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Looking for a reliable company that can complete online classes or online exams for you? The internet offers hundreds of agencies promising to assist with your online assignments or the entire class. However, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of the company to make sure it is reliable and can complete your course as agreed. Below, you will find detailed online class takers reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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Company overview

Students turn to online class taking services when they lack the discipline to complete their class, have no interest in the subject or need more time for their personal life. No matter your situation, OnlineClassMentor promises to take your class in different subjects, from History, Literature, and Arts to Marketing, Statistics, or Algebra class.

They assist each student with both full online classes and individual assignments. You can order tests, quizzes, homework, essay, coursework, or even a dissertation here. The website is pleasantly designed with a step-by-step process advertised and multiple customer reviews. As they do not specialize in one particular type of work, you can order any assignment from this company, as they have an extensive writing team and are open 24/7.

Pricing and guarantees

The company uses an individual approach to each client. If you have decided to hire a professional to complete your online class, just send the details of this class (deadlines, number of assignments to complete, your academic level, etc.) through the online form. They will calculate the individual price of your assignment and respond to you with a quote and a discount offer. Written assignments start at $21 per page.

OnlineClassMentor has a solid refund policy. If they failed to complete your test or paper on time, they will return your money in full according to their money-back guarantee. Unlimited revisions are also included in each order, meaning that the writer will revise your paper for free if necessary. Confidentiality is guaranteed - your data is never disclosed and only used to complete the assignments.


OnlineClassMentor is a good option for every student looking to get a good grade for the course. With 350+ writers on the team, a plagiarism-free policy, and positive customer reviews, they promise to complete every assignment on time and according to your instruction. Plus, they have friendly customer service available 24/7 via chat. If you want to order a quality paper, online exam, or full course, this site is worth your attention. - Online classes takers for all courses

Company overview

TheOnlineClassTakers company has created a nice website promising to complete your online class, exam, or assignment at an affordable price. They claim that your test will be completed by a PhD or Master’s degree holder based in the US. Yet, it is difficult to verify as the writers' profiles are not available on the site.

They also have a convenient payment process with multiple options available, and have praising customer reviews. If you order, they will assign a test taker located in your area so that no red flag appears in your university. They specialize in business, management, marketing, accounting, economics, and many other subject areas. Overall, this company's services are aimed at students wishing to relieve the burden of their online class and get better grades.

Pricing and guarantees

Prices are shown right on the main page of the website, with three payment plans available (standard, business, and premium). The cheapest one will cost you $99 per month. However, it is not clear how the more expensive plans are different and what benefits you will get if you pay more or spend more money. They also promise big discounts, but it is not clear how to get them, so you might need to clarify this issue in the chat or by phone.

Speaking about guarantees, they promise refunds if your grade is lower than you expected. The only problem is, their Privacy Policy does not make it clear under what circumstances you can request a refund and whether will they return your money in full. You will want to clarify that, too, so you could be confident that you'll receive the desired grade. They also have a strict privacy policy and promise not to share or sell your private student information.

Conclusion offers professional assistance with an online class, test, or assignment to students from the high school to the Master's level. With them, you can relieve yourself from the pressure of academic tasks. Yet, be sure to clarify the prices of their service and guarantees. Otherwise, you may end up getting a lower grade than expected with these guys. - Online class help and MathLab answers

Company overview

GoTakeMyOnlineClass helps customers with their tasks in a variety of subjects, including accounting, finance, biology, and others. Their website boasts a 99.2% success rate and promises that a trusted PhD expert will complete your online class. In addition to social sciences, they provide students with MyMathLab, MyStatLab and MyOpenMath answers, which will be helpful if you are a STEM student.

You can contact the company on the phone, WhatsApp, or live chat. They promise 100% plagiarism-free writing, which is important if your course involves a lot of essays or research papers. The website itself doesn't make the best impression, as it doesn't explain the steps or the pricing policy properly. Plus, the support representatives on chat seem very pushy and try to force you to make a deposit immediately.

Pricing and guarantees

To get an exact quote, you'll be asked to sign up and provide a syllabus or login details with a portal link. The company offers discounts, but only if you manage to make a partial payment right away, which might not be comfortable for all clients. If you want to hire an expert tutor for your class, it might be costly, as all tutors are PhDs.

The company guarantees a good grade for your online class, yet, the site does not specify what grade you will eventually get, and what happens if you end up getting a lower grade. They promise full confidentiality and a money-back guarantee, yet, there are no Terms of Service on the website and it is not clear under what circumstances you can get a refund. If you plan on paying to hire them, make sure to clarify these issues before you pay.

Conclusion has a high success rate with customers and has positive reviews. Its biggest advantage is offering help with STEM subjects. On the flip side, they do not advertise their policy on refunds, and other guarantees are not clear either. If you plan to order from them, make it clear with the company so as not to risk your money and grades. - Help with homework, online class, or an exam

Company overview

OnlineClassHelp is an agency promising to get you an A for your online course or an exam. They offer a range of services, from essays, math homework and discussion boards to tests, quizzes, finals, or the entire online class. The company is US-based, so there will be no location issues with your university.

The company offers plenty of customer-friendly options. For example, they can complete your test even if it's due tonight, with a $25 extra fee. On the flip side, there is no information about writers and tutors on the site - it simply states that writers are "experts". You can get in touch with the OnlineClassHelp team via chat or on the phone, but only from 9 AM to 9 PM EST. They also have a blog with tips and tricks for students.

Pricing and guarantees

Like with many similar agencies, to find out the price, you need to send the course syllabus and description. The price will depend on the subject, complexity level, duration of the course, and how much work is involved. The site has no information about discounts or special offers.

The company guarantees plagiarism-free writing on essays and research papers. They also promise that your private information is secure, which is outlined in their Terms and Conditions. The site also claims that you'll get a guaranteed A or B for your task, however, their Terms do not explain what happens if they let you down. Their refund policy isn't clear either.

Conclusion offers help with many subjects and they are ready to complete the test even if it's due tonight. On the flip side, their guarantees are not clear. Plus, they might charge more than other companies since there are no information about discounts on their site.

How to choose a reliable online class taking agency?

Compare a few companies

Do not place an order on the first website you found in Google or Bing. Review several companies, and evaluate their prices, terms of service and the advantages they offer. Thus, you will make an informed decision.

Ask around

Since there are many scam companies on the market, it's a good idea to ask your friends or other students in your school. Don't stop talking to your peers, as some can surely recommend you a good agency.

Understand the tutor's qualifications

Before you hire someone, make sure the tutor has the needed qualifications in your field of study. If you need to complete a class in Biology for college, look for a tutor with a Master's degree or higher.

Read customer reviews

Read customer reviews on the website, as well as on independent review websites. However, be careful, as some companies post fake reviews to attract more customers.

Among the sites we have reviewed today, we can strongly recommend This company offers plagiarism-free writing and timely completion of assignments and tests, and has over 350 verified tutors specializing in every college discipline. Thus, you can count on good grades when placing an order on this site. Moreover, they offer free revisions and a full money back guarantee, so you can cooperate with them safely.

By hiring an expert tutor, you can ease your workload in college or graduate school while getting good grades, so be sure to choose the right agency for your academic needs!