How to cheat on a test without getting caught?

In this article, we will review a number of ways to cheat on a test you may want to consider for traditional classroom exams and online test writing. Cheating on a test does not always mean your cheat sheet will contain the answers you need. As notes are rather small in size and limited in the scope of information you can include, ways to cheat should be creative, properly planned, and effectively used. Let’s start with the traditional classroom cheating tips.

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Cheating is the act of creativity that gives you a chance to get a better grade at school.

However, if you get caught by the teachers, you will be in trouble. While it depends on the instructor, cheating is not a good idea if you are not confident in your ability to hide the notes and know for sure what kind of information you need to prepare to cheat effectively.

Traditional ways to cheat on a test in the classroom

If you decided to cheat on a test, you definitely should not share your intention with anyone, even your friends, especially on social media. Do not discuss cheating strategies with peer students as well. When I was a high school student, a classmate decided to cheat and was immediately reported by his best friend, who knew about the cheating intention of the other. As a result, the cheating student got an F for the entire course. If he did not talk about cheating with his friend, he had all the chances to pass that exam and earn a good grade.

Water bottle with a hidden message.

As the instructor usually does not allow any notes or other materials to be present on the table, there are no such strict limits for a water bottle. Yes! You can use a simple water bottle to prepare cheating notes. Carefully take the sticker with the name of the drink of the bottle. Use a permanent marker to write notes on the backside of the paper and stick it back to the bottle.

If you need many notes and the space on the backside of the sticker does not offer enough space, there is another way out, but it requires patience and practice: recreate the label of the drink you will take with you and reprint the writings on that paper. For example, instead of the list of the ingredient and other information that is usually placed on the package, you can type the formulas, definitions, and any other data you need for your exam. The classroom teacher will definitely not be interested in reading what is printed on the bottle with water and the fact that you have it on your desk will trigger much attention either.

Long sleeve sweater is one of the ways to cheat on your test.

This strategy has a long history of success. If you choose to wear a sweater with long sleeves for your exam, you have a lot of space to hide notes. Several tips successfully used by students worldwide include:

  • Write in your hands. Be careful with writing on your hands because the teacher may ask you to take off the t-shirt or show your hands.
  • Hide a small sheet of paper inside the sleeves. While it may be difficult to find the right cheating sheet, in this case, a couple of practices at home will make you better prepared for this task as well.
  • Attach cheating sheets to sleeves or other elements of your clothing and memorize where each piece is placed.
  • Write small notes on a rubber band - a nice method to remember words and formulas.

The most creative approach widely cited and described online is to release one hand and leave only the sleeve on the desk. From a distance, your teacher will get the impression that you have two hands on the desk, while in fact one of your hands is free and you can hold a cheating sheet in your pocket. Some students even bring a fake hand with them to be placed in an empty sleeve.

Juice box!

This strategy is very similar to that with drinking water but it has more space for creativity. Unlike water bottles that are made of transparent plastics, juice boxes offer space on all sides. If you struggle with memorizing small bits of information, such as formulas or important words, a juice package is an ideal choice! Just make sure to use the marker of the same color present on the juice box to avoid being caught.

Some students write small notes on a sheet of paper and glue them to the bottom of the box. We do not recommend this cheating strategy for several reasons. First, it may be difficult to catch a moment to unglue that piece of paper. You need to hold and read that paper somehow, which means a higher chance of getting caught. If your teacher looks at a bottle with juice, the glued note may be visible and you will have to find a very good explanation (it accidentally glued to my juice – this just may work, but no guarantee).

Online classroom cheating on a test

Let’s be honest that many students cheat, especially in high school. There are hundreds of pictures showing the way students cheat, but there are no limits on creativity. You can come up with your own cheating strategy and use it as long as it works for you and gives you an opportunity to get a better grade without being caught.

In traditional classrooms, cheating strategies include notes. While there are other technology-powered cheating approaches, the instructors are getting smarter and more aware of the methods used by students to cheat. In this part of the article, we will take a look at the cheating methods that can be used for online exams. Apparently, you do not need to create any notes, but it does not mean you can quickly find the right answer with only a minute or even less allocated to each question. So, what can be done to get the correct test answers and cheat in exams taken online?

Course materials.

When you spend your time preparing for the exam, keep the materials you study open on your computer. Thus, at the time when the exam begins, you will have the information right in front of you. In rare cases, the online exam can be taken only if all folders and materials available through online courses are closed; however, in the predominant majority of online tests, there are no such restrictions. How to cheat using online materials?

  • Exams cover a certain period or specific modules. Keep only the relevant materials open. Thus, you will not be overloaded with irrelevant files and documents.
  • If there are too many files to quickly navigate through them, pick the most important ones, such as PowerPoint presentations that tend to be available for each course.
  • If you know the answer to the question, do not search for confirmation of your answer by reviewing the materials. Save your time for the questions you do not know how to answer.

Google has all the answers.

Genius cheaters use google to find all the answers. This strategy works only if your teacher uses the same tests and quizzes throughout the years or relies on the available technologies to administer tests. To find the answer quickly, copy the question, place it into quotation marks on both sides, and search google. By using quotation marks, you get the immediate answer with exactly the same wording. If your instructor changed the wording of the question, this approach will not work as you will not find the right answer. Do not spend more than 1 minute on each question. Otherwise, you will not find the answers and have no time for all questions, resulting in a rather poor grade for your test.

Peer-student is your friend.

While peer students are your enemies when it comes to cheating in a traditional classroom, the situation is the opposite for online courses. If your peer student has already taken the test, you can ask him or her to take a picture with the correct answers and share it with you. You can search for the tests from previous years online as well. Just do not use the blackboard discussion board to request answers to the question! Your instructor is reading online posts. If you use a forum to get an answer sheet, do not use your real name too.

The best way to cheat on a test is to hire an expert!

Yes! One of the best ways of cheating is by using a writing service. You can hire an expert test-taker to handle your online tests and exams! Just chat with us now and we will inform you about the process, estimate the fee, and help you prepare for the exam without any hurdles! Hiring an expert is the safest cheating strategy because you cannot be caught. Of course, you cannot hire a test expert to take your exam in person in a traditional classroom, but you can easily hire our professionals to take your test online. Moreover, we can handle the entire online course for you! How awesome is that?

Good methods to cheat on a test.

  • Do not panic! When you panic, you make many unnecessary movements, your brain is unable to process information quickly, and you make mistakes. Thus, stay calm and do not worry. We do not recommend taking any pills to remove the panic, though. If you feel you cannot cope without a tranquilizer, it is better to eat some chocolate - it helps to block the stress and to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Feel confident! You will be surprised but self-confidence can do miracles. When you are getting confident in your ability to succeed, the entire universe is helping you. Just believe in yourself and you will be very surprised with the results.
  • Be attentive. Many students fail online tests only because they are not attentive, especially for multiple-choice questions. Among the offered answers, at least two do not make sense. If you are attentive to the wording, you will notice it for sure.

Why not study?

Yes, as simple as it sounds, the success usually comes to those students who actually devote their time to studying. Cheating is a time-consuming activity because you need to devote a lot of time to the preparation and ensure your notes are properly hidden. The alternative is to devote that time to learning and memorizing the materials. After all, you will need the accumulated knowledge in your later career.

Resort to cheating only in those situations when you have no other choice, when the grade for the exam has a decisive power on your academic record, or when you are 100% sure of your inability to get a passing grade for that exam. Do not make cheating your habit!