Chicago Cubs History Of Foundation


Sport is a very disputed thing and people all over the world fond of it. Of course, there is a great variety of sport and games so you can choose the best sport for you and go in for it. Some people say that if you are not professional you won’t achieve great success. However it is controversial question. Anyway it is not a problem if you want to be in a good shape and play different games as volleyball or baseball.

Although people sometimes mix it with cricket these are two different games, however, they have something in common. This kind of sport was born in New York City: at least rules for this game were created there. USA is the homeland of this sport and first championships were hold there.

Baseball World Cup takes its beginning from 1938. There is also exist championship for women however it was created only in 2004. In 2020 this sport will become a part of Olympic Games. However this is quite disputable question because ones accept that this game doesn’t have worldwide popularity. Do you want to be knowledgeable and not only about sport? Go to our company’s site and write us “take my online class for me”. We can help you with any of your subject and essays, give help and advices. Now, when we know some information about baseball, let’s come to one of baseball teams and its history.

Quick look at Chicago Cubs

We will look at this club in brief at first and then you will know more and in details. From its name we can easily guess that club was founded in Chicago in 1876 and during first time they had different name, however we will talk about it little bit later. Team played at first in East Division (from 1969 to 1993). Since 1994 they have been playing in Central Division and also take participation in National league or simply NL. By the way this is one of the oldest leagues for professional baseball teams.

As we can see Chicago Cubs has long history and also it has many wins (in 1906 they broke record after having won 116 games). In National League this club is a real giant: they have about 17 won games. So, let’s look more detailed at their periods of existence and creation.

1. Beginning of the club

History of club begins in 1876 and its first owner was William Hulbert. As it was said, at first they had another nameChicago White Stockings”. In the same year they joined NL (National League) and became champions. They took top really fast and showed everybody that they are ambitious team which can win. Team played its home games in the West Side.

Next years weren’t as successful however in 1880 and team won the championship. Unfortunately the owner of the club dead however it didn’t become a hindrance and in 1881 team won the championship again. Since 1881 company “Spalding” that sold different baseball equipment became the owner of the team. The team didn’t stop and continue their wins series having become champions in 1882. They were winners for three consecutive years.

1885 and 1886 years became a great competition among Chicago White Stockings and St. Louis Cardinals (known for that time as St. Louis Brown Stockings). As club owed its success to manager player Adrian Anson (who recognized as the best player of his time) and club changed his name into “Chicago Colts” however they were also named as “Anson’s Colts”.

After bad seasons and period this manager player was released in 1897. Chicago Cubs left without their main player and their face and they did so for about twenty years. Since 1886 to 1906 they didn’t become leaders so that was black line in their history.

In 1900 name “White Stockings” was taken by new baseball team. These times were really hard and bad for the club. However it overcame difficulties and continued his existence despite all problems.

2. Period of changes for Cubs

Period from 1902 year can be called years of silence because baseball at that time had difficult period. Club was sold in 1902 and Jim Hart became its new owner.

In 1907 club got new official name as we know it now: “Chicago Cubs”. Frank Change new player manager was a real chance for club: he brought it to life and thanks to him team won four National League Pennants and two World Series Titles (since 1905 to 1912). This was second white line and winning series for Chicago Cubs. However they haven’t won World Series titles since that time and broke this misfortune only in 2016.

In 1914 with coming of two powerful businessmen Albert Lasker and Charles Weeghman who owned huge part of Chicago Cubs’ shares, home ground for club changed into Wriegly Field situated in the north part of Chicago. Gradually club got his unofficial name and people called it North siders due to situation of their home field.

In 1916 the owner of Cubs changed and it appeared to be Bill Wriegly. It should be said that maybe because of changes or maybe not, but team was not at the top during these years and get to the final only in 1918. Are you interested in our help and other articles? Read some information about our company in order to realize that you can definitely ask us for some help.

3. Mastership of Wriegly family

This is quite long period since 1921 to 1981. However Chicago Cubs won National League Pennants only in 1929 and 1932. In 1933 son of Bill Wriengly, Philip became a new owner of the club. This period was not very good for team and many people claimed owners for this fault.

After Phillip’s coming club won only in 1945 and then they couldn’t achieve top positions till 2016. You can see how long they couldn’t play good. Maybe because of owners or just because of definite circumstances.

In 1945 club enjoyed their last win and sometimes people talk about Curse of the Billy Goat and maybe it is really so. What was that? One of viewers came to the match with his goat and even bough two tickets: for him and for his pet. However he was asked to leave the match and as he was very angry he told Chicago Cubs would never win again. Howbeit club really didn’t win anymore for very long time.

Period since 1945 was a real disaster for club and in 1977 they were among constant outsiders.

With death of Wringley in 1977 the third one of the worst periods of club ended. In 1981 family sold Chicago Cubs to Chicago Tribune.

Since 1984 new period for Cubs began. It for 24 years and was quite successful. They started good and won East Division titles in 1984 and 1989. They also won Central Division titles in 2003, 2007 and 2008. If you are interested in detailed description you may find them in the Internet.

Nowadays Chicago Cubs began to regain their power and maybe next years will be a series of wins for them. Who knows? You can visit official page of this club and be aware of all news.

To sum we can say that this team has its history and it is one of the oldest clubs. As every sport club Chicago Cubs had good times and bad ones. However we can see that first two periods were the best for them. Maybe after reading this article some people will become fans of this club and those who don’t know much about this sport will watch some matches. So, be open to sport and you will open something new it!