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Struggling to complete a tough online class or cannot make time for studies? Expert tutors of can take your online course completely or help with selected assignments. We guarantee timely completion of all online tasks and a good grade for the course. Contact us with a "Take my online class" request today and get a discount.

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Why is it beneficial to pay someone to take my online class?

Online classes are a convenient way to get new skills or an online degree. However, the classes you take are just as complex and time-consuming as in-person ones. It can be difficult to manage your workload and make time to watch lectures, complete the assignments and participate in group projects. Students also have other commitments in addition to studies, such as raising a family, work, internships, playing sports, and more.

At, we've built a super professional team that helps busy students to stay on top of their online class. Our class experts take every assignment in your online class, including homework, essays, tests, quizzes, and final exams. Are you wondering "Can I pay someone to take my online class?" Here's what we can offer to every student:

  • Online class help in 70+ disciplines. We have an extensive professional team who can complete an online class in History, Linguistics, Economics, Engineering, Biology, Computer science and many more.
  • Full or partial class service. Our expert team can complete your class completely, from the first discussion board to the final exam. Or, you can hire us for selected course assignments that you find toughest.
  • Expert tutors. Our team comprises of former college tutors and subject matter experts with Bachelor's and Master's degrees. We will assign a tutor who specializes in your area of study to take your online class.
  • Support team is online 24/7. Customer service team is always available on chat as we serve customers from different time zones. So, you can reach out to use anytime to get a free quote or ask questions.

Our team has already helped hundreds of students who were overhwelmed with their studies or simply found some online courses unejoyable. Contact us to find out how our professionals can help with your homework and tests.

Our guarantees

100% plagiarism-free

For all written assignments, we guarantee no plagiarism. Every essay or research paper will be written from scratch and cited as per your style guide. We attach a free plagiarism report from Copyscape software to prove that the paper is 100% unique.

Passing grade

We guarantee a positive grade for all online classes, assignments and tests. To achieve this, we assign subject matter experts to complete your work. Most students get grades A or B for tasks completed by us.

Timely class services

Your tutor completes all tests, projects and homework assignments as per your course schedule. If we do not complete the assignment on time, we offer a money back guarantee according to our Terms of use.


We keep all information about our clients in secret and never publish it or share with the third parties. When you turn to us with a "Take my online class" request, rest assured that all your personal data is protected.

Our process

Get a free quote

Send us the details of your online class, such as the course curriculum, notes from your instructor, the number and types of tasks. Our support rep will evaluate the workload and the complexity and apply a current discount offer.

We assign an expert tutor

Once you've ordered an online class service, we will find the best qualified tutor to complete it on your behalf. You will need to provide login credentials. We will use these details only to enter the course area and complete tasks.

Watch the progress

You will receive a weekly email with the progress and results of your online class. Moreover, you can communicate with your tutor directly in the messenger in customer area.

Who will take my online class?

We have built an expert team of tutors who can tackle online class of any complexity. The team comprises former college instructors, academic writers and professionals with college degrees. Each mentor takes subject matter tests and prove their English proficiency before joining our team. We verify all diplomas and credentials of our experts. As we assign subject matter experts to take your online class, rest assured that you will get an excellent result.

After placing an order you will be able to talk to your tutor directly via our messaging system and get all your questions answered. The tutor will keep you updated about the course progress and grades.

We have a network of tutors located in the US, UK and other English speaking countries. Unlike our competitors, we let you choose where your tutor comes from. We usually connect students with writers located in their area so that no red flag appears in your university. Yet, if the writer is located in different area, we use advanced VPN solutions to mask the writer's IP address.

What types of assignments can our team help you with?

As you hire us for online class help, you can count on top-notch help with every type of assignment in your course including:

  • discussion posts
  • workbook pages
  • case studies
  • essays
  • reflection posts
  • tests and quizzes
  • peer review assignments
  • final exams.

Our team is extensive enough to complete the assignment of any complexity. We have Economics, Marketing, Physics, and Math tutors who will complete your assignments in a click of fingers.

How to take my online class effectively?

If you prefer to take an online class on your own, be sure to follow these tips to stay focused and organize the process:

Enroll in courses you find interesting

As the semester begins, students usually enroll in many courses. But after a while, they lose interest in this course. Reasons can be many: maybe, you expected something different from the course, or the subject turned out not as exciting as you thought. But now you have to complete this course to get credits for it. So, as you consider which courses you'd like to take, ask yourself if this subject area is really interesting for you, or if it is beneficial for your future career. Only in this case you'll be able to complete the course without losing motivation.

