Dreadful Consequences Of Every Black Friday



The crazy time a day after Thanksgiving, when the shopaholics simply lose their minds and sweep all the goods from the showcases into their baskets, spend all the money from their wallets to the last penny, and pull tons of unnecessary stuff home, is known as Black Friday. The time, when the bombastic discounts are proposed by retailers and it is possible to buy thousand and one item at a give-away price, stupefies millions of people, who forget about their human dignity and are ready to damage their good names for the sake of a cheap pair of shoes or a new TV.

Unbelievable quantity of goods, which have been absolutely not wanted before this, is sold and billions of dollars, which would never be spent, leak away from the buyers’ pockets and settle down to the enterprising dealers’ banking accounts.

Does this day is going in its normal mode or the overall twist in sobriety results in any awful consequences, of which it is too painful to remember the day after that? When the scales fall from the buyers’ eyes and an opportunity to have a sensible look at the ruins of moral norms is restored, we see that the shops’ doors are damaged and people are injured or even killed, we read the reports about riots and horrendous fights and shrug the shoulders in speechless bewilderment, ‘How did this happen?’

The Cheaper The Better?

Although there are very many people, who support the idea to conduct this buying frenzy and get satisfaction from elbowing their ways through the crowd to the cash desk, the opinion that it would be much better for the countries to stop encourage the shopaholics’ fever starts winning more and more votes.

Here are the top main reasons against Black Friday conducting. Do you have your own opinion about this? You may share it with us here.  

  1. Life and health danger. Everybody has at least one story about lethal outcome of Black Friday within his memory, which he was told. No, such horrendous stories are not just the attempts to frighten people and make them visit no shops after Thanksgiving Day at all. The cases, when the customers press each other or push the salesroom managers to the ground and trample them to death then are not rare. The uncontrolled desire to get the long-awaited item first forces people to do the injuries to others. Bruises, broken bones, cracked heads, and concussions have already become the habitual consequences of shopping, which surprise nobody today.
  2. Uncontrolled shopping rage. Even the calmest people, who impress with their intelligence and even laziness in their everyday life, may be turned into angry maniacs, whose rational minds are paralyzed after several hours spent in long lines. Just one incautious movement or offensive word may transform the salesroom into a boxing ring. Of course, nobody is guaranteed against such episodes in any different time, though the injury risks are getting higher on holidays. The most terrible arguments may lead even to death of one of the opponents. How horrid!
  3. Spoiled holidays. None of the shopping centers’ employers is happy to dedicate the holiday time to his job instead of his relatives and home comfort. On the eve of Black Friday the stores try to open their doors much earlier than usually. Some of them are ready to let the customers in even at midnight. While all the other people celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the salesroom managers and other employers are on guard. A lot of people are against such an early opening time and send petitions to the employers, though their arguments are rejected by the retailers.
  4. Mediocre quality goods. The assortment of goods is really bombastic on Black Friday, though if you want to see any famous and expensive brands in the stores, you will be disillusioned greatly. Usually the retailers propose the customers the brands, which are of no crazy demand any other time of the year. Yeah, the prices are low, though the quality of the goods is not higher. Do you want to spend several long hours in line, get bruises, and a portion of excitement? Poorly made item of appliances seems to be not the best award for endangering your own life, doesn’t it?
  5. Terrible overspending. An opportunity to save a little of money make people act impulsively and overspend in fact. For those, who want to stay rational and not to buy any unnecessary goods, it is important to be organized and have a clear plan which items to buy and which ones not to take at all. Unfortunately, not all the buyers have such a practical approach. Those, who roam over the stores and whose eyes are getting wider and wider with each new step, risk spending all the money that they have up to the last penny.
  6. Another bargain day. Is Black Friday the only day, when it is possible to purchase the goods on relatively favorable terms? It is not exactly so. Deep discounts are not rare in fact. Christmas holidays are one more opportunity to buy any product you need cheaply.
  7. Cyber Monday as the best alternative to Black Friday. For those, who are tired from spending the night before Black Friday right outside the shopping centers, waiting for their turn in long lines, being troubled over having an opportunity to outrun the competitor in pursuit of the last TV or mobile phone,  it has already been invented a new way of how to satisfy the consumptive needs. This alternative proposition is safer, easier, and has no risks at all. Cyber Monday that follows Thanksgiving opens great opportunities in front of the buyers and let them make their discount purchases right from their homes. No stress, no pressing, and no senseless time-wasting.

Onlineclassmantor.com is not able to say categorically whether Black Friday should be wiped from national memory or this great bargain-sale may exist in spite of its numerous terrible consequences. We just want you to stay rational and don’t forget about your humanity when you dare to go shopping after the next Thanksgiving. Be safe and remember that your life is much more valuable than any new Smartphone or a pair of new jeans.