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Struggling to make time to complete your online class, or just find the subject unenjoyable? Our expert tutors specializing in 65+ college disciplines can take your online course with skill. We guarantee timely completion of all online tests, quizzes, discussions and written assignments and a good grade for the course!

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Pay someone to take my online class: Our advantages

Original writing

If you need a research paper or essay writing service, we will compose your assignment from scratch, based on the instruction you provide. We guarantee 100% plagiarism-free papers, so you will pass Turnitin with ease.

Timely submission

We complete every online task or assignment on time, and deliver papers before the deadline. We know that deadlines matter for your final grade, so, in case we don't complete the assigned task on time, we have a refund policy.

Expert tutors in 65+ subjects

We have an extensive team of 350+ individuals who specialize in different areas of knowledge. Whether you need to take my online class in Chemistry, Biology, Political Science, Finance or Computer Science, we'll find an expert tutor for you.

Guarantee of a good grade

For all "take my online class" requests we guarantee a passing grade. Our writers are Bachelor's and Master's degree holders with rich experience completing college and university projects, so most of our clients get an A or B on their course.

100% confidentiality

We only use your username and password to complete your assignments, and never store or share your personal information. It is visible only to your tutor. We also guarantee secure payments thanks to the special encryption system.

Customer support 24/7

Our customers are located in different time zones, so we work non-stop to help students with urgent assignments. We are online on chat round the clock, so talk to us to get a free quote or check your order status.

Hire the best experts to take your online class

Most colleges and universities now include online classes in their curriculum. Online learning became even more common after the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning from home is convenient for some as you watch the classes and complete coursework from the comfort of your home. On the flip side, the course content is just as complex and challening as usual. If you don't have time or energy to complete the class and wonder "Can I pay someone to take my online class?" you're in the right place. Students who entrust their coursework to us enjoy better flexibilty and get higher grades. Our experts are equally qualified to provide you with math homework answers, complete a midterm in Chemistry or fulfill a "write my essay" request.

It's super convenient to use our services. Support team is available and accepts orders 24/7. Our site and chat are accessible from the mobile, so you can do a quick phone file upload to provide us with the requirements for your task. Placing an order takes 15 minutes, and from that point, we will take care of your online class or the assignment, and do our best to help you become top of your class. Quizzes tests, essays, exams or other assignments will be completed on time.

You work one-on-one with your tutor. If you placed a "take my online class" order, we will assign a tutor who is highly experienced in your subject. You can discuss the course with the tutor directly via messages in the customer area. We will inform you about the course progress every week. Think about this: you pay for online class help once and don't have to think about it for the rest of the semester.

Transparent prices and discounts. Send us the details of your assignment to get a free quote. Unlike our competitors, we let you know the price upfront and don't have any hidden fees. The price depends on the type of assignment, deadline, complexity and whether it's a high school or university-level task. Students who order multiple assignments get an extra discount. Moreover, we have a customer loyalty program allowing you to save as you order more papers from us.

What are the main strategies to take my online class?

Online classes can be tedious, so it's not surprising that students seek ways to ease their studies. Here are some ways in which you can complete an online course:

Strategy #1. Take your class on your own

In this scenario, you log in to the course regularly, watch videos, read the material, and complete assignments one by one. Sound simple, but in reality keeping on track with an online class can be more challenging as it requires self-discipline and deep concentration. Moreover, as you have lots of other classes to complete, you may forget about the deadline and fail a test. And if you don't cope with all assignments well, you may end the course with a low grade.

Strategy #2. Ask a friend for help

If you have a friend who has excellent knowledge of Statistics, Physics, Economics or other subject, you may ask them to help with an assignment or two. However, it's hardly possible to ask a friend to take your online class completely as they have their own classes and personal commitments. Using a friend to help once or twice may be an option, but if you take advantage of them, it may reflect poorly on your friendship.

Strategy #3. Hire a freelancer

Many students wishing to pay someone to take my online class turn to freelance writers or test takers. Some freelancers can help you for cheap, but keep in mind that the quality will be as low as the price. Moreover, there's no guarantee that a freelancer has a working knowledge or education in your subject. You cannot be sure that a freelancer won't disappear ten minutes before your important test either.

Strategy #4. Work with an expert tutor on our site

The safest way to take your online class with a good final grade is to hire a trusted tutor with a college degree. At, we carefully select tutors and academic writers and only work with professionals who have college degrees in their respective disciplines. Therefore, an online class help is provided by someone who understands your subject and is dedicated to your success. We offer guarantees as well and give money back in case we don't complete the assignment on time.

If you are tired of missed deadlines and tiresome tasks, contact our support team for a free quote. You'll also get a welcome 20% discount off your first order with us!

Can you take my online class? Yes, we help with 65+ disciplines

Thousands of students across the US and overseas have already appreciated our help. With a large team of writers, editors, and tutors we can help online students succeed in every discipline. Online classes usually have varied tasks to check the student's knowledge of the topic, critical thinking and writing skills. Whether you need a creative essay, business plan, online test, or a dissertation, we have available experts to fulfill your request. Our experts help postgraduate and college students with every subject including:

  • Arts & media
  • Business management
  • Physics
  • Environmental engineering
  • English literature
  • Geology
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics

How much will I need to pay for online classes?

If you consider to pay someone to take my online class, you probably know that such services can be pricey. Some online companies will charge you hundreds of dollars for a single assignment or test. offers help with classes that everybody can afford. As a virtual company, we keep the costs low and therefore can provide top-notch tuition services for cheap.

To find out the price of your online course, please provide us with the syllabus of the course. We'll also ask you to specify the number of written assignments with the word count and number of tests. Based on the course worlkoad, our customer support rep will calcuate the amount of your order and apply the available discounts.

If you don't need us to take my online class entirely and want one test or essay, send us a detailed instruction and we'll respond with a quote. We guarantee the completion of every task on time, or money back. Online students who place an order for the first time can get a 20% discount - contact us on chat to learn more.

Can I pay someone to take my exam at a certain time?

Our expert tutors can assist with any timed online tasks, including tests with time limits and exams that take place at a certain time. If you'd like to pay someone to take your exam, contact us in advance and upload the course material, recommended reading and the grading rubric. The writer studies the material carefully and completes the exam in due time. All exams are taken by subject matter experts with a Bachelor's degree or above in the relevant field of study to get the top grade for you!

Can you take my online class if the system tracks my IP?

Some universities check the IP and login details for their online classes to prevent cheating. In this case, we assign the writer from your country to take your class. If the writer is located in a different area, we use IP masking solutions. You can be confident about your privacy as well - the writer uses login details only to complete the assignments for your online class, and cannot share this information according to our non-disclosure policy.

What if I have an exam or a paper due tomorrow?

If you have an urgent exam or a written assignment to complete, don't wait a minute and contact us immediately. We have 350+ subject matter specialists located in different time zones, and work 24/7. So, even if you've remembered about the urgent task late in the evening, we have expert tutors who can help with your task. No matter the deadline, we guarantee plagiarism-free writing for all essays and papers, and a passing grade for exams/tests. Your tutor also follows your instruction closely. However, we usually recommend placing an order in advance so that your tutor could review the material, study the instructions and prepare for the test better.

Our team has 12+ years of experience in providing "take my online class" services to students around the globe. Contact us and entrust your tedious coursework to real experts!