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Why thousands of students contact us with their "take my online class" request?

Original paper writing

When it comes to written assignments, we compose each essay or term paper from scratch based on your instructor's requirements. We will attach a plagiarism report showing that your assignment is 100% original.

Full or partial class completion

You can choose an entire online class service and forget about any deadlines, peer discussions or midterm papers. Or, you may only hire our tutors for selected assignments and stay engaged in class activities.

Verified experts and tutors

We don't work with freelancers and verify the credentials of each writer and tutor. Our expert team comprises of 200+ academic professionals with at least a Bachelor's degree in various disciplines, so you can count on timely and quality test completion.

Guarantee of passing grade

We cannot promise that you score 100% with our online class help service. However, we do guarantee a good grade and scruptulous completion of all assignments, peer discussions and projects included in your course.

Fixed prices

Message us to get a free quote, and you'll know the precise cost of your online test, assignment or entire class. Note that if you hire us to take your class in full, you'll get an additional discount.

Support 24/7

Support team of our online class service is available around the clock in a live chat. Whether you want to order online classes completion or want to check order progress, do not hesitate to talk to us!

Are you wondering "Can I pay someone to take my online class?"

Online classes and courses were included in the educational process for many years. However, after the COVID-19 outburst, they gained extreme poularity. Online courses are included in curriculums of both traditional and online degree programs.

Students have varying opinions about this type of learning. Some enjoy online classes because of flexibility and convenience they offer. The others dislike it due to lack of engagement, limited communication and cooperation with peers. Whether you like it or not, online learning is here to stay, so students need to adapt to taking online tests and assignments.

If you don't enjoy taking online classes, or are too busy to dedicate much time and attention to them, our online class help service is always ready to come to your rescue. Send us the details of your class or assignment, and we'll message you back with a quote.

Top reasons to pay someone to take your online class

  • The online class is of no interest for you, but still needs to be taken on time. Failed classes can reflect negatively on your progress in college. With our help, you can relieve yourself from unengaging disciplines and focus on the classes that you enjoy most.
  • You want to improve your grades. Many students looking to pay someone to take my online class because an educated tutor can handle their class tasks better. This couldn't be truer with us, as our class takers are knowledgeable about their disciplines.
  • You struggle to stay on track with all assignments. No more missed deadlines or failed weekly tasks! Your online tutor will monitor the course deadlines closely and complete every type of assignment on time.
  • You don't enjoy online learning. Do you prefer attending lectures and workshops in campus to watching them on video? Then, you can focus on on-campus disciplines and outsource all online classes to us.
  • You are short of time. It comes as no surpirse that undergraduate and graduate students have to handle countless tests, research papers, homework and assignments. Give yourself some rest and let our expert tutors take online classes for you with a guaranteed result!

We offer full or partial completion of your online course

Our online class help is fully customizable, meaning that you can choose what tasks you'd like to complete by yourself and what you want a professional tutor to complete. We can assist you in several ways:

  • Full completion of your online class

    Provide us with login details for your online class, and our experts will complete it entirely without your participation. You won't need to worry about deadlines, tasks, and grades - your tutor will complete everything on time and keep you updated on the course progress. We do not promise the highest grade for the course, but most students get an A or B for the courses completed by us.

  • Work on selected assignments online

    In this case scenario, you pay the tutor to take some of your assignments. For example, you participate in discussion boards on your own, and hire us to take exams and complete presentations. We calculate the price for each assignment separately in this case, and you don't pay for the entire course. Note that if you order multiple assignments, a discount is provided.

  • Help with written assignments only

    If you want help with written tasks only (research papers, five paragraph essays, argumentative essays etc.), then you can order each assignment separately. In this case, you do not share login details with us and upload all assignments in the course area on your own. Note that you'll need to order all papers in advance and upload them on time. If you want to participate in the class and only need some help with the most time-consuming projects, this option is perfect for you.

Are you ready to pay a professional to take your online class? We offer a 18% welcome discount for every new customer. Take advantage of this special offer now.

Online class help is available for every academic discipline

The team of OnlineClassMentor.com has specialists in 65+ college subjects. We can complete an online class in every subject matter area including:

  • English literature
  • Economics
  • Business management
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Environmental studies
  • Arts and media
  • Physics, and many more.

