Striking Highlights About Tesla Motors Company


People all over the world use different vehicles: some prefer bikes others – cars. Pros of buying car are clear and obvious. Car is great because you can go anywhere, it is convenient and fast. However during last years some real problems have appeared. First of all, civilization has been killing nature with all those inventions. On the one hand technologies are great and help to live but on the other hand they can destroy our Earth all in all.

Cars are not exception. A lot of organizations whose goal is protection of nature and ecology talking without check, that cars make a lot of harm for nature. All those exhaust are very dangerous for nature and for people. Of course nowadays, filters used and they are good, but still some harm is brought to nature and people. Want to study more? Try our online class in order to understand that we are what you need. Get help and support at our site.

Tesla Motors Company and its electric cars were a real breakthrough and discovery. They made no damage to nature and they are ecologically clean, if we can say so. But who is Tesla, why the company has such name and what exactly Tesla cars are? Let’s discover it step by step.

Why company has such name?

In the name of company we can find a word “Tesla”. Someone may know that it was a great scientist. But what else can we say about him? Nikola Tesla was a physician and inventor. He made many different discovers connected with electronics and radio engineering.

So as cars work with help of electricity and Tesla is known as “father” of electronic engineering company was named in honor of this inventor. You may read more about this famous and very wise physician.

Tesla Motors Company: what and where?

This company was created in 2003 and is situated in California. The specialization of it, as we may easily guess, is electro-cars building.

This company now is very developed and has about 14 thousand workers. The company doesn’t sell cars through dealers: they prefer to send vehicle directly to person who bought it. The stocks of company rose for about 1000%. It’s hard to imagine but it is really so.

Tesla Motors has a lot of investors among them are: creator of Google, PayPal system and other outstanding personalities. However company still has losses from year to year, that’s why need constant help from government.

Despite all that, company made some cars which were better and better each time. And they are not going to stop! Here are some cars that were produced:

1. Tesla Roadster was produced in 2006. It is considered to be a sport car and the first vehicle of the company. It was very popular however price was about one hundred thousand dollars. Cars had been produced till 2012. Company is going to represent new model in 2019. Roadster was a failure and at first it could move just for 5 minutes, then battery overheated and car didn’t move.

2. Tesla Model S saw the world in 2009. It was gradually modernized and by 2012 there were at least two electro motors for car. It can cover about 400 kilometers. Price is lower than first model had, but still quite high: it is about 75 thousand dollars. It had also some problems as one of the owner discovered safety belt not to be fixed in appropriate way. That’s why company had to return a lot of cars and check the mechanisms of safety belts.

3. Model X seemed to appear in 2012 however for some reasons company hesitated. Big sales began only in 2016. This model has car doors which can open and close automatically. There are also three rows of seats while previous models have two. However some defects were spot in some of the cars. These third rows of seats were made with failure and in case of accident passengers would tip over with the seats.

4. Tesla model 3 is a variant for people who can’t afford previous model. Its price is only 30,000 dollars. Comparatively low, isn’t it? More than 300,000 people reserved this model. It is planned to release this car in 2017.

Some interesting facts

As we know some general information about models of cars and company it’s time to read some facts. So let’s start the list of interesting facts about Tesla Motors Company:

1. 15 years: that is how many time company spent to turn into an enormous and outstanding one as they started being almost unknown.

2. 465 million dollars: that is amount of sum of money which was given to company by USA government. Tesla Motors returned the entire sum earlier than expected.

3. First model, Roadster was not successful and as creators said it was a total disaster. However they didn’t stop and new models appeared. They were a real success and were better in technical way.

4. Model X

  • It has a very interesting and useful function. It is filter that keeps air inside of the car clean and devoid of bacteria.
  • This car has weight of about 3000 kilogram and it needs about 25 seconds to get 60 km speed from 0 km.
  • 250 miles that is distance you can cover with full charge of your motor engine. You have to charge this engine for about 30 minutes if you want to cover 170 miles. This time is appropriate if you use supercharges.

5. Supercharges – special stations like a gas station for common cars. It allows you to charge your Tesla car. It means that you can cover big distance but be sure that you will find this station in the city you are going to. However they are very few now: only about 700 stations all around the world. But their amount rises and maybe in some years the will be as common as gas stations.

6. 455 miles – that is distance that model S can overcome. Quite good results and Tesla Motors will not stop on this result.

7. 13 dollars – that is sum of money required to charge your Tesla car. However if you want to use supercharge cost of it is included in price of car. If you want to exchange battery on full one, it requires about 60-80 dollars.

8. Minibus is not a dream: it is a project announced by company. They are going to release it in 2017.

9. The second largest building in the world – is a project of factory that will make batteries for Tesla cars. These batteries are lithium-ion by the way, so have similar nature as those in most of smartphones.

  • 6 thousand and a half this is a number of workers factory will need.
  • Huge amount of batteries. By 2020 factory will produce the same amount of batteries as the whole world did in 2013.

If you want to read about service with articles, feel free to do it: online class mentor can offer you a lot of different types of help. We are waiting for you. Now, you know some information about Tesla cars and maybe one day will decide to buy one. It is expected that they will be cheaper and that means more accessible for usual people. The good example is new model S which is comparatively cheap. However it should be said that unfortunately many models are produced with some defects and shortcomings. Still we all hope that Tesla Motors will fix that and take into consideration in next models. Because idea of the company is great and can really make the whole world clearer. Tesla cars are, without doubts, future of the car industry.