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Onlineclassmentor Company works in the market of educational services for students for many years. Our agency was created with the goal to help students with their academic papers, any college assignment and homework. When doing assignments, we always take into consideration the requirements of a particular educational institution and general demands on a specific type of work.

Before getting to work, a specialist responsible for the result clarifies all the requirements with a customer. Concerning compliance with the special terms of a particular educational institution, our experts annually monitor and learn what novelties are introduced and what requirements for papers and assignments supervisors have.

Terms and scheme of collaboration

  • The time of work performance is as soon as a client needs. When an order is placed, a client is presented an individually created plan of work. If there are no complaints about the plan, a personal assistant gets to work immediately.
  • We guarantee 100% uniqueness of content. The result is sent to a client via email. A client can also check uniqueness using a special program available online for free. If there is something to fix or refine, our experts will do it without delay.
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If you have never faced problems with homework, it means that either you are a genius or you just do not do homework at all, or you are not a student yet. Anyway, if you are a student and care for your grades and performance, we are here to assist you with any assignment you might have.

Do not worry, you do not differ from many other students – they all need help with homework. Such problems are normal for students. The point is that it is necessary to know how to solve them. Onliclassmentor Company is ready to help you with it.

Our professionals can solve the problems of any complexity level as quickly as it is required. In addition, we will provide you with the explanations on what and how to do. We offer a completely different approach – we are ready to help you understand and not just get a good grade, which is also guaranteed with our professional support.

Everyone knows that students face a lot of difficulties concerning exact sciences, including accounting and other financial direction specialties. It is well-known that mathematics, physics and chemistry are the hardest to learn subjects. On the other hand, you should have a serious enough and careful approach to them because the value of knowledge of technical specialties in the modern world cannot be overemphasized. That is why, our dear friends students, our professional team is ready to assist you with any course, especially related to accounting sphere. Join us, and no subject and homework can ever scare you.

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Home work help for college students

College home assignments are impossible to compare with school homework, under any circumstances. At school, pupils see what they need to do based on given material, but studying at an institution of higher education, not everything is that clear and simple. A lot of home assignments are not direct so that the students can make conclusions about a final result on their own. In order to figure out what kind of help various agencies offer for college students, for starters it is necessary to present a detail ranking of home work tasks to let college and university scholars realize what there will be required to face from the beginning till the end of their study.

Well, there is not a strict division of assignments into categories. The specialists who offer assistance for students have their own classification. We want to present you several options of such division. A core option implies that home work kinds are classified in accordance with the level of control of their fulfillment by teachers. Simply put, at the start, there are the tasks that require the maximal concentration and focus, and after them, there are the tasks that can be implemented without much effort because they are not properly checked and appreciated, usually. In order to make it easier to absorb information, we have divided homework kinds based on their complexity on a scale of one to ten, where 10 is the most complex one.

HW solver copes with the most complex assignments

Complexity 7 to 10

This is the most complex kind of homework. It is approximately 10% of home assignments. A teacher pays close attention to them because it is important not to miss a single detail. A teacher looks at how an assignment is done, whether all the rules and requirements are met, what the structure is, etc. This is not a full list of what a teacher checks in such papers. Only specialists in the field of practical exercises can check homework so accurately and scrupulously. However, at the same time, we cannot say that this category of homework plays the biggest role for scholars in studying. Excessive and sometimes even unnecessary scrupulousness can play tricks with both teachers and students. This is a sort of experimental teaching, in which can be engaged only those teachers who are fully committed to their profession.

How to do this kind of work? First, accept the fact that you will have to comply with all those rules set to suchlike assignments. Sometimes it is even useful to pay close attention to homework treating it more carefully and responsibly. If a student believes that a simple task has to demanding norms of fulfillment, there is sense to discuss it with a teacher or appeal to the dean’s office and ask to evaluate the way a teacher conducts classes. Based on this, there can be reached conclusions about what volume of work is given to students and if it corresponds to the accepted norms.

Complexity 4 to 6

This is an optimum and the most widespread category of homework. It is approximately 60%. In fact, this is a standard homework, which takes an adequate period time to do it. The tasks are checked without excessive scrupulousness, and often it is enough just to have them done. At the same time, this homework is necessary to do always in time, with quality and fully. If the set requirements are severely violated for several times (i.e. deadline, volume, formatting), then, a teacher can impose sanctions on the students in the form of a bad grade or careful control of all the next assignments. So it is strongly recommended to try doing this category of homework tasks properly and thoroughly. It is necessary to respect labor and fairness of a teacher. A student’s task is to please a teacher with the completeness and correctness of done home tasks. In this situation, a student can be transferred to the group of “privileged ones” who are allowed not doing home assignments almost at all. In fact, it may happen if a student manages to prove oneself as a responsible and intelligent performer of homework. Also, as a result, it will be easier to cope with not only home assignments but also tests and exams for such a student.

Complexity 1 to 3

Such homework is about 30% of cases. Speaking formally, teachers assign homework to the students but never check it. It may happen when some important and serious events are held at the university or college. Let’s say there can be accreditation of university – this is the time when teachers do not really care for students’ homework. Their major goal is to pass accreditation. Also, it may happen in the situation we have spoken about previously, i.e. when a student proves oneself as a responsible and intelligent performer. However, even in this case, it is not recommended to neglect homework. There can be a situation when a teacher asks to take a look at the work of a “privileged” student, and illiteracy and negligence of a done work can unpleasantly surprise him (her). So before you start thinking that you are allowed not doing home assignments, make sure that it is really so. However, it would be better not to take risks at all. Do you want to have your homework done properly and there is no desire to do it yourself? Professionals of Onlineclassmentor Company are always ready to assist you.

Taking stock

So now you know that there are different categories of homework, and probably, you have already known it but never thought about it seriously. Anyway, you should not forget that the most important is the quality of done work. Work quality defines how a teacher will treat a student, and if impression is spoiled, it will be very difficult to restore one’s reputation and earn the respect. All this will make it more difficult to pass tests and examination periods. So the quality of homework is the key to successful studying.

Personal expert is your guarantee of success

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