Choose Your Ideal Fictional World


Fiction movies have a great number of fans all over the world. Not only films are popular but also serial. Fictional worlds can be absolutely different: from magic and unusual school like it was in “Harry Potter” to dragons in “Game of Thrones”. Studying is easier now. Just pay someone to take online class: we know many things about fiction and real subjects in schools.

It is a well-known fact that people can join definite fan clubs dedicated to one or another film or serial. For example there are many fan clubs of “Game of Thrones”. Sometimes fans even gather wearing clothes as their favorite character did and trying to be as much similar with him as possible. So, everybody can choose his world of fantasy be it “The Chronicles of Narnia” or “Men in Black”. But what to do if you don’t know what world is better for you and which one to choose?

We have some tests for you so after them you will be able to answer this question. There are such places in our list as Twin Peaks, Gotham city and even Springfield. As you will determine your fictional world or city we will give some characteristics of it. Just don’t take this test too seriously and release all you imagination: sometimes it may help to be in a good mood. So, let’s go to the successful hiking tour into the world of fiction and fantasies.

Let’s try some tests

1. If you see a fight and will be probably involved, what will be your actions?

  • Go away to avoid all those troubles (follow point 2)
  • Effectively disappear in smoke or mist to make a good plan (follow point 3)
  • Go into the fight without hesitation (follow point 4)

2. So you are above all this, what was your purpose and what will be your next step?

  • I believe in law, law is above all. Now I’d like to drink some coffee. (follow point 5)
  • I just too tired from all these. I want to eat some delicious sinkers. (follow point 6)

3. After you have disappeared, what plan would you make?

  • I want to rob couple of banks and then destroy some cities with poison (go to the point number 7)
  • I want to fight with those rubbers and all bad people in the city, it needs hero! (follow point number 8)

4. What arms will you choose?

  • Modern weapon is great! What about blaster or sword of the Jedi like in Star Wars? (go to the point 9)
  • Ancient weapon is ideal for me. I like huge swords or different hatchets. (go to the point 10)

5. Okay you got some coffee, what will you do now?

  • I want to go and eat some sinkers. (go to point 6)
  • I know place where great pies are cooked, I go there right now! (follow point number 11)

6. What do you want to drink with delicious doughnuts?

  • Beer, give me a beer! Yes, even with doughnuts! (go to 12th point)
  • I like a cup of good coffee please. (follow point 11)

7. You are definitely crazy. You should be placed into Arkham. There you will have a lot of time to plan everything including your redemption.

Arkham – fictional asylum placed near Gotham city, where a lot of dangerous criminals were placed. There is also a thought that one of professors made his experiments on people there. As a result many monsters appeared.

8. You are a real hero and rescue for the whole Gotham city. You will probably be somebody like a Batman.

Gotham city is a fictional city full of crime. Darkness and mist covers it. Many criminals are walking through the streets. It’s only you who can resist them.

9. You won the fight it is great! But still feel like it is important to fight for something. What will be your further step?

  • Accept an offer for a job from farmer so you will cooperate with him and some robots. Sounds plain but it is a good ability to be free from everything. It’s possibility to settle down. (follow point 13)
  • Go to somebody whom you trust to find a shelter at least for some time. (go to 14th point)

10. After your won it is obligatory to have something to eat, isn’t it?

  • Yes I will have a feast with all my comrades. I want to drink as much wine as possible and eat as much roasted wild boars as I can. I want to relax. (follow point number 15)
  • I can eat with you but I won’t drink and it won’t be for a long time, because I have duties and this victory is not the last so we have to prepare for next battles. (go to 16th point)

11. Okay. Now we should ask you, what do you think about Tibet?

  • Why should I think about this at all? Ask somebody else.(follow point 16)
  • I want to help people there and change situation to better.(go to 17th)

12. Is it acceptable for you to marry your cousin?

  • What an insane, of course no! (go to point number 18)
  • Well, sometimes circumstances are very different… (point number 19 please)

13. Your ideal place for living is Mos Eisley. Mos Eisley is fictional city in film “Star Wars”. This city is shelter for different pirates, criminals and smugglers. It played a big role in the film. Feel free to watch it.

14. Don’t trust anybody because you will get into a Jabba’s Palace. Jabba is an outstanding criminal, smuggler and most of all he likes to kill people, torture them and make plans about destroying some planets. This character is also from “Star Wars”. He is the brightest example of corruption in the movie.

15. You like to live with full and bright life. You will definitely like Game of Thrones’ world and especially in the role of one of the kings or knights. Or you may be somebody like Tyrion Lannister who can be in the battle but at the same time avoid it, who can drink a lot of wine and alcohol but doesn’t lose his mind. Or another example is Jaime Lannister who can’t avoid any fight and a real master of sword fighting.

16. The Black Lodge is your ideal place. It exists in fictional world of serial “Twin Peaks”. There live such mysterious creatures as dwarfs and giants. The main hero found this place and it was one of the ways to solve the riddle of murder which the main hero tried to investigate.

17. Twin Peaks city. This city is fictional and can be very convenient for you. People there are very friendly and always ready to help. It can be seen in serial with the same name. Feel free to watch it.

18. Springfield is great for you. This is a city where “Simpsons” lived. So everybody has seen Simpsons and can imagine atmosphere of the city. We just want to add that it is a small city which has nuclear power station, some shops and the most important thing for citizens: brewery which makes beer called “Duff”. This city is like a big chaos and people there do what they want.

By the way there are about 50 cities in the USA with such name and they all are real. So although city in serial is fictional its name exists in the real world.

19. Shelbyville will be your native town. It was built near Springfield. There was a conflict because founders of Shelbyville wanted everybody to be allowed to merry their cousin. Springfield founders were against this, so that’s why new town appeared. In serial these two towns are in constant contest and citizens of one city don’t like those from another.

Hope now you know where you would live if went to the fictional world. Feel free to read more about our classes and service. We have a lot of other essays which may be interesting for you. Don’t be afraid and dream. Maybe it will be you who create new fictional world. We all have great imagination. Why not to try? Be happy and remember: you can always create your own world if you don’t like the real one, just don’t forget to distinguish real from fictional.