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😋 The task of taking a quiz is not so much challenging as stressful. You can be a very smart student who knows everything about the subject being studied and yet the mere fact of the online test may result in your inability to get a good grade on your online quiz! Quiz questions may appear to be tricky and even if they include answer choices, the students may be caught and the results will disappoint them.

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Yes, online quizzes are frequently failed by students for many different reasons. While you are in control of some of the factors, you cannot be ready for absolutely all problems. What are the issues that the majority of students encounter?

Issue 1: Online test is timed and there is not enough time to think over the answers to quiz questions.

Solution: First complete the questions you feel absolutely confident about and leave the difficult questions for the later.

Issue 2: It seems more than 1 answer is correct in multiple answer choices.

Solution: Unfortunately, in this case, you need to rely on your logic. When instructors create online quizzes and try confusing their students with this kind of quiz questions, they significantly reduce the chances for a good grade.

Issue 3: You do not know the answer to the particular question at all.

Solution: In this situation, you have to guess. Try choosing the most logical or reasonable answer. Sometimes, at least one of the suggested answers on multiple-choice tests is out of place. In the case of True/False questions, the chance is 50/50 for you to guess the correct answer.

If you are not ready to play games with your good luck and that test score is indeed important for your academic record, use OnlineClassMentor.com and all of the above issues will not bother you!

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OnlineClassMentor.com guarantees good results on your online quizzes. We offer a better way out to your assessment. Yes, we have the confidence to claim that our writers, tutors, and mentors are qualified enough to ensure good marks and scores on your online quizzes and exams. We have already helped so many students worldwide that we have the courage to promise the best results on a variety of tests. It does not matter if you need help with a marketing quiz or math exam, we will cope with it. Even if your online test is due tomorrow already, we will be able to help you. All you need to do is to chat with us now to discuss the details and specifics of your exam and we will take care of the rest.

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Professional quiz takers working at OnlineClassMentor.com have many years of experience. We do not with part-time writers or freelance tutors who are less motivated to help our customers. When you hire a mentor at our service, you know that he or she is:

  • Educated in your field of study. It implies your tutor has a deep understanding of the materials and can get you a high grade.
  • Responsible and will not miss the deadline. If you inform us beforehand about the quiz, we will be ready at the time when your quiz is posted. No missed deadlines!
  • Supportive and attention. When you hire us to take your online quiz, you are no longer alone with your academic dilemma. We will not let you down. If we confirm our readiness to take your quiz, we will not give up on your task at the last minute.
  • Respectful. This standard refers to respect for your privacy and confidentiality. As you need to provide us with your login information and link to your exam, we do understand the importance of keeping this data confidential.

Professional quiz takers working at our website meet all of the above standards of professionalism we promise to our customers. You would not want to risk your quiz score by working with unqualified writers. Turn only to expert services with adequate online support and a fair pricing system. We guarantee the results and our writers are working full-time.

Pricing strategy - available quiz takers

The price for your online quiz taking depends on different factors. At OnlineClassMentor.com, we strive to offer the best price to our customers, including a wide range of discounts and special offers for returning customers. Please chat with us to provide information about your quiz and we will share an estimate with you.

How is the fee for your test determined? There are several strategies:

  • You have the details about your exam, including the type of questions and their number. For example, if your quiz has 10 true/false questions and 25 multiple-choice items, the fee will cover each type of question and will be in the range of $75-$150, depending on the deadline.
  • If you have no details about your exam but know that your quiz will take 2 hours of time, you will be charged for 2 hours of writer’s work, which is approximately $80, but the final feel will depend on the deadline (if you contact us a few hours before the test, the fee will double if you pay for your quiz a week before the test – the fee will be lower).
  • You have a take-home exam. This type of quizzes is the easiest to estimate in terms of fee because you are paying only for the actual number of pages and words your exam contains. Thus, if you have two pages of text and need your exam back in a week, the fee can go as low as $40.

The price for your quiz or exam is estimated individually. We strive to offer the lowest and the fairest price to our customers instead of charging the same fee for all tests and exams.

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