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Our team of expert tutors helps students who feel stressed and overwhelmed with their online classes and exams. We specialize in 60+ college disciplines and can complete tests up to PhD level, delivering excellent quality in every assignment! Stress no more - hire a trusted expert to complete all online tasks and improve your grades!

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Pay someone to take my online test: help from top-notch experts

Is your online test due soon and you feel totally unprepared? Or, do you have multiple assignments to complete for your online class but lack time or energy to work on each of them? Then, the decision to hire someone to take my online test or exam is perfectly reasonable.

At OnlineClassMentor.com, we help struggling students to cope with dreadful online exam, quiz or the entire online class. We have an extensive team of online mentors and academic writers who can complete even the most complex tasks. Your online exam will be taken by an expert with a degree in your discipline, so we confidently guarantee you a good grade. Relieve yourself from the pressure of constant tasks - contact us and make the first step towards the hassle-free college life!

Why choose OnlineClassMentor.com?

Original writing

If your task involves writing, the writer will do research and complose a 100% plagiarism-free piece. We check all written essays using advanced plagiarism software to ensure it has no similarities online.

Timely completion of each task

Whether you've ordered an entire online class or exam only, we guarantee timely completion of each online assignment. If we don't complete your test on time, we issue refunds. You don't risk anything when dealing with us!

Experts in 65+ disciplines

We have a team of 350+ tutors, academic writers and editors with degrees in every college discipline, including Mathematics, Business, Arts, History, Political science and more. We will assign a subject matter expert on your test.

Guarantee of a good grade

We assign experienced tutors to take your online exam or test, so the passing grade is guaranteed. Most of our customers recieve an A or B for their tests.

Fully confidential

Each "take my online exam" and "take my online test" request is handled with privacy. We don't store and share your personal details and use your username and password only to complete the online tasks.

Ongoing support of your order

Our customer support team is online 24/7. So, if you have an urgent task to complete or want to know the status of your order, talk to us on chat anytime. We work round the clock to help you succeed in class!

Why hire someone to take your online exam or test?

Some online classes in college can be exciting or helpful for your future profession, while the others are boring or too complicated. On the flip side, it is essential to complete every online class to successfully graduate from college or complete a degree program. If you lack time or find the discipline unengaging, don't risk your final grade. Contact us with "I want to pay someone to take my test" and we will connect you with a top expert in your discipline.

  • Do you struggle to complete all online assignments on time but don't want to lose points? Our expert will login to the system on your behalf and take online test timely to ensure that you get a good score;
  • Do you have to work and handle family commitments in addition to studies? With us, you can stay on top of everything. Our tutor will complete your online exams or online tests so you can focus on other priorities in life;
  • Are you puzzled by a complex assignment or lack knowledge to tackle an online exam? Don't risk your grades - hire us, and we will assign an educated tutor who will do their best to get an A or B grade for you;
  • Do you experience a writer's block with an essay? An experienced academic writer will create a unique and creative paper based on your instructions. All essays are 100% plagiarism-free;
  • Do you need assistance to take an entire class? We can do this as well. Provide us with the login details, and your tutor will complete every online assignment, including discussion boards, quizzes, essays and a final exam.

To hire an experienced tutor for your class or exam fill out the form and explain the task to us. We will get back to you with a quote and a link to pay. After that, we will connect you with an expert qualified in your discipline who will complete your online exam with shine!

How to I pay someone to take my online exam or test?

It has never been easier to get a professional to take your online class or exam. First, send us the details of your test to get a free quote. Provide us with the course material and the grading rubric. This is necessary so that the support agent could evaluate the amount of work and the complexity of your exam, and provide you with the accurate "take my online test" estimate. Moreover, if you share course details, recommended reading, and instructor's comments, your tutor will prepare for the test better and eventually receive a higher grade.

