Do You Know How Old Is Internet?


Our modern century is associated Century of huge amount of free information, time of great abilities and possibilities. And now let’s answer some questions. What do we usually do when want to communicate with someone, especially if he or she lives far from us or even in another country? You will probably answer, that we chat with him. And you will we totally right. Another question: what we do when want to watch videos or new film? We watch it using our computer. And it’s also the right answer. Finally, what do we do if want to take courses online, or find information? Yes, exactly, we search it in the Internet.

What a wonderful world: “Internet”. Nowadays it’s quite usual word and we get acquainted with it, maybe we don’t even appreciate Internet. We don’t even think how great and powerful it is. What great possibilities it gives us. Only think about it. We want to see person who is very far from us and we just chat with this person. We don’t have to miss this person; we can talk to him or her and even see him or her if this person has a webcam.

Imagine another situation: you have to make an essay or you need some information. What did people do in 1970s? They went to libraries, spent hours there, read a lot of books, wrote something and copied some information into their copybooks. What do we do nowadays? We simply open our web browser and google helps us to find any essay or any information we want. Isn’t that great? We are happy to help you and our site has many essays or you can order an essay and we will help you with it! Some years ago people could send only letters. How long they were in transit? 3months, 4 months? How often they were lost? Now we have Internet, we can send our messages, photos, videos to any part of the world and this message will be delivered in a second. The probability that this message will be lost is tiny.

Of course we can say that Internet gave us some bad things. If before, people spoke more in real life, nowadays many people communicate via different social networks like Facebook. It’s sad but sometimes people are not able to speak in real life: they just don’t know how it is: to talk to a real person. But there are not many such people. Of course there are some other disadvantages appeared when Internet received a worldwide spread. But let’s at least once speak only about advantages of it, in order to understand how great it can be. Many years ago people went to work in offices, they had to wake up early, go to the office no matter what weather it was. Nowadays more and more possibilities are appeared to work via Internet from home. It’s quite convenient and moreover, people who have some difficulties like handicap people who are limited in movements can now work from home and it’s, without any doubts, very convenient and comfortable for them.

Now imagine that you decided to buy new car or something other like clothes, musical instruments or anything. Nowadays you can simply do it without leaving your home. Just buy it online you can even find different variants and lower prices. So it seems like Internet is great and we should be very thankful to person who created it. But how was it created and what difficulties first Internet users had? Let’s get some information about it!

Firstly, how different sources treat Internet? It can be characterized as the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide. Or it can be said that it is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. But how it was created and for what purposes?

Firstly the United States of America decided to create a network for purposes of Ministry of Defense. They wanted Internet to become an important way of exchanging by messages. That network would be secured and very powerful as they thought. So how it happened? Firstly they just tried to send a little message from one computer from one location to another computer based on some distance. First Internet network was called ARPANet. It was offered that message should be divided into smaller parts and then these parts should be sent to another computer. Donald Watts Davies from the UK also worked on this question and he also insisted that computers within the network should not only send information but translate them, because computer may have different operational system and languages.

But of course one person couldn’t make all this work and researches and there was a question: who will participate in this experiment? You definitely know such great universities as: The University of California, Stanford University, University of Utah and California State University. These four universities worked on the project and made researches. And these four universities were connected to ARPAnet. By the way it was Ministry of Defense, which financed all researches.

Finally the big day came, it was 29th of November t. Two computers of the ARPAnet network: one in The University of California another in Stanford University tried to communicate. One professor from Los Angeles sent some information; exactly it was decided to be a word “LOG”. Another professor from Stanford, Bill Duvall should prove the reception of the message via telephone. Every letter was sent one by one. They sent “L” then “O” and then…something was broken, but by the 22:30 it was repaired and they tried it again. Second try was successful. So 22:30, the 29th of November is the happy day, day when Internet was born.

After that, Internet like a child began to grow up very fast. Everybody has used email at least once in his life. Do you know how old it is? First email or something really close to it was created in 1971. It was first program to send electronic post. Internet was in fast developing process and at definite year appeared another company called NSF net which lately almost ousted ARPAnet. In 1988 something new appeared, something we use in our daily life and it’s very important for us: that was chat.

In 1889 appeared an idea about uniting all world into a huge network. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? That was an idea to create Internet as we know it today. So something close to Internet as we know it nowadays saw the world only at the beginning of 1991. Of course it wasn’t so developed as nowadays and didn’t have as many opportunities. But it was like a genius child who was developing at full pelt. During the period of about 5 years Internet became very popular and had great number of users all around the world. Unlike radio or television it has the shortest period of time for become so popular.

And look at Internet nowadays: it’s so great and fast. It would be quite funny to ask people who firstly created Internet look at it nowadays. These people would be probably very surprised by amount of possibilities Internet gives. Some things like online games. In some countries they even became something like a profession. Can you imagine that in 1991 there were no such online games as we have nowadays? Imagine: just 26 years ago there were no online games. That is quite shocking, but that again, shows fast development of Internet.

 Of course there is a sad thing in all these: Internet which was created for universities, in order to exchange by knowledge and information nowadays has quite different role. Of course many people use it as source for knowledge and studying however many people use it just for fan. Maybe it’s not as bad because everybody finds something unique in Internet, something for his own purposes. There are some doubtful questions of course about Internet and how it influences people and especially children, but let’s not talk about it now and at least once just admire how powerful and glorious Internet is. What a long way it had been overcome. And it can be said that it is still in development. It’s like a development from the primitive human into a modern person but Internet needed only about 20 years for that while humanity spent for that millions of years.