Dogs Vs Cats: What Pet Is Best For You?


Imagine a house. It is empty and dark and even when owner returns home it is still the same: loneliness is in the air and sadness is in every room. However, this is a typical house where there is no pet. Now imagine another house. It is calm and cozy. When you open the door somebody is very happy to see you. He runs towards you and barks or mews, or maybe even rubs on your legs. Sounds much better and funnier than previous variant, isn’t it? Have other questions or problems with studying or articles? You can take professional online classes in any subject you want.

Although many people complain that pets can cause a lot of problems and there are some difficulties connected with them, they are cute and great. Many families have pets whose rights are equal with everybody in family. Some people are dedicated to definite pet: somebody adores birds, somebody - cats and another may like dogs. There are some people who can’t imagine their life without a cat and at the same time can’t stand dogs and they can argue for hours with dogs’ lovers. And at the same time those who like only dogs can say frankly that they can’t see cats at all and think dogs are the best pets. This is an eternal struggle between these two opposite animals and people who have them.

Many people, however, like cats as well as dogs and it can be a real difficulty for them to make a choice. So we decided to make some pro and contra points you can have with these animals. However only you can really know what pet you need.

Dog in role of a pet: what is good and what is bad?

Dogs served people for many years. They had different roles or “professions”: they worked as guards or just pets, as sleuthhounds or as sled dogs. If you want to read more about it get acquainted with Jack London’s story of life: you will find many interesting about him and his attitude towards dogs. He has also written some novels where dogs are represented as main characters. Now it’s time to distinguish for and against points connected with dogs.

Pros of having dog as a pet

1. Health care

One of proved but not fully examined facts is that owners of dogs have better health and fewer problems with it. They have normal blood pressure and always in better shape than those who don’t have dogs. Their health condition in general is better and they recover faster. It’s hard to explain this fact but it is really so.

2. Discipline

Maybe not everybody knows about it but dog is very similar with its owner. That means if you are not enough strict with your pet and lazy he will be the same. So as you bought a dog you will become more disciplined: you have to walk with him every morning and big breeds like German shepherd need constant physical exercises: so be ready to start jogging with your dog. It is quite great, because you will always have a companion.

3. Good mood

Dog can assist you to be always in a great mood. These pets are funny and love their owners. Moreover, if you have a bad mood all you should do is hug your four-legged friend and pet him and mood will become better in couple minutes. These animals are good for lonely people and those who have lost a loved person. With dog you will never feel lonely.

4. Your dog can make new friends for you

Having a walk with your dog you will probably meet somebody with another one. If your pet is friendly he will get on well with stranger. What about you, there is a good possibility to contact with people whose dogs are friendly with your dog. You can also meet somebody and then spend more time with this person, walking with your dogs together every morning. It’s a good way to find interesting people.

5. Feel safe

Those who have big breeds can be calm even in the evening while walking with your pet. Because dogs have excellent sense of danger and can protect their owner. They always devoted to him. Even when you are at home you can be sure that robbers won’t come to your house because for most of them big dog is a serious obstruction.

These are main pros although it is possible to point out a number of others. It should be also said that there is a great variety of breeds so it is possible to choose any you like. You can read features of every breed and then choose more wisely. We can surely say that among big breeds nowadays the most popular are Huskies, German shepherds and St. Bernard dogs. That is because they can be seen in many movies like “Beethoven” – video about kind and smart St. Bernard dog, or “Eight Below” about Huskies. Finally almost everybody remembers serial called “Inspector Rex” where German shepherd helped policeman.

Unfortunately there are some cons of dogs as pets and it is better to be aware of them before getting a dog.

What is wrong with dogs as pets?

1. Food

It may sound strange but dogs need good food especially thoroughbred ones. For big breeds good nutrition is very important and without it they won’t live long and happy life. So before buying a dog read about what you should give him as food and how much it costs. Good food for dog can be very expensive but many people don’t think of it. As well as dogs need some vitamins to be healthy.

2. Aggression

These cases are very rare and as usual dog won’t be aggressive if only person doesn’t provoke it. However some people say that dogs are still animals and their grandfather is none other than wolves. There are also some breeds that are more aggressive so think twice before making a choice. Don’t be afraid and just don’t make reasons for aggression. Sometimes it is justified and it can be understood.

3. Dogs can spoil something unconsciously

If you live in flat and decided to get a big dog, be ready to it. Big dogs need to release energy. They can gnaw your favorite table or collapse your favorite cup from table. Are you ready to it? Won’t you be angry because of that? If answer is yes and no, feel free to buy a dog. Not all people can understand that such “crimes” dogs make accidentally, not because of disutility and desire to do some harm and destroy.

After all this cons you still want to buy a dog, don’t you? So, it means that you really like them. So don’t hesitate: choose breed you like most of all and buy it. You can also take dog from animal shelter; homeless pets are not worse than thoroughbred ones: many people claim that they are even more betrayed.

What is with cats and what cons can appear?

There are also pros and cons connected with having a cat. Let’s start.

Pros of cat as a pet

1. Good for children

Like dogs, these animals are good for children. It was proved that children who were raised in family with pet are kinder and have better temper. Cats like to play different games and that’s why child will never feel alone. He can also hug cat and pet him and even sleep with him. Child will also learn how to take care of this pet and it will be useful for him in future.

2. Great fun

Cats like to play. So despite the fact that children always have somebody to play with, it is very funny to see how cat is hunting a toy mouse or wrapper with thread. Sometimes cats can even learn some games designed mostly for dogs: like bring you a ball.

3. They can produce a very pleasant sound

Take cat, start to pet it: you already receive some pleasure. But when he begins to purrs this sound is the best of all on the Earth. It is pleasant to hear, moreover, it was proved that purrs have curative effect: it helps to avoid diseases.

4. It’s not obligatory to walk them in the street every morning

These animals are very neat so once you show him his tray he will remember it soon and won’t make any problems than. Cats also don’t need to walk at the street and can be held even in flat.

5. You don’t need to wash them

Another great thing with cats is that they take care of themselves. They can wash themselves without any problems using their tongue. Moreover it may be harmful for them to be washed in the bath. So let your cat take care of himself.

Are there any cons?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Like dogs, cats may be source of problems so owners should know them.

1. A lot of wool

Of course it’s pleasant to touch fur of these pets however during spring for example cats have a habit to molt. Be ready to great amount of wool balls everywhere: even in your cup or plate. Not everybody can stand that. What about you?

2. Cats can be demanding in feeding

It is the same situation as with dogs. Cats eat less of course but still you should know what it good for them and what can be harmful. For example, you can’t feed cat only with cat food because it cause addiction and your pet won’t eat anything except of cat food. You can’t also feed cat with plain food and the same food for months. It can be harmful.

3. Cats like to scratch

Cats scratch everything but not because they are bad and want to spoil all your furniture. That is because they have to sharpen their claws: it is like an instinct. So be ready to it. You may try to make special board for you cat but it’s not a guarantee that he will scratch only it.

To sum up it can be said that both cats and dogs are good pets. They are friendly and their company is great. Hope this article was helpful for you. Feel free to read about our online service online class mentor is a company that helps students to study well.

Maybe you still have doubts about choice. It is okay because both cats and dogs are very cute and funny. However there is a thought that cats are more independent and need less owner’s company. This can be also good and bad. Dogs are more devoted to owner. However these are only thoughts and they are not proved. You can solve the problem of choice and get cat and dog. But take them when they are small so they will find same language easier. Cat and dog can be friends sometimes and it is true. So try any variant you want, give happiness to your pet and he will return you these feelings.