We will calculate the exact amount of your order and give you a payment link. Note that the price for the assignment is final, we don't apply any hidden fees or extra charges. Once your order is paid, we assign an experienced tutor who has a degree in your discipline. They revise the course material and prepare for an upcoming test. In a due time, the tutor logs in to the college account on your behalf to take your test. If the grade is available right now, we will inform you about it once the test is completed; otherwise, you will see the grade once your instructor checks the test. We do not promise a 100% on your test, but if you provide us with enough materials to prepare and order test taking services at least 2-3 days in advance, we can get you an A or B!

Why hire expert tutors to take your online exam?

Only experienced test takers.

We thoroughly vet applicants and only accept tutors with a Bachelor's or a Master's degree and fluency in English. Every tutor is perfectly familiar with the types of online tasks and academic writing, so you can count on a highly professional attitude and a perfect result every time. Our writers are located in the US and UK, as well as other English-speaking countries. All tutors and writers take English tests before joining our team to prove their expertise. You can choose the writer's location when placing an order.

Timely help with each online test.

Many online tests and exams are timed. Your personal tutor will enter the test area in a due time and complete it before the hime has expired. We are a highly reliable agency with 10+ years in the market, and we complete every task exactly on time and in line with your guidelines.

It's confidential.

We assign a writer from your area or use a local IP address so that no red flag appears in your college. It's technically not possible to find out that you used our services, as we don't disclose or publish any information about our customers. The tutor uses your username and password only to complete tasks. Moreover, we offer a full money back guarantee if we didn't complete the task on time. Whether you've hired us to take your online test or to write a research paper, the protocol is the same. In case we don't complete the assignment on time, you can request a refund.

Can you take my online exam urgently? Yes!

We assist students with all types of tasks, including urgent ones. We can complete a written assignment in 12 hours if you are pressed for time. When it comes to online quizzes or exams, we recommend that you contact us at lest 2-3 days in advance to give your tutor enough time to prepare. Yet, if the exam is tomorrow and you are about to panic, reach out to us for help anyway. We work 24/7 to help students worldwide, so we always have test takers online who are ready to get started with your assignment. We will do our best to secure a good grade for you even in the shortest terms!

Experienced test takers in 65+ subjects.

We assign online classes and helps only to tutors who have proven educational background in this discipline, and don't work with freelancers. Our team comprises of experts with verified degrees and certifications. If you need an assignment in Physics, Macroeconomics, Business management, English literature, Biology or Media, we will match you with the right tutor. Our services are based on knowledge and research - the writer carefully evaluates the course material, looks through the textbooks and does his research to get the best possible grade for your task.

Transparent and fair prices.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge hundreds of dollars for just one assignment. As a fully virtual company, we can keep our prices more customer-friendly. Our prices are fair and based on the complexity of assignment, the deadline and academic level. To find out the exact price of your online test or the entire class, fill out the form and attach the detailed guidelines. Our customer support will respond you with an exact quote and current discount offers.

Can you take my online class?

Online classes require just as much time and attention as in-person ones, but they are harder to focus on and many students find them less engaging. So, if you are wondering "Where can I pay someone to take my online class?", you're in the right place.

Order a "take your online class" service, and a tutor who understands your discipline will complete all assignments for this class, from an introductory discussion board to a final exam. We will ask you to provide a username and password to access the course and any additional materials from your instructor. The tutor will log in to the course on your behalf and complete the assignments week by week. We help with discussion tasks, essays, calculations, journals, case studies, quizzes and exams and are ready to assist with the most challening tasks. We do not promise 100% for the course, but most of our clients get an A or B and earn credits with no effort.

Get expert help with your tests and boost your grades

Exams and tests impact your final grade a lot, so if you feel unprepared, the best decision is to hire a trusted expert. If you contact us with a "take my online exam" or "take my online test" request, you will always receive a personalized approach from our educated tutors. Ready to get started? Tell us about your assignment in the form and our support team will get back to you with a quote. Order an online quiz or test now and get a 18% welcome discount!