Essential Difference Between Geeks And Nerds


In our world there are so many similar things. When new objects appear people name it using definite word. However sometimes word just change its meaning completely and begin to reflect new meaning. The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference between two words and thing they mean, especially nowadays when many new phenomena appear. If you have any difficulties with this topic or another one you can just go to our site and write us something like take my online class for me and we will help you to understand different topics as well as we can help you with writing you essay.

Words Geek and Nerd are not an exception: many people don’t understand and don’t know what these words mean at all. Others people can’t understand the difference between these words and it’s really hard to do and its quite doubtful question because here are no strict rules how Nerds look like and how Nerds look like. There are only some things that can help you to distinguish these two types of people which have not only differences but similarities. Let’s look at these two words from different points of view and maybe in the end of the article you will be able to say who you are: Geek or Nerd.

General description

Let’s take a look of features of these two types of people. Let’s look at Geeks first. They are described as people who don’t follow some mainstream movements or fashion. Earlier people who were fans of computer technologies were called Geeks too but nowadays this meaning is wider and we can say that person is a Geek if he or she is fan of anything and maybe even something popular in a modern world. What about Nerd? Nerds are almost the same as Geeks however Nerd is person who not just fan of something but he is very developed intellectually in this sphere and as usual he has lack of social skills. These people usually have problems with reality and world of imagination and as usual they are fully involved in some fantasy worlds. So, on this stage it can be said that one of the differences between Geeks and Nerds is that the latter as usual shy and have problems with other people in the way of communication while Geeks mainly can communicate with others without any problems.

Another opinion is that Geeks are people who like different computer games and spend all their time playing them while Nerd are fully dedicated to studying and science. However the description of these two groups is very doubtful. So we will look some features in details in order to find differences between these people.

Maybe we will get a hint in history?

Sometimes history can help us to distinguish definite notions. So let’s look at origin of these two words. Did they exist before and what they meant at that times?

The world “Geek” had some meanings many years ago. One them is fool or fop. Another meaning which is quite different is a person who was like a clown at the carnivals or clown at the circus.

What about Nerd? This word firstly mentioned as a mystic creature in the zoo in the book called “If I Ran the Zoo”. Maybe one day you will also decide to write a book about Nerds? So some useful tips of book writing will be appropriate for you. At another point of interpretation the word had meaning of person who had social ineptitude. Etymological dictionary tells us that word Nerd was used in student slang, and probably was an alteration of 1940s slang nert which meant stupid or crazy person.

So we can make a conclusion that historically these two words have nothing in common.

What about social abilities and job?

As it was mentioned at the beginning, Geeks usually have normal social abilities, they communicate with people without any problems especially if the topic is connected to something they are fans of. Nerds are more introverted and they usually have problems in communication with others.

If Geek will explain you how the phone program or computer works Nerd won’t do it even if he is really great at computers or programming. There is also an opinion that Geeks can find their love among usual people while Nerds can be only with Nerds.

Moreover, Geeks usually like to emphasize their mental supremacy and they always like to talk about some popular things. For example Geek may say: “I like the last I phone and I decided to try it”. Nerd on the other hand will talk about science and usual people may not understand them at all. He will definitely speak about his profession if he is a programmer he will say a lot of words which only programmers will understand like: “Yesterday a had a bug in my script so I compiled my code many times”.

What about job? Geeks and Nerds as usual have different views on job, different goals and ideals. Geeks will search a job with completely practical orientation, they want to use their hypothesis and thought through the practical way. Geeks want a job that will be fan for them.

Nerds will search a job where academic knowledges needed and job where you don’t communicate with big amount of people. They are usually interested in Science, Physics, Technology and Engineering.

So for example Geeks will work as programmers they will be an internet developers or graphic designers while Nerds will prefer to create different programs. Geeks can be game developers or work as a barmen or just run the restaurant. Nerd will never do such things but they will be interested in working as engineers or professors and maybe even become scientists or inventors.

What about appearance and style?

Maybe thoughts about style are stereotypical, but let’s look at all these themes: it has a lot of stereotypes and we can say even that words Geek and Nerd are based on many stereotypes.

Geeks will prefer to wear bright clothes and some attributes that show their hobbies and occupation. Like, if Geek is a fan of definite computer game, you will find a t-shirt with the image of the hero of this game.

Nerds as usual stick to a classic style: they wear pants, shirts and jackets. However, not everybody who wears suit is a Nerd but every Nerd wears a suit.

Hope that by the end of the article you have got to know something interesting about these people. If you are interested in such essays feel free to come to our site full of other helpful and interesting stories. Of course difference between these two types of people is blurred and it should be mentioned that both these words are mostly used in informal speech and in slang.

However there are some differences that can be distinguished from all written above, so here are just some things for you to conclude all that information:

  1. Geeks are more sociable than Nerds.

  2. Geeks prefer informal clothes and their clothes will show you their interests while Nerds wear suits.

  3. Geeks are the type of people who like to brag while Nerds have no time to do it because they are always in libraries, read scientific books and try to invent something.

  4. You can think about Geek as about a person who always tell you that he is clever and he is good at everything while Nerd will not want to prove his intelligence at all.

  5. Geeks prefer fun in their occupations and work as designers or web developers or make some games as well as test them. Nerds prefer more scientific jobs like engineer or professor. Nerd will design a room for you while Nerd will calculate all things in that room and how they are built. Geek will design a site while Nerd will make a drawing of a nuclear engine.

  6. Most scientists can be called Nerds while people who work in IT technologies and always try some new gadgets can be called Geeks.

  7. Geeks like bright things like to create them or practice in doing it while Nerd will be more interested in things like machines and other things.

However, you should always remember that every Geek has something from Nerd as well as Nerd has something from Geek, so if you want to know who you are you should not only know differences between these guys but listen to your should and heart, because nobody know you better that you do and it’s only you can answer the question about who you are: bright Geek or sage Nerd?