15 Important Steps To Write A Book Of Your Dreams



You will surprise nobody if you announce with all the solemnity, ‘I’ve decided to start a book…’ Becoming a well-recognized author of hundreds of good novels or, at least, creating of a couple of substantial books is one of the dreams, which is haunting every second living being. Why a perspective to become a writer seems to be so attractive to people is not the matter of today’s discussion. Onlineclassmentor.com just wants to assist all those risk takers, who have already decided to win the Nobel Prize in Literature some fine day and are ready to dedicate a period of their lives to book compiling. How to make this period as short as possible and finish a good fiction in a month or so? We did our best to satisfy your interest and provide you with all the needed recommendations that may make you believe in yourself and your powers.

Book In A Month: Guide For The Beginners

Spontaneous setting about a book composing will hardly give you the result you want to receive on completion. Catch the useful recommendations composed by those, who know the world of literature inside out and listen to nobody, who says that it’s too late to seek for fame. Who knows, maybe you will catch the train and jump into the last carriage.

  1. Be honest with yourself. Before jump in, try to be adequate and don’t let your illusions blind you. Writing a book is a long and difficult process and you will be obliged to spend hours at the computer even when your muse is too far from you. You should be ready that all the characters will live in your head for 24 hours a day and your thoughts will wake you up even at night. Are you ready to dedicate all your time to choosing the most appropriate words and mixing the sentences in different ways to make them sound great? Do you want to strike the keys until your finders go numb? If you give your firm ‘Yes’, it seems that you are crazy enough to be involved in such an enterprise as a book writing.
  2. Make calculations. Don’t you want a process of your book creating to last for years? Imagine the volume of your future novel, define the time period, in which it should be finished, and calculate the optimal quantity of words that you should write down daily. Is it easy for you to compose 1,000 or 2,000 words? You may even do more, right? Work daily and don’t let yourself skimp the amounts.
  3. Find a story to propose to the readers. In fact, a good story idea shouldn’t be looked for. It will come to an author spontaneously, but this may happen only if a future writer is curious about the world. His interest in everything that is happening around explodes into a great book plot. One good advice that is given to the beginners is to use your own life stories or ones of your fellows as a basis for your book. Just change the names, add some new details, and a perfect plot is ready.
  4. Organize a book outline. An outline shouldn’t be necessarily very detailed. It just should contain the main info you are going to describe later on. Just specify where your story takes place, who its central characters are, and how the main events, which your novel will involve, are moving. Being organized is the key to success in a good novel composing.
  5. Do research. Any author should be truthful and the facts, which are described in his novel, should be thoroughly checked before being brought up for the readers’ discussion. Just deepen your knowledge before to get into writing up to the hilt.
  6. Visit a place you are going to describe. No, of course, we don’t make you spend all your savings, buy a ticket somewhere to Peru, and go on a tour. If you write about any real place and it is not difficult to get here, visit it. Otherwise, just use Google to supply you with all the needed images and info.
  7. Keep on writing. Your crazy desire to become a writer may get you started, though it is possible to get to the end only due to the discipline. Even if you start not perfectly and the words seem to be not appropriate, never stop writing. Write like mad even when it seems that you lack the words and ideas. The next rule may change all your view of composing: at the end of each writing session, write down a couple of sentences about what happens next. When you open your doc. file the next time, you will already know what to start your next thought with.
  8. Avoid editing. Pay no attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation while you are writing. You will have enough time to deal with these problems afterwards and turn your a bit confused story into a perfect shape. Editing stage is yet to come.
  9. Choose the best time. Try to understand when you have the greatest passion for writing by your own trial and error. The specialists say that it is not a good idea to write at night because the temptation to fill your stomach with food to not fall asleep will be among your greatest temptations.
  10. Use every spare minute. For most of people it is really hard to find enough time to dedicate to writing. Abstracting from the world around you is not the best idea when you are a young mom or a full-time worker. Just try to find opportunity to write. Do it during coffee-breaks at work, early in the morning when your family members sleep, or when your kids are at kindergarten.
  11. Revise each finished chapter. Is your first chapter ready? Arm yourself with the dictionaries and all the possible supplementary material to look through the text you have already created and try to detect the errors in it. Do the same manipulation after each chapter before to fall on the general polishing of your book that is still raw.
  12. Find a professional editor. One, who is experienced in book marketing, can easily highlight the weakest points of your manuscript and show you the ways of how to make them stronger. If you have several variants of sequence of events, it is a professional editor who may suggest the best one for you.
  13. Look for a publisher. When your prose is ready and all the contradictory moments are eliminated, it’s time to find the best publisher in the genre, which you dealt with. It is essential to define the budget you need to make your book see the world. If you are serious about making your manuscript printed, start with the famous publishing houses. If you are rejected here for whatever reason, don’t give in and go to smaller agencies. Be sure that your book will be published sooner or later. It is certain to happen.
  14. Announce yourself. You may no longer stay in the shadows. Your first book publishing is the perfect time to tell the literary world about you and make a try to find your own followers.  Just create your personal website and start keeping a blog that is dedicated to your work. Thus you will find a circle, among which you will be popular.
  15. Promote your book. Social nets are the best places to start your just-printed book’s promotion. Write the posts with annotations; share your book cover with the Internet users by choosing Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, and soon the news about your just baked novel will spread all over the Earth.

The world really needs more interesting stories and your next novel is needed too. Our online agency reminds you that you are superpowerful and there is nothing impossible for you. For the final, remember that no one is born a writer, you should become one. Go for it!