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We have expert tutors in every collge discipline who can take your online class on your behalf and relieve you from stress. Our experts can help with discussion boards, quizzes, tests, essays, peer reviews, and final exams. Each online class is taken by a person with a college degree to secure you a good grade.

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Pay someone to take your online class & live a balanced life

Online classes are taking over the traditional ones, but for most students, they are just as challenging. Here are the top reasons to turn to our professional team for online class help:

  • Get rid of endless stress - tired of countless essays, tests, and homework? Take care of yourself and order our online class service. Our expert will take care of your assignments so you could have some time to rest.
  • Live a balanced life - cannot make time for study, work, family commitments and other activities you enjoy? Outsources some of your classes to us and always have time for the most important things in life.
  • Forget about tedious disciplines - if you don't like a particular subject or consider it unimportant for your future career, message us "Take my online class". Our professionals will take it so you coulf focus on the most important classes in college.
  • Boost your grades - our tutors have university degrees in the respective disciplines, so we offer to take your online class with a guarantee of a good grade. With our help, you can improve your GPA effortlessly.

If you are looking to pay someone to take your online class, search no more. Our company has a team of 300+ tutors, former teachers and academic writers who can complete your online course in any discipline.

Take my online class: The advantages we offer

In-house expert tutors

We have a large team of in-house tutors in every academic subject and do not outsource your tasks to freelancers. Each tutor has a BA or a MA in their respective field, so you can be confident that you will get a good grade.

100% authentic writing

We guarantee that your essays, research papers and other writing assignments will be done from scratch. Your writer will attach a plagiarism report from Copyscape software to prove that your paper is unique.

Guarantee of a good grade

We guarantee a passing grade for each online assignment we complete for you. Otherwise, we will return your payment according to our money back guarantee. Most of our clients report receiving an A or B grade for tasks completed by us.

Timely service

Your tutor will take all tests, quizzes, projects and homework assignments according to deadline. Timed tests and exams will be completed once they're available. If we are late, you can request a refund.

Customer-friendly prices

We calculate the price for an assignment or online class completion individually for each client. Our prices are affordable for high school and college students, plus we offer attractive discounts up to 18% off.

Customer support 24/7

Our support team is available 24/7 in the live chat. Contact us to get a free quote, check the status of your project or learn about payment plans. We have a truly individual approach to each client, so don't hesitate to contact us with your most challenging tasks!

Our team of expert tutors helps with every online assignment

Our mission is to help every student excel in their online class. We offer assistance with classes in every college subject, including Accounting, Microeconomics, Marketing, Law, Computer science, Chemistry, Psychology and many more. If you are looking for English language, Physics or Math tutors, you can find them on our website.

We assist busy students with all assignments during their online class, including:

  • essay writing
  • homework help
  • discussion boards
  • tests and quizzes
  • case study
  • peer review tasks
  • discussion posts
  • midterms and final exams.

Our expertise allows us to take on even the toughest classes. So, all you need to do is to write to us "I want to pay someone to take my online class", and we will match you with an expert tutor who can tackle it best.

Can I take my online class on my own and get a good grade?

Many people struggle with online classes simply because online learning requires different approach. If you want to take my online class effectively, our experts recommend these steps:

Set goals

It is essential to realize why this online class is important for your professional future and what skills you can learn in this class. This will help you to stay motivated and make progress when you feel discouraged and tired.

Manage your time

If your online class is self-paced, you will need to schedule time for learning and manage your workload. Set aside a time block for learning in you schedule in advance and treat it like a job. You might want to set a reminder so you won't forget about lectures and won't miss an important deadline.

Avoid distractions

Students can get distracted by a phone call, an e-mail or a social media alert. Yet, to study productively, you need to stay focused on your test or homework. So, turn off your phone, ask the family or roommates not to disturb you. In this way, you will fully concentrate on the new material and handle your assignments faster and get better grades for them.

Reward yourself

After the intense learning session reward yourself for the hard work. Take short breaks in the study process to take a walk or watch funny videos. After taking an important test or finalizing the project, treat yourself with your favorite meal, go to a new coffee shop or meet with friends. These little incentives will motivate you to keep going.

Revise the online course material

To fully comprehend and memorize the course material, it takes more than just watching videos and completing short quizzes. You need to revise what you've learned during the course time after time. It will help you refresh the knowledge, remember the most important information and prepare for exams effectively.

Yet, if you take multiple online classes or you are short of time, listening to lectures and completing homework can be quite stressful. In this case, don't hesitate to message us "Take my online class for me!" and we will attend to your course immediately.

We offer full and partial online class help

Some students wish to have control over the progress of their online course, while others are simply looking to pay someone to take their class to ease their workload. Here is how our service can help:

"Take my online class" in full on your behalf

In this case scenario, you needn't worry about anything as your tutor completes every single assignment in your class. The tutor reviews course material, completes homework, participates in discussion boards and group projects and then completes tests and exams. Your expert will keep a hand on deadlines to ensure timely completion of every task or quiz. We will send you weekly status updates about the course progress.

Work on selected assignments

You can hire our professionals for specific assignments only and take the rest of the course yourself. For example, you can outsource case studies, reports and exams to us and work on discussion posts and homework. In this case, you participate in the course or prerequisite class and stay engaged and improve your grades by letting us complete the most difficult tasks. You pay for specific assignments only, not for entire course, and get the additional discount if you order several assignments at once.

Help with paper writing

Many students dread paper writing, so you can hire our in-house academic writers to complete your creative essay, research paper, term paper or a book report. We guarantee original writing for each text, and will attach a free report to prove that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free. The writer will cite all sources and format the paper according to your style guide, plus you can count on extensive research and creative ideas.

We have dedicated tutors in every college discipline

Our team comprises 300+ college tutors, mentors and academic writers who are qualified in most academic subjects (even rare and technical ones). Every student can count on timely and professional service from a BA, MA or even PhD expert, depending on the complexity of your class. All tutors verify their credentials and take subject matter and English tests before joining the team.

You can communicate with your assigned tutor in the customer area if you have questions related to your class. Or, you can talk to a support team on chat 24/7 to check the class status or resolve a technical issue.

How do I hire an expert to take my online class?

To order course taking service, send us the curriculum, your professor's notes, the number and types of tasks to be completed, and mention of you will need calculations, coding, or essay writing for this course. Our administrator will review these materials and give you a free quote with a discount.

You will need to provide login credentials to the writer so they could complete homework and tests on your behalf. If the writer is not in your city, we will use advanced IP solutions to mask their location so that no red flag appears in your college. You will see the grades once they are available on the site. If you hire us for the entire course, we will send you regular updates about the course progress.

Pay someone to take my online class and become a better student

Thousands of students have already improved their online course performance and balanced their workload with our help. We can take online class for you with a guarantee of a good grade and help you stay on top of your class. Contact us today to order class help with a 18% off.