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Segregation And Racism Problems


In modern society we all are equal in rights. It means that people with different disabilities should be treated as usual people and it’s more than basely to laugh of their limitations or infringe on their rights. What about other categories of people? Our world is multicultural and people have different appearance. Nowadays we used to react adequately on people who different in any way be it color of skin or another eye shape. But unfortunately problems sometimes arise although it’s unacceptable for civilized society. Want to be wise and aware? Take online classes: our site has a lot of essays so you may find something useful or order an article on definite topic if you want to know more about it.

Unfortunately even now people can’t respect each other rights and there are even some organizations that have strong hostility towards definite nations. The brightest example is such movement as fascism. Even nowadays we can find people who stick to its points one of which is reals in enmity towards definite categories of people mostly Afro American people and Jewish. In this article we will look at such notions as Segregation and Racism, define them and try to look at some historical background. We will also look at some films that show these problems.

Segregation and Racism: the same things or no?

Let’s look at the word Segregation at first. People sometimes mix it up with meaning of the word discrimination, however the latter one has wider meaning. Segregation is a policy which goal is to distinguish certain category or nation from other people. For better understanding you may go to top of the best films and find movie called “The Pianist”. What is interesting for us in this film is one case. When Nazi troops came to the city, which described in movie, they forced Jewish to resettle. Moreover they built a wall which disconnected Jewish people from other part of the city. This is a bright example of Segregation.

What about Racism? Racism is a system of views that definite nation has physical and mental superiority over other nations. The brightest example of this phenomenon is showed by Nazis. One of the points for starting the World War 2 was Nazism which proclaimed German race as the best while others shouldn’t have rights and freedom at all. Maybe it is little exaggerated but it is the outstanding example of Racism.

However, such things as racism, segregation and discrimination often go together. But you should remember that discrimination is the widest one and it should be applied in different contexts like gender discrimination, discrimination by different peculiar qualities etc. Racism always connected with different nations. We will talk about racism further and exactly about this process in the USA as it revealed brightly there. Maybe, because black population had no rights when the USA was created, maybe because of some other reasons. We will try to figure it out.

Racism in the USA: reasons and history

You may read in details about this in the article about Racism but here we will make a list of some reasons for racism exactly in the USA.

1. Slavery began with the beginning of the country

Many people may know about slavery. It comes back to times when USA was a colonial state in sixteen century. At that time European colonists used people from colonies as slaves. Mostly that was black people. So this was beginning and one of the first reasons to racism. From the beginning of the country white people, who came to colonies used to think that black people don’t have rights and can only work for them. By the way slaves didn’t receive any money; they could be sold to other person like a useless thing. That was awful times.

2. Segregation of black people

Earlier we told about segregation but it can reveals in different ways. In the case with black people they were distinguished from white population for years. Even when they got rights, they could not go to the same schools as white children go, couldn’t live in the same district and so one. They also couldn’t vote for long time.

3. Resistance to learning

In 19 century thoughts that black people are unable to study and don’t have appropriate abilities were still quite popular.

Why didn’t they resist?

Question which may appear is why black people didn’t struggle for their rights. But they did. Actually slavery was canceled in 1863 but they still weren’t equal in rights and freedom with white people. However, the bright resistance appeared in 1960s with policy of Martin Luther King. He straggled for rights of black people because their state was still bad especially in the South part of the USA. The success came and it was quite great: racial discrimination became officially prohibited, it was proclaimed by the government.  However every action can cause opposition. As success of black people was great, there appeared organization which began to kill black people. That was the Ku Klux Klan. This organization struggled against every right of black people and did it in very cruel and radical way.

However, as time passed black people became equal with others. Or maybe they didn’t? Let’s look at present situation and films may help us in it.

Racism in some movies

We will look at two films based on true stories. First one is mostly movie about sport and is called “Glory Road” The actions of this film take place in 1960s and shows basketball team. The coach decided to create team which consists of almost only black players. You should better watch this movie. It shows attitude of white people towards black players and towards any tries of become equal.

Another outstanding movie which is more philosophical and tragic is called “American History X”. This film describes destiny of two brothers who were members of neo-Nazi organization. The movie shows a lot of contradiction points and hate between black and white people. The elder brother, who at first hated black people and killed one of them, got to jail and, as he was there, his school teacher of history helped him to overcome difficulties, and he finally changed his views at all. But it so happened that his younger brother became a real neo-Nazi and got in troubles while he was in prison. Will the teacher of history help him too and how all end? You may watch the movie in to answer this question and to understand that conditions and spirit of that time better. If you are interested in this theme feel free to read about us, because we have many possibilities to help you with your essay and you can find some others at our site.

The only thing we can say exactly is that racism takes place even now. However black people become more aggressive and it can be understood. We may find districts for black people and white person will be in great danger in such districts. Mixed schools where white students study with black sometimes is very criminal. Unfortunately stereotypes also take huge role. Many people still think that if person has black skin it guarantees that he is criminal, impolite and dangerous. But you should at first know person and only then judge. We may see that the problem exists on different levels and it’s not as easy to solve it fully. However people should remember that color of skin doesn’t allow them to think about others as about slaves. People should respect each other and that is the only way to live in peace.