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It may seem easier to study online because you have the freedom to decide when to study and how many hours to allocate to the learning process. However, you should not forget that online classes have strict deadlines as well. If you opt not to read the required readings, you will not pass the exam and will have no second chance to resubmit it.

If your question is “can you do my online class for me?”, our answer is “YES!”. We can take online classes on every subject, complexity level, and academic level! You can even get math homework answers here.

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We can take your online class! The completion of the online class on your behalf can be done in several ways:

  • You tell us with your username, password, and link to the course and we handle absolutely all assignments without your participation. In this case, the fee is fixed for the entire course and you do not need to worry about your online class participation at all. It will be the responsibility of your mentor to keep an eye on all deadlines and deliver assignments on time.
  • Make sure to share your access credentials but need help with selected assignments, not with the entire class. For example, you may handle the discussion posts and replies by yourself while relying on our professional assistance for mid-terms and weekly tests. In this scenario, the fee is provided for each assignment, but you can still choose to pay for the selected assignments at once and get a good discount, without weekly payment reminders in the aftermath.
  • You do not share access data with your online mentor and instead prefer sending assignments one at a time. In this case, you bear the burden of responsibility for tracking all deadlines and assignments to ensure your online class mentor gets instructions and other requirements on time and has sufficient information needed to complete an assignment. When you handle the course by yourself and instead forward only the assignments that have to be completed, you are also responsible for passing all exams and tests. This option is the most suitable for those students who want to actively participate in their online learning and need assistance with large papers or complicated assignments that consume too much time.

Are Online classes are easier than Regular classes?

There is no correct answer to this question. For some students, studying online is the only available option because the online class can be taken at any time. Online classes are flexible, but there are still deadlines to meet. There are many quizzes tests, homework answers, and other types of assignments that require your attention. If you need help with your online courses, feel free to chat with us to get a free quote, and learn more about our expert tutors.

Unlike our competitors, has solid experience in completing a wide range of assignments that are typical for online classes. Even if you need a simple response on a weekly discussion post created by your peer, we are here to write and post a reply under your name. If you have the end-of-the-course exam that counts for 70% of your grade, our online mentors are readily available to take this burden off your shoulders. Reach the top of your class with our assistance!

Do my online class: list of assignments you can order at

  • Discussion Forums – these are weekly assignments, where you are expected to either respond to a prompt created by an online class instructor or share your own summary and response on weekly readings. Traditionally, discussion forums have a deadline for the initial post and responses to peers. In particular, you need to comment on responses on two peers by Sunday, while your initial post can be due on Wednesday. Deadlines vary from one class to another.
  • Journals and Blogs – these assignments are very similar to discussion forums but they usually do not require peer participation. Journals and blogs can be written as reflections, notes, or summaries that are useful for upcoming assignments or shared with the instructor. Depending on the class requirements, journals and blogs are either graded or ungraded. Be sure to check your syllabus for details.
  • Writing Assignments – online classes do include writing assignments and it is very important not to copy anything from the internet and not to delay the written tasks until the last day of the assignment deadline. Writing assignments are always based on the assigned readings and, therefore, do not make the mistake of ignoring the assigned readings and discussions. Otherwise, your written assignments that may count as much as 50% of the entire class grade will get a low mark. "Can you write my essay?" - Sure!
  • Online Exams and Tests – this type of online class assignments are the most difficult. Teachers and online instructors have the freedom to design and implement any type of online exams and tests, including multiple-choice, true/false, short answers, essays, and reflections. If you do not devote time to reading the course materials, you have no chance to pass exams and tests. Some of them are timed, others are not. Be sure to get this information from the syllabus to avoid being caught by surprise when the time allocated for the exam passes by.
  • Peer Reviews – reviews are not very common for online classes, but you can still encounter them from time to time. Peer reviews imply group or teamwork when two or more students work together on reviewing and assessing written tasks of each other. If you are not an active participant in your online class, you will be in trouble because your peers will report your passiveness and lack of engagement with the instructor.
  • Presentations – presentations are rarely assigned as part of assignments for online courses but they can still be included by some rather picky instructors. In case you need to prepare the presentation for your online class, be sure to read the full instructions and clarify all points before you start to avoid creating a presentation that does not meet the requirements.
  • Group Assignments – students learning through online classes choose this mode of studying to avoid interacting with peers and attending classes. Group assignments can be an unpleasant surprise in this case. You have to interact with peers in a group created by the instructor, distribute the tasks, and exchange files, making sure everybody participates, which usually does not happen. Group assignments are a disaster in most cases.

