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Have an exam online and do not feel like you are going to get a good grade? Have too many tests exams and neither of them is inspiring? Tests and quizzes are never fun, especially if they account for as much as 50% or even 75% of the course’s grade! OnlineClassMentor.com is ready to help you to take your online classes! Yes, we can complete your exams, quizzes, and class test on your behalf! Our experienced experts have years of practice and mastered their test skills for perfection. We do not guarantee a 100% score on your exam, but we do guarantee on-time submission and a good grade!

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Why should you trust our Test takers online?

  • Over 10,000 customers worldwide have already used our online exam service and they are happy with the results
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OnlineClassMentor.com is the online service that is proud to have the reputation of a reliable provider of academic assistance. Our customers are not only the students but also the instructors who need help with lesson plans, single mothers working on getting a degree online, busy managers who need to complete courses to get a promotion, learners with disabilities who need some assistance with their tasks. With years of experience and practical skills in online test-taking, we are ready to help our clients excel in online learning.

If your online exam causes too much pressure and stress, use our services and we will take care of your exam. We will assign the most qualified mentor to complete your exam, we will ensure your mentor has access to all the materials needed to get a good grade, and we will inform you about the result. With all of these benefits, you also get a privacy guarantee and your data is not shared with anybody else!

We are ready to take your online class!

Test takers online working at OnlineClassMentor.com are not freelancers or students. We have a strong team of tutors who devote their full time to serving our clients. We do not outsource your tasks to writers and editors outside of our team. As a result, you get a good grade for your test and advance with your online class.

Online tests are timed and you usually have up to 3 hours to submit. In rare cases, you have the opportunity to close the test and return to your exam job at a later time. However, in the majority of situations, if you open your exam and start answering the first question, the clock starts ticking and you have a minute or two per each question. That is a lot of pressure! When you hire online class mentors to take your online test, you do not have to worry about your exam at all!

How does it work? Here are a few steps:

  • You chat with us to tell us overall information about your class or exam, such as the course title, syllabus, or any other data you have about your exam such as type of questions, allocated time, etc.
  • We provide a free estimate for your test based on the information you provide. At this point, we also request to provide a username and password to access your online course to ensure the writer can review the modules, readings, and materials needed to prepare for the exam.
  • On the day of your exam, the assigned tutor logs in and completes your tests for you. In the case with multiple-choice or true/false questions, you get the results immediately. If the test requires grading, you know the score once the instructor reviews the answers.

I have Exam at a Certain time, can I pay someone to take my online exam?

If your exam must be taken at a certain time, you need to text us via online chat beforehand, at least a day before the exam is due. Why is this requirement included? First, we need to evaluate the complexity of your test and assign the most qualified tutor. Your online mentor should plan the time and get prepared. Second, we need to provide an accurate invoice for your test and you are required to process the payment upfront. Our live chat agents will get back to you to get a free quote for your exam as soon as you contact them.

For example, you have online exams in computer science. When you contact us a few hours before the exam is due, the writer has no time to prepare at all. Moreover, we may have no expertise in this discipline ready to help you immediately. If you contact us at least 2-3 days before the final exam, we will access your online courses and you will hire an expert who is totally prepared to take your exam and get good grades.

Why should you choose us?

  • We do care about the grade you get for online classes;
  • We charge less than other websites;
  • We do not outsource;
  • We value your privacy;
  • We will give your money back if we are late with your online tests;
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Can you also take my Online Class?

In addition to the online course and test-taking service, we offer essay writing and error checking, as well as we can take your online class. You can get the best grades with our services because we provide a wide range of services and mentoring. If you have an exam due tonight, please chat with us immediately to get a job assessment! If your online class has already started and the first homework tasks are already posted, contact us right away to get a free quote! The earlier you request our help, the cheaper the price will be because the fee for the course is discounted if booked upfront.

Class online exam job or exam assignments are much easier to handle when you pass this task to us. If you do not feel like working on your entire online class or certain tasks are not your favourite, you can use our services too. If you do not feel like giving us full access to your online class, you can send us assignments one by one, but the fee will be lower in this case because a new invoice will be sent for each exam assignment adjusted to the deadline. Online classes are cheaper when you order all tasks at once.

Online Class or Exam Taking Services: guarantees

When you hire us with the task to take your online exam, you definitely hope to get good grades. Our team of experts consists of the best test-takers who can pass quizzes, tests, and exams on time and choose the correct answers.

OnlineClassMentor.com offers the following guarantees to clients:

  • On-time delivery. We will not miss the deadline for your test or quiz. It will be taken timely.
  • Passing grade. Our test-takers will not fail your exam or test. We cannot guarantee 100% correct answers but we guarantee our commitment to getting you the highest score possible.
  • The expertise of our writers. Your test will be taken by a highly qualified expert in your field of study. If your online exam is for a marketing course, we will assign a marketing expert. If your online class is on chemistry, a test taker will be knowledgeable in chemistry.
  • Regular discounts. Yes, we believe it is important to give significant discounts to our customers. Thus, with every new order, you can expect to get a lower price. We appreciate your choice of our writing services and we try our best to give you the lowest price possible.

Online exams have never been easier to complete!

OnlineClassMentor.com team is ready to take your exam for you online. Just send us a note and we will take care of the rest. Our support team is always available - get started, contact us now and get a highly qualified online class or exam service! You can text us using the contact form and we will get back to you within 15 minutes.