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Cricket World Cup: History And Interesting Facts


Everybody has favorite sport and go in for it. For some people it’s football or basketball, others prefer different martial arts. Some people think that sport should be extremal while others think that it should be good to relax. So different people go in for sport for different purposes but sport unites people all over the world. There is a category of people that like not to play football or basketball or any other kind of game but watch it on a big screen. Many people support their favorite sport team and watch all games of their favorite team. Want to write about any of these sports? Ask us for a class and we will help you to write good and interesting essay. Some people like to watch football matches others find some beautiful things in ping pong for example. However there are a lot of other kinds of sport. What about cricket for example? Some people don’t know about this game and some mix it up with baseball as there are really some common things. But let’s take a look at Cricket at its history, rules and so one.

Briefly about rules and other features

Of course, first versions of the game might have different rules but let’s look at what is this game nowadays. So, the number of players is eleven in each team. The main goal is to score more than the opponent team. How to score? There is a person who throws a ball and person who should bit it with a special bit for cricket. It’s the main action of the game and there are a lot of nuances. The team whose player throws a ball has 11 players on the sportsground while team who tries to bit the ball back has only two people who are named as batsmen. So the general way of scoring is to throw ball so that batsman can’t hit it or to break a wicket that is behind a batsman. It should be said that rules are quite puzzled and it’s not so easy to understand the game. However you can look at it and just enjoy it and try to understand just general rules. There exist even books about cricket and cricket championships and maybe one of them will become a book of your dreams? Maybe this game will become very important for you? Nobody knows that.

Where and when this game appeared?

This question is quite doubtful because some centuries ago there existed games very similar to cricket however that might be other games. However it is known that Englishmen were first people who played this game, but as some historians say that game called “Squash”. By the way question about meaning of the world “cricket” is also very doubtful. One says that this word came from Ireland others say that the homeland of the word is England. But the general meaning of the word is “stick” or “baton”.

At the first time the game was mentioned in 1598. In 17th century the game became widely spread at the south-east of England and in 18th century the game became a national sport in England. Of course, during the centuries it was developing and changing.

Nowadays we have cricket as a sport that is played in many countries and like in other kinds of sport in cricket there exists a Cricket World Cup and also organization that controls all rules and innovations in this game. This organization is called International Cricket Council. Interested in this essay? Read about us: we are the company that can write any essay and you can be sure about its quality.

Cricket World cup: how all started?

In general cricket matches can have different duration from one day to three days. Cricket World Cup is a championship where one day cricket matches are played. The teams which participate are mostly teams of Test-playing nations but also some qualifiers.

Firstly the championship was held in 1975 and since that it has been holding for every four years. Every year country that hosts championship is different. The last cricket matches were held in New Zealand and Australia in 2015.

But before that there were some tries to make competitions. How was that? Three test playing countries: Australia, England and South Africa – organized something like a championship. So there were only three countries which participated. Nowadays Test playing nation in cricket is one of the highest ranks. So the first trying to make a great championship was in this way and that happened in 1912.

Then as it was mentioned above in 1975 in England there was hold an International World Cup. It was more solid than one of 1912 and there were 6 countries which participated. So first three countries of course were present at the championship and also other three countries joined them. These countries were India, West Indies and Pakistan as a test playing nations. Africa and Shri Lanka joined this Championship too but not as a test playing countries. That championship had a great success and that’s why it was hold again four years later in another country.

What is interesting about this World Cup is that it is hold not only among men but also among women. Women World Cup started in 1975. You can read a lot of information on the site of Cricket Council.

Of look at the materials we can see that Australia is quite strong and successful in this kind of sport. It was undefeated during the whole tournament in 2003 and then in 2007. And Australia was the winner of the Championship in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and in 2015. Quite a great result, isn’t it? There are also many players of Australian team who were recognized as the best players of the tournament. They are James Faulkner from championship of 2015, Ricky Ponting from championship of 2003 and Shane Warne – in 1999. So nobody knows why but Australia is always a potential winner.

To sum up we can say that although cricket has quite puzzled rules it is popular all around the world and there are many countries nowadays that play cricket. However it’s not as popular as football. But maybe it will develop and in future all people will play cricket in their yards. Because really this is a kind of game everybody can play the only difficulty is in understanding the principles of the game and rules.