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Finals definitely cause a lot of headaches to all students! While some instructors allocate only 20-30% of the course grade to the final exam online, others may assign all 100% to those exams, quizzes, or tests that have to be taken at the end of the course! provides help with online classes, online exams, tests, quizzes, and finals at a very affordable fee.

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Online Exam Taking Services: The Benefits

There are many benefits for students of asking us to take your exam online. First, you do not need to study. Yes, as simple as it sounds – you do not even need to open your textbook because our writers will prepare for the exam and take it on your behalf even if it is a complex subject like computer science. Second, you do not need to worry about the limited time you have, hoping to guess the answers for the majority of the questions. Our experts are knowledgeable enough to choose the right answer and get a good grade!

With many students using our services from all parts of the world, we have a unique experience in working across all educational platforms, types of modules, and a variety of online assignments. As a student, you can be confused about the task or struggle with finding the right folder to upload your paper. Pass this assignment to our team and we will take care of your online course, from the introduction post to the final discussion.

Online Test Takers: Who Are They?

  • College graduates. Yes, we do not hire those writers who have no college degree or above. We believe that an exam will not get a good grade if it is completed by someone who has no education, especially when you pay a professional writer and expect the work of the corresponding quality. As we have a deep respect for the needs of our writers, we always strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Full-time employees. We also believe it is important to have full-time writers rather than freelancers to ensure stability, consistency in results, and guarantee your writer will be online by the time you have to submit your exam. We can guarantee high quality and good grades only when our writers are full-time workers. With freelancers, you can never know what to expect. For this reason, when you work with, you know your online exam deadline will not be missed.

How much should you pay someone to take your online exam?

If you are searching to pay someone to take an online test or online exam, it is important to find a reliable service with fair prices. offers you to hire us to complete your exam or test and we guarantee that you will get the best results. However, what about the prices? We are doing our best to help students and set available charges for all our services. The prices are not the lowest on the market, however, high quality cannot cost too little. Nevertheless, we offer constant discounts and offers to all our customers, thus they can easily pay for the online classes and online exams without critical loss in the wallet. Are you interested? Get in touch with us now!

Need Help with the Entire Online Class?

Yes, you can ask us to handle the entire online class for you! All we need to have is the link to your online canvas, credentials to log in, and the course name. Once we have this information, we will take care of the rest. What can we do for you:

  • All discussion posts and replies, including peer reviews and introduction
  • All weekly quizzes, mid-term tests, and final exams
  • All essays, research papers, and even group assignments
  • All presentations and reflections
  • All correspondence with peers and course instructor
  • Extra credit assignments if they are available in the course

Taking Online Classes, Online Exams, and Much More on!

If you do not need help with the entire online course and feel confident in your ability to cope with the majority of the assignments, you can pass certain tasks to our team. For example, if you succeed in doing all the weekly discussions but that essay task seems too boring, we can take care of your essay. If you read all materials but still get low grades on tests, we can take weekly quizzes for you! The fee for separate tasks is estimated as follows:

  • For essays, we need to know the number of words and the deadline to estimate the fee
  • For tests and exams, we need to know the number and type of questions
  • For discussion posts and replies, you need to specify the number of words for both the initial post and replies

Frequently asked questions we get in the live chat:

  • Is it safe and legal to pay someone to take online classes? It is absolutely legal to use our exam take services and to hire someone to do your online classes, online quiz, etc. We have a clear policy and terms and conditions, a money-back guarantee, safe payment systems, and an excellent customer support team. If you have any doubts, you can get in touch with us in the live chat and we will answer all your questions.
  • Is it expensive to pay someone to take my online test? The prices for the orders are individual and depend on several factors. We always try to consider customer's requests and concerns, thus we offer a nice discount for your first order with us. You can count on high quality and affordable prices!
  • Can you take my exam if it is due tonight? When we take online classes or exams, we always ask for the details beforehand, as we need time to estimate the price, to find and hire someone to complete your exam. Unfortunately, it is impossible to complete such serious orders right away you contact us. That is why we advise you to get in touch with us before the day of your exam, thus we could have enough time to clarify all the details and to find the writer.
  • How will you take my online exam? The process is very easy! You can contact us in the live chat and tell us all the details of your exam, like the deadline, type of exam, subject, topic, number of questions, types of questions, etc. After that, we will calculate the price for you and give you the payment link. In addition, please make sure to give us your login details. Then, the writer completes the exam for you and we inform you by email that your order is ready.
  • Is it possible for you to take my test, thus the professor will not find it out? Sure! Taking online classes and courses is a serious task and students must make sure that their information is confidential. We guarantee full confidentiality. The writer uses your login details to the platform where your test should be taken and the professor will not find out that it wasn't you who took the test. We guarantee the safety of your personal data.

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If you want to get high grades, you do not need to spend hours learning and reading. You do not even need to open your textbook! When you work with a personal tutor, you do not need to worry about any assignment, whether it is an exam or a simple weekly discussion, or a written post. With years of professional experience, we have a deep understanding of how the majority of online courses work. We can deliver the best results to those students who think it is impossible to get good ones. We can please the requirements of the most demanding tutors and we will make sure you will be satisfied with the results!

If you have an assignment due, do not wait until the last minute to ask for reliable help with your task. We can and will help you. Just chat with us to get additional information right now.