Remember why the course is important for you

Even if college students choose the courses they find exciting, they might face a drop of motivation to keep going. In this case, think about why this course is important for your profession and where you will be able to apply this knowledge. Knowing your goals and understanding why the course is important will inspire you to complete countless homework assignments and tests.

Manage your workload wisely

Do not enroll in every elective online class that you find interesting as in the end of the day you might simply not have time to complete all of them. Online platforms usually indicate how much time it takes weekly to complete this course, so calculate your workload and decide if joining another online class is a sensible decision. If you have already enrolled to the class and desperately lack time or energy for it, message us "I want to pay someone to take my online class", and our tutors will help.

Create a study schedule

Many online classes are flexible, so students tend to postpone them and then try to complete everything in a rush. To study effectively, you will need to create a schedule that will look like your weekly to-do list. Since most courses have a block structure, you can allocate one or two blocks per week. Moreover, if you complete all tasks and tests on time, you will get better grades for them and will be able to complete the course with an A or B grade without rush.

Make time to study

Schedule time to study every day (or every other day). If you listen to lectures and complete tasks time after time, you aren't likely to complete the test successfully. Choose time when you are most productive, or when it will be convenient for you to study. In this way, you will develop a positive habit for learning and will eventually remember more from the course.

Create a comfortable learning environment

You will progress faster in your online class if you study from a comfortable place. So, set up a study area where nobody will interrupt you so that you could focus on lectures and homework completely. It can be a library, your dorm room or even a cafe. Keep a notebook, grab your favorite drink in order not to get distracted in the process.

Make breaks

If your study session takes more than an hour, be sure to schedule short breaks. It is hard to concentrate on the task for a long time. Making a break for 5-10 minutes will help you unwind, relax and then return to work. Therefore, you'll stay concentrated for a longer period of time.

Communicate with your peers

One of the underestimated activities when you take my online class is communication with other students in this online class. Classroom discussion boards and forums are a great place to discuss topics that you are currently learning and have a debate on some controversial issues. Not only you will remember the course material better as you discuss it with others, but also you'll stay motivated and find the course more engaging.

Take notes

As you listen to lectures, write down the most important points. Do not rely on your memory completely. If you take notes, you will be able to revise them before the test and get prepared for it faster. Moreover, taking notes helps us remember the course material more effectively.

Eliminate distractions

To take my online class successfully, you need to be focused when you complete the tasks. Ask your family or roommates not to interrupt you as you study. Switch off mobile phone notifications so that no social media alerts could intervene. Find a quiet place with little noise. In this case, you will fully concentrate on the course material and complete assignments and tests effectively.

If, despite all efforts, it is getting incredibly tough to take your online class, turn to our experts! Hundreds of people have already received good grades for their online classes thanks to our help. Contact us to get a free quote and a 18% welcome discount.

Is it legit to pay someone to take my online class?

Hiring a professional tutor to help with your class is not prohibited by any US law. It is absolutely legal for every student to use our services. Moreover, as a legit online class help company, we provide our clients with multiple guarantees of a good service. We guarantee timely completion of all online assignments and classes and passing grades. Our expert tutors have relevant university degrees and are qualified to complete online courses even at PhD level. So, you can confidently use our services knowing that all your tests and essays are handed by real experts.

How much does it cost to pay someone to take my online class?

We offer personalized online class services, and therefore calculate the price for each student specifically. To get a free quote, contact our support team via chat or online form at the top, and provide us with your email address and the details of your homework assignment or online class. We will respond you with a quote plus discount. The price is calculated based on course complexity, deadline, and whether the course involves calculations, coding or research paper writing.

As a fully virtual company, we keep our prices lower than most companies in this market. We will not charge you hundreds of dollars for a single test or assignments. Flexible payment plans are available if you purchase a full online course. Our prices are truly customer-friendly - contact us and make sure!

Get expert online class help and become a better student

Online classes are challenging for most students as they are just as difficult and time-consuming as on-campus classes. If you are still wondering "Can I pay someone to take my online class?", hesitate no more and turn to our experts.