What Sport Is The Best For You?


Sport becomes more and more popular. It’s really good that people nowadays think about their health and go in for different kinds of sport. Near professional sportsmen we can find many amateurs or people who just do something for themselves. You may know that every country has something like national sport – sport that is really important and the most developed one. For example the USA is usually associated with American football, or, as Americans call it, simply football; Canada is usually associated with one of the best national hockey teams; Brazil and Spain for example have a well-known football teams and national football teams. However these countries may have other popular kinds of sport. The UK, for example, is home for squash and cricket and boxing are also very popular there. China and Japan seem to be countries of martial arts. Have difficulties with essay writing? You can get help with classes online: we offer you to read any essay you like and find something interesting for you, or order an essay on any topic you need.

There is a big variety of sports all around the world and sometimes it’s quite hard to choose what sport to go in for and what will be the best for you. Let’s try to solve this problem and look at some popular kinds of sports in order to decide what you need. We will look at such games as cricket, basketball, volleyball football, American football, workout and some martial arts. Are you ready to find out what sport is the best for you? Let’s start!


Cricket is still not very popular so you can read some fact about history of cricket. However it is national game in the UK and some other countries. This game is bet and ball and people play it on a grass field. It needs some equipment like special glove, ball and bat. Amount of people is two teams of twelve players. So in general this game is quite good and will develop you qualities such as speed, accuracy, strength of throw and speed of course, as you will have to run quite much.

This game has many positive sides, doesn’t it? What cons can be singled out? Firstly – amount of players. It may be a big problem if the game is not very popular in your country. Because it’s always hard to organize people to gather in one place at definite time and if amount of them is twenty four it’s almost impossible especially, if you live in small town where not many people know about cricket at all. Also it may be hard to find all required equipment and it may cost big money. What about place to play you may not find special sportsgrounds for cricket however you can find football stadiums or just some open areas and make field there. Because you don’t need a lot: only make some lines.

Of course all that problems are for countries where cricket is not popular. In countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and in some African countries, for example, you will easily find both people to play with and special fields made for cricket.

Football – game you can play in every country

Football is very popular all around the world. Many kids of every age play this game in the yards and really fond of this game. In many countries conditions for this kind of sport are good and favorable. Maybe it’s because you don’t need a lot of equipment. All you need is ball and appropriate snickers. So as usual football is played by two teams every of eleven players. However if this is not a professional football and it’s just football that kids play in the yard every team can be of different amount of players from eleven to five. So it’s quite easy to gather people and play football. You need person who has a ball and some people to divide them into two teams. As it was mentioned football is very developed and popular, that’s why you may find football fields in any country. 

What are possible problems? Firstly it is traumatism. Of course good fields are covered with grass but sometimes they are covered with crushed stones or even with bitumen. As in football you may fall it’s quite possible that you will receive some injuries. But it’s a very rare thing and for children that is very common thing. Second problem that may appear is that in countries where climate is cold, it’s impossible to play football all the year. However there is also a decision: there is a kind of football called mini-football or five a side football. What is good about it is that it can be played indoors as teams have only five players each one and ball for such kind of football is heavier and doesn’t jump as well as ball for usual football. So it’s quite interesting alternative to football during winter.

What is the main quality for playing basketball?

The next goes basketball. It is as developed and popular as football and if you play it on the streets you need team of three to five people. Of course in professional basketball team consists of five players but in street basketball teams can be of different amount of players. It’s really great and dynamic game. It has simple rules and equipment you need is ball and good footwear. In some countries as the USA you may find many basketball courts and a lot of people who play this awesome game. Sometimes especially in countries where basketball is very popular, you can see three or four teams from different quarters gather together on the one basketball court and compete with each other one by one. It’s very interesting sight as there are many different feints in basketball and some people are good at performing them.

The only essential problem with basketball that cannot be fixed anyway is your growth. It’s really sad but to play basketball you should be a high guy because otherwise it will be hard for you to throw a ball into a basket and to compete with those high guys whose height is about 6.5 foots 

Volleyball – game which allows you not only play but also sunbathe!

What about volleyball? This game is as great as basketball and football and also quite popular. Teams consist of six players for each one. Equipment needed is a ball and volleyball net. Volleyball will develop many different skills as strength (especially of hands and legs), reaction and accuracy. It’s quite possible to find a volleyball court in almost every town and city. So all you need is a ball and players. It’s not hard to gather twelve guys because volleyball is popular all around the world. Also there exists a kind of volleyball called Beach volleyball. It’s also very interesting and playing it you will not be afraid of falling and get injuries because sand is very soft. Isn’t it great that you can not only play volleyball but also sunbathe and enjoy the scenery?

The only possible problem with volleyball is the same as with basketball: as usual only high people play volleyball, however for this game short stature is not very critical, as you need to be height only in some positions. More important thing is good and strong serves. If you have them, you will be successful and important player in every team.  Like this article? We know that you are interested in us so feel free to read about essay writing service and if we can help you we will do it.

Is American football different from usual football?

The answer on the question is definitely “yes”. The only thing that is similar for both footballs is amount of players. In American football team also has eleven players. All other things are different. In this football you have to play with an oval ball and you play mostly with your hands. Equipment required is special helmet and special frame. Of course spike shoes are also important. American football is very popular in the USA and the UK and some their countries.

What is interesting about it is that as usual this game cannot be played on the streets. It won’t be an American football in all its beauty. That’s why if you don’t have special field and equipment you will not be able to play. This is the main problem. In many countries there are no possibilities to play American football. Another problem is that equipment like helmet and frame is quite expensive. Finally American football is quite traumatic game. So the best and the only way to play American football in its classical way, is to study in one of high schools or universities of America, for example. As usual they have teams and fields they search for talented players. In universities this game is extremely popular. But in countries where American football is not popular you will hardly ever play it.

Workout or street workout as a modern trend

This kind of sport becomes very popular. Its secret is in accessibility. Every person can train and it’s not a problem to find a horizontal bar or something similar to it. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to buy any equipment or pay any money. All you need is to find a horizontal bar and parallel bars somewhere near your house and train. You can even make it by you own or even put it in your room. This kind of sport is good and will give you strong hands and back and if you want you may learn some trick to make.

In many countries even championships of workout are hold so you can participate or look at other people who achieved good results and want to share them with others. So this is one of the most similar kinds of sport which don’t require expensive equipment. It’s what you need after your hard working day to be in good shape and tone.

Want to defend yourself? Go to martial arts.

Don’t want to search a horizontal bar but want to be in good shape and be able to defend yourself? Go in for martial arts. It’s up to you to decide what kind of them to choose. You can go to karate or jujutsu if you martial art for you is something graceful and picturesque. If you want just something similar and effective attend box trainings. Good thing in martial art is that they, without doubts, make you stronger as a person and also make positive influence on your fortitude. What is not good? In every martial art you will have to work in sparring and that means you would get some hits and that is not very pleasant, is it?

So, every person can choose any sport he wants. Every sport is good in its way and to go in for sports means to be healthy and strong. Sport will make you an organized person. So, try any sport you want and make your life more interesting and active!