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How To Make Your Hiking Tour Successful


Many people like to go for a walk, others travel to different countries. Some people prefer to travel by plain or ship; others prefer to do it afoot. There are many cons and pros of both types of travels. Using transport as a way to get to some destination gives one feeling and travelling using afoot gives totally other feelings. In modern world people become more and more attached to all those modern gadgets like telephones, computers and also people can’t live without all facilities. Many people begin panic if light doesn’t work for example, because that means they can’t sit in front of their computers and search the Internet. Some people take classes online and you can also do it because we are great essay writing service and can help anybody with essay!

You are not of those people who are afraid of difficulties or need help? So that means you can be a good hiker. However, even if you can’t live without phone and Internet you still should try such activity as hiking tour. Some people who read this may be good hikers, so you can share your own experience and maybe fulfill this article from your point of view. We are going to talk about basic things you should know and take into consideration if you decided to go in a hiking-tour.

How to travel: as a lonely ranger or in a company?

Of course, every person can decide whether to go hiking tour alone or with friends. There are some pros and cons so let’s look at them.

What pros in hiking alone? First of all it is a possibility to choose appropriate walking pace: you will not have to overtake people constantly if they are in better shape or have more experience; you also will not have to move as slow as a snail because of some people who can’t move fast. Another big plus is that you always can stand in any place you like during any period of time. Nobody will tell that they are bored or don’t like the same scenery. So you are totally independent and can decide how fast to move, where to go, how to go and finally where to stay at night. It’s quite great, isn’t it?

However nothing has only pros and in our case we should also look at some cons of hiking alone. First and the biggest minus of hiking alone is danger. Yes, exactly danger, because hiking-tour is unpredictable thing and very often something goes not as it was planned, even if you have planned it in details. During lonely travelling nobody knows where you are and what you are doing at definite time. That means if you mix up in something nobody won’t help. It sounds cruel and sad but it is life. So sometimes it is very important to have a constant friend near you, especially in hiking-tour. So it’s the only, but very significant minus of hiking alone.

However, it worth to travel alone: just look for a movie called “Into The Wild” in the list of best movies. The film shows all beauty of famous hiking traveler Christopher McCandless also known as Alexander Supertramp.

What about hiking tours in companies? It’s not worse than travelling alone and has some pros. Firstly, you will never be in danger, because someone will always be near and will be ready to help. Another good thing is that you will get to know people better as nature influence them and shows their real characters. Another good thing is that in company it is possible to distinct some obligations for every person, like someone cooks food, another person will be responsible for maps and route. Finally, you will never feel lonely in a good company of hikers.

However there are some cons of travelling in company. First of all, all people have their own wishes and opinions. That means if you like to camp out for a night somebody other won’t like this idea. You will have to vote to approve some controversial questions. Another minus is that everybody has his own speed and it means that somebody will also be too slow while somebody will run towards the goal as a sprinter. Maybe that are all cons, however it’s possible to find more because every person can see his own cons in each thing.

Everybody can decide how to travel - in company or alone but if you decided to travel in company, listen to advice of experienced hiker: the better company for hiking is not more than five people who know each other or at least have something in common.

What things to take and what forget about?

Quite painful question, especially for person who goes in his first hiking tour. It’s very hard sometimes to decide what you should take in you hiking tour and what you shouldn’t. We may say of course, that you should take important things only, but for everybody these important things will be different. One will take his favorite teddy bear because he can’t live without it. Another will take all gadgets he has. So, let’s decide what to take and what not to take. You can read how famous Alexander Supertramp travelled and while watching the film notice  that he has not many things with him. So let’s make up two lists: should take, and better not to take. So, we start:

Things, you should take in hiking tour.

1. Rucksack

It is the main and the most important thing for every hiker. More important things are, maybe, only a good compass and map. So, what you should know about rucksack or backpack? Firstly it should be of good size. That doesn’t mean that you should buy the biggest one you will find. About 80 liters will be enough. Choose your backpack carefully! It should be convenient. Remember: you will care it for days on your shoulders and go with it for miles and miles.

2. Cooking utensil

If you imagine now pan, saucepan, kettle, metal forks and spoons, and your favorite knife sat, we have sad news for you: you shouldn’t take all that with you. The only thing you need is special pot which will be made for cooking food on fire and will be light. Also you will need cup (plastic or made of light metal) and finally fork and spoon, however some hikers feel okay only with spoon. That’s all you need from cooking utensil. Of course, don’t forget about good, sharp knife or now you can easily find set of some knifes scissors and other useful things.

3. Clothes

It’s quite funny but some people try to pack all clothes they have at home. You shouldn’t do it. Nowadays there are a lot of great clothes for travelers. It is recommended to have some hoodies or something like them. If you go to places, where weather is cold, you should think about it and think about appropriate clothes. But don’t take too much. It’s better to have water-proof clothes which are also good at keeping warm air. Don’t forget about good sneakers, because it is very important and nobody wants to rub feet in the first day of tour.

4. Food

It’s very important to take food which can be kept for long period of time as different cereals and some tinned goods. And don’t forget about water!

5. Some other useful things

Some things which are also useful:

  • Maps and compass. If you want to go to a tour into forests and wild territories you should better have this useful equipment, because it will point you the right way. If you are not very good at orientation or using compass better learn it before the trip.
  • Rope. Can be very useful for different needs: from drying clothes on it to use it for fastening great amount of wood you have found to make a fire.
  • Axe. This thing is also important and will help to gather and make some wood, to hone something made of wood and finally, it’s possible to use downside of axe as a hammer
  • Tent is very important if you are going to sleep in the forest or under the open air. Choose tent wisely: search for list of better tents and choose one you like the most. Remember that good tent should consist of two plies: the cloth with the frame and the cloth which is stuck to the frame. This construction will provide cozy and warm atmosphere inside of the tent and rain will not be dangerous.

We won’t talk about such obvious things as lighter, sleeping bag or flashlight: these things must be always put firstly.

Now let’s think about another list, which can be different for different people, but we will figure out the main problematic things.

Things you better not to take

  • Mobile phone. It’s very doubtful question of course.  You may take phone with you, but phone that you don’t afraid to break or loose. Don’t take smartphone because it is useless and there is high possibility that you will break the screen. Also remember that battery charge is not eternal and you will be hardy able to charge the phone in the forest.

Maybe this is the only thing that you might think of. What about other things, you may take anything you want but remember that you will care all those things on your shoulders for days. If every thing is light separately, together they will be heavier than you may think.

Did you like our advices? You can go and read about our site: we promise that you will find some other useful essays on different themes. Now, think about where to go and how to spend your first hiking tour. Be wise and careful and have a good luck. Hope our advices were helpful for those who are going in for hiking tour at the first time. And the last advice: hiking tour gives opportunity to be far from all that noisy people and world full of technologies- so enjoy it and don’t feel lonely, because you always have something to think about.