Common Ways How To Identify A Lie


Ways How To Identify A LieEvery human being can’t live without communication. It is important part of every person’s life. Unfortunately today, many people have forgotten how to speak with each other because of appearance of many technologies. Do you know how old is Internet? Maybe you don’t, however it replaced real life for many people, so they changed real world of communication into virtual one. Maybe it’s bad or maybe it’s just a feature of our time.

However it’s important to know how to behave while talking with somebody. Moreover, behavior of interlocutor may show something about him. Of course everybody wants to hear truth. But sometimes people lie and there are different reasons: some want to seem better than they are others just afraid to offend somebody with their words. Admit that words like “your dress is ugly” is not something that gives good mood for the whole day. However insincere compliments and lie can offend even more than bitter truth. Do you want to know more? Visit online classes and be as smart as teacher in any subject you want because our online help is available to everybody.

It is important to distinguish lie from truth. It is possible to do if you know body signs and body language, can notice and analyze them. Today we are going to talk about ways to identify lie and every person can do it. So read these advices and maybe they will help you to avoid lie and be happier.

So we found some advices from different experts and ready to share them with you.

How to distinguish a liar?

1. Voice

Person’s voice can show mood and many other things including lie. As usual when person tell something that is not true his voice changes and he can’t control it. However, to see this change you should know the normal temp and highness of person’s voice. That’s why psychologists offer discussion with simple questions which answers you will know. Like date of birth and names of family members. Remember the voice of your interlocutor during answering these questions. Then talk about anything you want and be able to discover if he lies.

This method is good however doesn’t always work. If person worried because of situation (for example he is a candidate to vacancy which is very important for him) he may not control his voice and that’s why it will change often.

2. Usage of personal pronoun

People like themselves very much. That’s why in every conversation almost everybody saysI go there” or “I like pets”. When person uses this pronoun he is honest. But if he doesn’t, that should be alarmingly. Because if person doesn’t use this pronoun he wants to keep distance from what he saying and that means try to lie. Of course it doesn’t give 100% of guarantee but be attentive.

3. Nobody knows everything

Sometimes during conversation we see people stop to think. As usual it seems to us that person think about how to lie, however it’s not so. Remember, as usual every person think before answering. For example if you ask your friend about his plans for tomorrow or about his last weekends he will think a little at first. It’s totally okay. It is because nobody can remember everything in details. On the other hand, if person begin to answer immediately and even doesn’t allow you to finish question it is stranger.

4. Talking too much: does it mean that person is just outgoing?

Of course there is a definite type of people who like to talk about anything they see. However even these person can talk more than usual and it will be seen. As usual interlocutor tells the same thing but in different words, repeat sentences but paraphrase them. There are two possible reasons: one is lie and another is that they are worry to seem boring and dull.

5. Hands can hide things but not emotions

Of course hands are good indicator of person’s falsehood. So if person can’t calm his hands and fingers: for example knock fingers on the table, curls hair with them or crumples T-shirt or another thing in his hands; it means he is in worry. Result is lie that he tells.

The same is true for different actions which look strange. For example person begins to do some things with hands like rub something or chafe eyes.

6. Honest person doesn’t need evidence of his truth

For some people it’s like a habit: they ready to mention God or their mother or father when they want to be persuasive. So they are ready to curse anybody. Of course sometimes it’s just emotions however, if person uses this swears too often and has never done such things in his previous conversations it is a real cause to think he lies.

7. Look at face: there are all emotions

Person has huge amount of muscles on the face. So if you know what their movements mean it will be easier to detect lie.

  • Eyebrows can show person’s untruth. If they are raised up and forehead covered with wrinkles they show lie in this way.
  • Nose can also tell something. If person tries to cover it by hand or simply touch it too much it is because of worry and lie. Also person may try to cover mouth with his hand or lips may be contracted.
  • Eyes are mirror of the soul. There are some movements that will extradite lie. First is when person blinks too fast and too much. Second is when he depresses eyes or looks away. Third – is when person covers his eyes by hand or simply closes them. Eye contact is also very important in conversations although doesn’t always show if person is honest. However it is useful to develop eye contact skills.

8. Use of words

If you are talking to person and then pose a question and he asks you to repeat it there are some variants: he really hasn’t heard it or he wants to win some time because he is going to lie.

There is also a methodic of using words of question in the answer or use words of interlocutor in general. It is credible and pleasant, but be careful with it.

Person also can simply change theme of question or answer in unclear way. That is also a bad sign.

9. Body language

We have looked at some movements above and here are some others.

  • Sweating

As usual when person lies adrenalin is released in his body. That’s why he becomes as sweat as after running a race or hard training. However with some people it happens just because of features of their organism or character.

  • Agreement with everything

If person nods his head too often and fast even if he disagrees with you it means that in most cases he just doesn’t listen or wants to lull your attention in order to lie then.

  • People like to copy others

During conversation people often copy interlocutor’s movements and pose. If person doesn’t do it he may lie to you. Especially, if his hands are clasped lying on the breast. It means that he doesn’t want to speak at all.

If you will try get closer to person honest one will copy your movement while liar will keep distance. However it is also doubtful statement because some people appreciate their personal space more than everything on Earth and that means not allow anybody to get close to them.

These are main things which can help you to expose liar and understand what type of person is in front of you. You may know more about our site: class mentor helps students with their subjects and always do it with effort and pleasant. Hope after this article you will know how to distinct honest person from liar and maybe will learn how to read different gestures and movements. However we recommend you not to dwell too much: these advices are only advices and don’t be paranoiac and enjoy communication!