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Disneyland: Everything Tourist Should Know About


Your tickets to California have already been booked and you are waiting for the day of your departure passionately. Yes, rather! Your emotions are absolutely understandable: to visit Los-Angeles Disneyland is such a great fun!


This is not so important whether you are a first timer at Disneyland or you have a trip to this wonderful place yearly, it’s better to be armed with our useful tips. If you wonder why you need them for, we hasten to warn you: Disneyland is not a place, where it’s possible to get satisfaction only and return back to the childhood in a moment. Spending of more than 12 hours outdoor, thirst, hunger, discomfort caused by too tight shoes or by unpredictable weather conditions, super long lines for rides, and never-ending noise will attack your nervous system from all the sides. Being unaware of little secrets is able to save your time, make you keep calm while threading your way through the crowd or waiting for your turn to get a portion of good humor, and enjoy time spent at wonderland with no side effects.

Disneyland Insight: 10 Tips To Memorize

Are you ready your eventful trip to the happiest place on the Earth to begin? Let’s make all the needed preparations together and hit the road.

  1. Plan your day ahead. Each Disney visitor should keep in mind that there are two parks with attractions here, more than 50 rides, and unlimited quantity of restaurants, cafes, shops, colorful shows, and parades of every kind. Without the preliminary planning of your route, it seems to be impossible to explore each inch of this wonderful land. It is really of no use to plan your day up to the last minute and change your location according to schedule, though to make an online reservation in one of numerous restaurants, sketch a plan of attractions you want to try anyhow, and arm yourself with a Disney map is a reasonable idea. Conduct an investigation before you enter a park. The Internet gives you all the cards.

P.S. Be ready to make changes in your plan any moment. The weather conditions, rides breakage, and overcrowding may throw you off your stride.

  1. Choose your dress smartly. Eight hours is just a minimal time that you may spend at Disneyland. Add the weather that may play a dirty trick on you, great distances that you will need to cover, and peculiarities of some attractions (attending of Grizzly River Run may even make you change your socks after that) to understand that you need to take both the sun glasses with a hat and a warm sweat-shirt with you. Choose a pair of shoes that won’t make your legs tired and blister your heels. Too worried about your look? Disneyland is not a fashion show. Even if such equipage doesn’t make you too elegant, you will see that everybody here is dressed like you.

  2. Pack your rucksack. Despite the fact that it’s better to take some sandwiches with you to Disneyland (thus you will save a good sum of money), a bottle of water, and a wireless charger for your iPhone to make it stay alive up to the end of your trip, it’s better not to fill your bag up to the very end. Keep in mind that you will be obliged to carry it around all day long. If to choose between a handbag and a rucksack, it’s better to give the preferences to the last one. It’s more comfortable to have your hands free to make photos at every step.

  3. Free water. Although we’ve recommended taking a bottle of water with you, don’t take too much. It may get too warm in the sun. Of course, nobody wants to pay 4 dollars for a cup of cool beverage, though it is possible to ask for a cup of water in the specialized stands. You will be given nice fresh water for free! Yeah, really for free!

  4. Get fastpasses. The lines for rides are not always extra long at Disneyland, though sometimes it seems really impossible to wait for your turn under the sun and stay well. Go through the reservation system and get your fast pass to escape too long lines. All the nuances about its operating will be explained to you right at Disney, though one thing should be remembered: it is possible to get your fastpass only with a ticket in your hands.

  5. The World of Color show: don’t miss it! Once you see this show, you will keep it in your memories forever. Just see about a fastpass for it. It will give you a chance to take the best place to see the show better.

  6. 40 inches tall. Most of the rides have the height requirements and it is much better to know them before to outstay a long line and get know that your child is too small to be allowed to go for it. We are here to warn you that the height requirement for most of the attractions is 40 inches tall. Is your kid even a bit higher? It’s OK then.

  7. No Strings Attached’ card. By getting this voucher you will protect your child from the next fit of hysteria when he or she drops the ice-cream or a pack with popcorn right on the street. Just call a manager and he will replace it for you for free. Brilliant idea to make a child stay happy. Besides, it let the parents save several more dollars. Cool!

  8. Taking pictures is easy here. Do you want each moment of your crazy adventure to be captured? Our friendly advice to you is to forget about your selfie stick. Really, it’s a useless thing at Disneyland. The professional photographers, who are everywhere here, may take your iPhone and make a perfect shot for you. It will cost you nothing, by the way!

  9. Never follow the crowd. If you see an endless line and one that consists just of five persons, don’t think that those, who are kicking their heels, know more than you. By following such logic and choosing the rides to attend just according to a number of people, who want to try it too, you risk wasting your time. The line length doesn’t mean anything. By avoiding long lines, you will give yourself more chances to try as more attractions as possible.

After all, Onlineclassmentor.com is able to add just one more advice: never let any life circumstances break your plans and make you change the selected route. Once your decision has been taken, do your best to stay firm. Are there still any aspects, which bother you do this? When you face any troubles the next time, do keep the tips from our blog in mind and be afraid of nothing. Finally, our service is full of bombastic ideas for all of life’s emergencies. Stay lucky!