Can someone take my online class? The list of assignments we can help you with

Depending on your area of study, online class completion may involve a variety of assignments. Our skilful team can complete all types of tasks:

  • Writing assignments (essays, research papers, coursework etc.). Writing papers is time-consuming and requires knowledge of the course material. Our tutors provide a plagiarism-free essay writing service.
  • Discussion forums. In this assignment, you are expected to respond to a prompt from the course instructor, or comment on weekly reading. You need to share your opinion and explain your point of view.
  • Case studies. Case studies are detailed examinations of some real-world situation. It helps online students evaluate complex issues and learn to solve problems. If you lack time for an in-depth analysis and evaluation of some issues, we're here to help.
  • Online tests and quizzes. Nearly every online course involves tests of multiple types, including true/false statements, multiple choice questions, and quizzes. Most tests come with a time limit. Our online tutor can log in to the system and complete all due tests in a timely fashion.
  • Peer review assignments. These assignments are a real pain in the neck for online classes, as it involves participation of other students. Peer reviews imply that you and your classmates review and comment on the papers of each other, and then submit your opinion to the instructor.
  • Math problems and calculations. In the case when you need to take your online class in Maths, Statistics, Microeconomics or similar subject, you may need to upload math homework answers or do calculations. If you aren't good with figures, our course takers can handle such tasks for you.

This list offers just a few examples of assignments we can complete during your course. Don't hesitate: we have enough skilled experts in all subject areas who can complete all types of assignments used by top universities in the country! If you would like some help with your classes or online assignments, complete a form for a free quote, or talk to us via chat.

Our experts can take your online class: how it works?

The "take my online class" process on our site is very convenient and risk-free.

Place an order

Upload the detailed requirements for your assignment or the course. If you'd like us to take courses and exams online, we will need your username and password to enter the course area.

Your tutor logs in to complete your assignments

Our expert will take an online class on your behalf, completing all necessary tasks within the deadline. You will see the grades for all assignments once the instructor reviews them and shares feedback. We will also send you weekly progress updates and payment reminders if necessary.

Communication with instructor and peers in the course system

If taking an online class requires discussion boards and peer review tasks, do not worry. The assigned tutor will communicate with peers and the instructor in a timely and professional manner.

We offer some great advantages you won't find anywhere else

Are you thinking it's time to hire someone to take your class? Search no further, as our site offers quality services and great advantages to every customer:

Timely completion of all tasks

As a dedicated online class service, we realize the importance of deadlines. Late assignments and tests get a lower grade, or aren't accepted at all. We closely monitor the class milestones and complete every task in a due time to ensure that you get top grades. Of course, your tutor will read the class materials, use the necessary sources, and follow the instructions precisely as suggested by the course instructor.

Full money back guarantee

In case we don't complete an online test or course on time, we offer refunds. We value our reputation and will return your payment if the task wasn't completed according to the deadline.

Plagiarism-free writing

If you contact us with a "write my essay" request, make sure that you'll get a fully original paper. Whether you need an online coursework, research paper or a creative essay, the writer will complete it from scratch. We realize that colleges and universities don't tolerate plagiarism, and it can cost you a good grade for the course. To avoid any unpleasant situations, we check all written papers using premium Copyscape software. Thus, you can be confident that all writing assignments are plagiarism-free.

Experienced class and exams takers

Unlike our competitors, we do not work with freelancers. All professional online class helpers have a Bachelor's or a Master's degree. Every professional also takes English proficiency and subject matter tests to prove their expertise. Therefore, when hiring us to complete your online assignments, you can rest assured that they are performed by verified professionals.

You can communicate with your tutor anytime in a customer area, check the course progress or discuss some assignment in details, if necessary. The tutors are responsive to all your comments and will do their best to get you a top grade for the course!

Ongoing customer support team

Support team is available on chat 24/7. We do not use chatbots - our customer support rep will answer your questions. Since we are helping students located in different time zones, we are always in touch to promptly respond to all requests.

The best strategies to take online classes successfully

If you wish to take an online class on your own, these tips will help you to do it effectively:

  • Take online classes just as seriously as on-campus lectures and workshops. Watch lectures attentively, take notes and don't skip on recommended reading.
  • Create a schedule for completing assignments. If you don't have fixed hours for lectures and other activities, you'll have to manage time and keep track of deadlines on your own.
  • Find a comfortable learning environment. Ideally, you want a quiet place with a stable internet connection where you won't be disturbed.
  • If you lack time or struggle to complete an assignment, ask for help. Write us "I want to pay someone to take my online class", and we'll assist with the most complex tasks.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in providing academic help and can ease your way towards the online degree. Message us to get a free quote and receive your 18% discount.


Is it legit to hire someone to take my online class?

Using our services is absolutely safe. Your online mentor uses your personal details only to upload assignments and take tests. We also offer refunds in case your task wasn't completed on time.

What if the tutor fails my exam or class?

If you hire us to take my online class, failing it is nearly impossible. Your tutor reviews all course materials and follows the requirements precisely, which results in good or excellent grades for the course.

Are your services confidential?

Yes! We offer 100% confidentiality because we do not share or store information about our customers. Your details are only available for your class taker who has signed a non-disclosure agreement with us.