American-Mexican Border: Main Problem Of USA?


Every country is independent. People cannot cross its boundary illegally. However in some cases they do. We can see problem of illegal immigration all around the world. What push people on such things? There are really a lot of different reasons and one of the main is economic disparity. We will talk about it later.

USA is a country with powerful economy. It is among the first countries in the list concerning economic stability and profit. That’s why a lot of people want to live and work there. Famous “American dream” is nowadays actual not only for Americans but for different nations. So, today we will talk about border between Mexica and USA because it is very painful question for the latter. If you want to read some more articles consult online class mentor site which helps people with essays and different subjects. Let’s look at this theme successively by answering on some questions.

1. What is American - Mexican border?

This is a complex of different fencing constructions built by ordinance of American government between Mexica and USA. The total length of these fences is about 3145 kilometers. Some people call it a fence; others say that is a real wall like Chinese one. Attitude of people towards it is very different and even politicians often argue on this theme.

The building of it was started in 1993 and at first it was just some small fences. Now it is much more bigger and better guarded. It divides cities like Texas, El Paso, San Diego, California and many others.

2. Who protects this border?

Nowadays border is guarded well by a Border Patrol. This is an organization which goal is to prevent illegal immigrants, traffic of narcotics and smuggling. First it was not as big however now this is an organization which has about 21,000 agents.

There were some operations held by Border Patrol one of them was called “Hold The Line”. It was at the beginning of the wall building. The goal of operation was to prevent illegal immigrant from El Paso. However soon, agents had to move to other areas of the border.

In general this organization now is the only one that prevents a lot of drug-traffic and illegal migrations. You can read more about this organization.

3. Why this border is such a big problem?

A lot of people say that American Mexican border is a very big issue. Let’s think about the main problems connected with it:

  • Migration of Mexican people

The problem is that a lot of Mexicans go to the USA and cross the border illegally. Then they find a job and work also illegally. So many Americans complain that it is easier for entrepreneur to employ Mexican illegal emigrant and pay him less, than take American for the same job officially. However, many American people and even border patrol agents on the other hand say that a lot of Mexican immigrants are usual people, they are honest and just want to find a better job. As a fact many cities which are close to the border have mostly Mexican population. For example in Nogales about 80% of population is Mexican people and only 20% are Americans. Fortunately there are no problems connected with segregation and racism.

  • Drug traffic and smuggling

This is one of the most painful problems. Many Mexican migrants bring drugs to USA. As Border Patrol agents say that although most of them are grown up in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia they all mostly brought into the USA through Mexican border. By the way Marijuana and Cocaine are two main drugs that are smuggled. Nothing can stop drug traffickers. They even ready to dig out tunnels for passing drugs.

One may think that all is easy: people just pass the border with drugs for profit. But everything is more complicated. Imagine that one person want to come to the USA illegally but he has no money and possibility. So drug dealers give him drugs and money or vehicle to pass the border. This person should pass it and then give drugs to a certain person inside of the USA. Agents of Border Patrol say that very often someone who you know in Texas for example is connected with somebody outside of the USA.

So, that’s why Border Patrol does its best to prevent such illegal invasions. Sometimes people have nothing to lose so they have a gun and ready to kill agents just for passing the border.

However everything has reasons. And even illegal immigration to the USA from Mexica also does. Let’s try to point out some of them:

  • Economic disparity

This is the main reason which leads to all problems mentioned above. Mexica has very bad economy and low salaries. Level of unemployment is very high. That’s why people are ready for everything and exactly go to the USA and find a job there. It is a fact that Mexican can earn in the USA during a month sum equal to that he will earn in Mexica for half a year! Just imagine that. Of course many people criticize Mexican people but it is possible to understand them. They have families and need money. That’s why they go to the USA.

Now let’s talk about another problem. Let’s look at this border from the point of view of common people.

4. Border divided not only countries but families

Everybody argue about this border however people are so often forget about common people. People are different regardless of nationality. So we shouldn’t forget that Mexican people are also people. As in every country there are good and bad ones. They have families and feelings so it should be remembered. If for one’s border is just a way to prevent smuggling for common families it is a division of their unity. A lot of children appeared from one side of it while families stayed at another.

Just imagine this: you went to the USA and then you can’t move back because of the border. Some people went there when they were young and it was easier to cross the border but now it’s almost impossible. So border divided children from their parents, husbands from their wives and infants.

5. Reunion of families

It should be said that now some success was achieved thanks to Organization for the Protection of Human Rights. Families and relatives can see each other and cross the Border for definite time under agents’ supervision. You can look for video and see it by yourself. It is called like “reunion at the U.S.-Mexican border”. There you will see that Mexican people are good and they have a lot of feelings, they suffer from such attitude.

However some people use border for their profit and for fun. For example some people use it as a huge net and play volleyball. So it’s fun that people don’t lose their humor and hope. Also there are some videos about funny failures of border crossing and just different occasions. For example there is a video where two men cross a fence about 5 meters high for just some seconds. Other attempt was to cross the border fence using something like two rails and car. However angle was wrong and car just left to hang at the top of the fence.

Hope you liked this article and situation with American - Mexican border became clearer to you. If you want to know more read about us. To sum up it can be said that problem mentioned in this essay is still very sharp. With coming of new president policy about this situation changed and it will always be contradictory one. It is clear that drug traffickers should be punished and captured however president and politicians shouldn’t forget about common Mexican people who just search better life and want their families to live better.