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Can You Imagine Our Life Without Social Websites?


People can’t live without communication. They always want to share news with someone. However, this process has undergone some changes comparing with earlier ages and centuries. Of course, some of them are to best and some of them not. We will look some pros and cons of modern communication further. Want to know more? Enter online class and get great knowledge at any subject you want.

In this article we decided to speak about life without such websites as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But to talk about these things we should know, at least, briefly about them. So at first we will talk in general about each of this websites and then will distinguish pros and cons which they give us.

Briefly about all networks

Everybody can say what social website is. It is a platform which allows people from all over the world to communicate. But how they appeared and what was the first one?

One of the first mentions of prototype of social networks appeared in 1837. That was Vladimir Odoevsky who did that. He just mentioned in one of his novels that people in future would be able to speak with each other despite the distance between them. At writer’s times this was something fantastic and unreal. However knowing that or not, Odoevsky was one of people who predicted appearing of social networks.

Although we can check Internet years and see that its age is comparatively small, its appearance gave great opportunities for many things and social websites was one of them. Of course, first social network as we imagine it appeared only in 2004 and that was a real revolution in the world of Internet. This giant of communication is still well-known for everybody. Did you guess what we are talking about? Of course, this is Facebook. It appeared among first social sites and unlike others is still popular.

Two years later appeared another site which was more like a blog however still very popular. It was Twitter! The newest network among best known ones appeared in 2010. It was Instagram. It should be told that Instagram is used mostly via smartphones. Now, let’s talk in general about each of these sites.

1. Facebook – creature of students

We all known how mighty Facebook is. Of course it developed gradually and at first wasn’t such powerful. It is a well-known fact that Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his neighbors with whom he lived during studying in the university. So we can prove that Facebook was created by students! Of course they were very talented but the fact is fact.

Firstly this site was created only for Harvard University: it was like social network for university. Later, students of other universities in Boston also were given access to Facebook. Finally all students could register in this social network. Only from 2006 site became public: but for those who are older than 16 years and have e-mails.

As modern research shows, people can’t imagine their lives without Facebook. Average person spends about 20 minutes in this network. Facebook is among 5 the most visited sites in the world and has more than 1.5 billion users. However these are people who were active during month. People who are active and often guests of Facebook are about 700 millions. Later we will talk about pros of using this network and cons of it. Now let’ move further and talk about Twitter.

2. Twitter – for those, who dream of handling microblog

The other and not less popular social site is Twitter. It was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006. It is not like Facebook, otherwise it won’t be successful. If in Facebook people send messages and other things, Twitter works a little bit different. Users of this site have something like profile and they can publish some news, photos and videos. So Twitter is like a huge blog consisting of small ones. If you like blogs try it.

This network has about 500 million registered users and about 140 million active users. Of course this site is not as popular as Facebook, but we can say that it has some unique features. Its format allows people to enter it from their smartphones and about half of Twitter users use it via smartphones. It’s very convenient for such purposes. However you can enter it either from computer or from smartphone.

3. Feel like a photo model with Instagram

Two sites mentioned above are mostly used for communication with the help of letters and words. Instagram is an enormous collage of photos. It was created for people to exchange photos and short videos. It also has some built-in filters to make your photo better before publishing.

Although you can enter Instagram from computer it is mostly used via phones because it is easier and more convenient. And it is easy to understand: people make photos using smartphones and then just share them in this network.

Instagram is unique network which can’t be compared with previous ones. However it has strong connection with Facebook since 2012: Zuckerberg’s company have bought it. So as for now Facebook and Twitter has one owner. Maybe that is for better or may for worse, it’s hard to say. From one hand, Mark Zuckerberg is talented developer and Facebook shows this. But from the other hand, will he care about Instagram as he does about Facebook? Last years show that he did his job greatly.

All these social websites are good and there is number of smaller ones or those which are used in definite countries. For example in countries like Russia and Ukraine social network called VK is the most popular, however many people also have Facebook and Instagram. Some countries may have their own social websites. But now it’s time to talk about pros and cons of them.

Social Websites: what is good and what is not?

Let’s start with cons of social networks so we will end our essay in a good mood talking about pros.

Cons of social websites

1. Time

It’s not a secret that many people spend too much time in social networks and don’t do well at study or at work. So it’s one and the main problem of modern world.

2. Addiction

This point is closely connected with the first one. Some people not just spend a lot of time via social networks, they can’t live without them. If there is any halting or problem with network these people become extremely nervous. So as we can see social websites can be extremely dangerous.

3. Private information

Not every user can understand that his information can be used by anybody. Sometimes it’s not very honest people for some fraudulent goals. So be careful about it. Some companies prohibit their workers to have accounts in different networks, because they care about privacy. But not everybody understands that.

4. Fakes

As some users share their entire private information others create so-called “fake pages”. It means that photos and information is unreal and real person may be absolutely different. So don’t be too trustful, because person whom you have met in social website may appear unreal! That’s very disappointing sometimes. Unfortunately some people use fake pages to insult or laugh at other users. That is very dangerous especially among children who react very strong at this. Sometimes such jokes of fakes can end by suicide of their victim.

5. Materials for adults and a lot of spam

Another problem is that there is a lot of spam in some networks and they are good for sharing some ads and materials. Unfortunately sometimes these materials are not for children that nowadays are constant users of network. The last statement is also very closely connected to second one because children are exposed to addiction more than others.

Of course danger in social network is sometimes more harmful than many of us think. Sometimes people don’t notice these harm at all.

So, to finish with a good mood let’s talk about pros of socials websites, because there are definitely a lot of them.

Social networks are great because:

1. They unite people

Although many people claim that humanity unlearned how to communicate because of Internet, networks give us possibility to speak more. We can communicate with other people from different parts of the world. Even if you don’t have enough money to go to some countries you can talk with people who live there and learn something.

When our relatives or friends go to other cities for studying or because of business trip, we can talk to them using Facebook or other social networks, so we are still in contact with them no matter how far they are.

2. You can share something with others

It’s great to share something beautiful with other people. For example you wrote a song and want to share it with others. Instagram will be the best way to do it. The same thing with photos: if you are abroad and want to show friends how great the country is, you can share photos with them. In general photos are little part of soul; they allow you to keep the best memories and times.

3. Organization of trips or meetings

Another great possibility that social websites give you is that you can gather people and friends easier. You should just invite them to definite occasion. So if earlier people couldn’t find someone sometimes and had to have a long trip to visit everybody and ask about his presence, all you should do know is just click some buttons.

4. Groups with the same interests

With social websites it is possible to find communities which have the same views and hobbies as you do. If you like Elvis Presley you can easily find community of his fans. So this is really great possibility. Sometimes these communities are even created for definite city, so you may gather sometimes in real life. It is very interesting.

5. Find a friend or love is easier

With Facebook you can find any friend. You can search for person of definite age and with same interests. If you want to find girlfriend or boyfriend it is also a great possibility. Some people are too shy, so social network allows them to find girl who they like and talk with her there for the first time and then meet in real life.

So, social websites have cons but they have a lot of pros too. They allow people from all over the world to communicate; they unite people of different ages and interests. Did you find this article interesting? Read about our online classes and feel free to ask us questions. Online class mentor is a company which helps people in their studying.

So, of course it very hard to imagine our life without social websites, they become a part of our daily life and habits. To end our essay we wish you to have only great memories and associations with social websites: find you friends there and speak with everybody you want, but don’t forget about communication in real life.