead of books. Jack London is the best novelist but can we say that his novels still as popular as they were in 1990s? It’s sad to admit but nowadays not many people even know about this writer and a huge number of others. World of technologies which many fiction writers described in their books appeared to be dangerous for books.

However, there is always a response on something that happens. We can say that amount of readers now decreasing however it pushes writers to write something great and really outstanding, moreover new subgenres appear. Fiction which was popular before nowadays is still popular however its evolution is enormous. As people like constant strain, interesting and tangled plot in movies, writers take this things into their books. Dan Brown’s Inferno is good example of it. So today we will look briefly at it and then try to analyze if it is successful or not. But at first let’s take a look at author’s life in general. But before, we want to help you. If you have some problems with your home task or don’t understand some subjects ask us to help, you can simply write us “take my online course” and be sure: we will come for help.

Dan Brown – great writer of modernity

Dan Brown is an American writer and journalist. Except “Inferno” he is famous for such novels as “Angles and Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “The Lost Symbol” and others. What is interesting is that some of his novels have the same main character. But we will talk about it little bit later. Now let’s come back to the writer.

Brown, born in family of mathematician (father) and musician (mother), himself studied mostly humanities and especially literature. He graduated from Amherst College and after that was learning history of art in Spain for couple years.

He tried himself as musician but didn’t achieve great success, then worked as a teacher in Beverly Hills Preparatory School. After that his family and he went to New Hampshire and settled down there. He worked as professor of English and Spanish languages.

However Brown had been always interested in philosophy, humanity, cryptography people’s actions and their reasons. That’s why he wrote his first book called “Digital Fortress” (1998) which will tell you about freedom of a citizen in context of National security. This book is about National Security Agency and common people. It had great reviews and feedback of people all over the world.

Books of the writer based on intermingled genres as thriller, detective-story and sometimes alternative reality and fiction. However all things described in his books can really happen in future and that is even scaring.

From novel “Angles and Demons” (2000) began story of character named Robert Langdon, and he could be met also in next novels such as: “Da Vinci Code”, “The Lost Symbol” and “Inferno”. These books are intermingled in a way because every next one describes actions after those of previous book. So, now it’s time to look at “Inferno”.

“Inferno” – mixture of genres and model of good modern novels

Sometimes after writing some successful books, writers began to publish something bad and of low-quality. However with Dan Brown that didn’t happen. Inferno is just a logical continuing of novels published before. Published in 2013 and having four million copies and a lot of pre-orders this novel showed that Dan Brown’s popularity growing off the reel and a lot of people keep their eyes on story about Robert Langdon which fourth part “Inferno” is.

In this book there are described actions which happened after previous three books. By the way, two of them (“Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”) were even adapted. “Inferno” is the next and in 2016 it was released with Tom Hanks in the leading role.

Now, let’s talk little more about plot and general actions described in the book. It should be said that, plot of this book is intermingled with first part of Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy” called “Inferno”. Now let’s talk about Den Brown’s book of the same name.

Main character, Professor Robert Langdon regains his consciousness in the hospital ward. He doesn’t remember his previous two days. They were erased from his memory. From the beginning of the book Langdon is a subject of prosecution of different organizations. However he doesn’t remember anything. Happily Professor has a good mate near him: Sienna, however even friends are not always as they look like. In the center of the plot is a cylinder with powerful virus. It’s not only Robert Langdon who tries to find it. Purposes of people are different and if Langdon wants to save planet and population others want this virus to achieve the goal.

Such problems as rights of people to live and degradation of population are put. Another problem is connected with limited sources on the Earth many of which are not irreplaceable. That’s why one of professors decided to create a virus of plague to destroy bigger part of population on the Earth. He died because of strange circumstances but has some followers and virus is still lay somewhere. Who will come first to it and what will be future for people? Who will help the main character in saving of the world and who of his friends will appear an enemy? Read this awesome novel if you have enough time. If you don’t, read it briefly or at least read its detailed plot in the Internet.

There are different reviews of readers mostly positive. There is one most asking question “Should I read previous parts of the book?” The answer is definitely “Yes”. Although actions are not closely connected you will be able to know main character better and it may be interesting to compare then different parts of these four books. A lot of people say that book is very intriguing and make you achieve final as fast as you can. So we recommend you to read this book when have plenty of time in order not to break at the most interesting place.

To sum up we can say that there are many worth reading books even nowadays and Dan Brown’s ones are among them. Did you like this brief review? Feel free to read about class mentor: we have many helpful offers and low prices. If you like mystery, some fantasy, very interesting plot that keeps you in constant commotion you should definitely read this book and maybe then you will try other ones by Dan Brown. So, hope we opened a new world for you: world of exciting adventures and struggle for life of the whole population on the Earth.