Of course, this list is not complete as each instructor and educational institution can have their own requirements or unique tasks, such as simulations, forums, online research, library-based assignments, and many others. If you did not find the type of your online class assignment in the above list, do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will provide you a response on whether or not we can handle that task for you.

We can take your online classes! Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe to use your service and hire someone to take my class?
    It is absolutely safe to use our service! Only your assigned online class mentor has access to your course, it is not shared with anybody else, and your online instructor uses only your name on all assignments. Your payment for online class help is processed via a secure payment gateway, your data is stored in a protected environment, and your assignments are written from scratch.
  • Is it 100% confidential?
    Yes, our service is confidential. Your mention knows your name because it is needed to complete your course, but we are not asking for any other information. We do not post completed assignments online and your assigned mentor does not discuss your course with other mentors. If we need to communicate with your online class instructor or peers, we do so through your email or online class messaging system that shows your name only.
  • What if you fail my class?
    There is only one chance for you to fail your class if you are working with our expert tutors – you decide you no longer need our service. In other words, if we are working on your class, the chance of failing it is equal to zero. With many years of experience in doing online classes for students from all parts of the world, we have accumulated sufficient knowledge and proper skills to succeed in online learning. If you entrust your online class to our mentors, you will be satisfied with the grade you grade. We do not guarantee an A on all assignments, but we guarantee our mentors will pay full attention and devote as much time as needed to earn you good grades.
  • Will my instructor find out that someone take my online class?
    Your instructor can find out about you using the service of only if you decide to inform him or her about it. We appreciate the trust and choice of our customers and do everything possible to keep the fact of third-party assignments confidential. Your instructor will have no idea your class is being completed by someone who is not you.
  • What if another student is your customer as well?
    It does happen sometimes when students taking the same online class seek our assistance with completing assignments. If you worry that you and your peer get the same written assignments, you can rest assured it will not happen at least because we assign two different mentors to handle each class. Thus, your peer will work with one mentor, and you will have another one. Consequently, all assignments and even test scores will be different.
  • Are assignments written from scratch?
    Yes! Absolutely every assignment is written from scratch, changed for plagiarism, and comes with a money-back guarantee for missed deadlines and plagiarism. Taking online classes is a very serious job, thus our writers make sure to provide the best online class help and plagiarism-free service!

Can I pay someone to take my online class?

Many students from colleges and universities are looking for the answer to this question because online courses are not always easy to handle. If you are one of the learners online who has too many courses to complete or simply does not want to spend hours reading the assigned materials or writing forum posts, you will definitely ease your life by choosing Our services are very affordable because we offer a rather diversified number of packages. We do not require payment for all assignments and you can choose to work with an online mentor only to manage some of the tasks, such as online quizzes or exams only, working on weekly discussions by yourself.

If you need a free quote on your course, please use our online chat to communicate with a human operator. We will request your syllabus if you have one and provide the exact estimate for the entire course or selected assignments. As our pricing system is transparent, you know how much your course will cost you from the very first day. There will be no surprises and no requests for additional payments. The fee for your course will be fixed.

Is it better to use Online school?

The answer to this question depends on several variables. Some students enjoy the flexibility of online learning environments, whereas others feel there is not enough communication with peers and struggle with time management. Due to the circumstances caused by COVID-19 in the United States, most American universities have switched to remote studying. Online schools have become a good solution to the quarantine restrictions. Every student has access to an online course. Every semester is reflected in the online student account. It is also comfortable for the students based overseas without the possibility to attend the courses.

Regardless of your preference for a traditional school or online classes, is here to offer help. Even if you need assistance only with the type of assignment, our writing services are available for you as well. There is no too big or too small assignment for us. We are willing to work on your tasks even if it is only one-page long. Studying online is very comfortable when our online mentors are just a few clicks away. You earn good grades without reading a single line for your online course. Does it sound too good to be true? Just give us a chance to show you it is possible! - customer service

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