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How To Understand Men And Women?


In our world we have many things that are similar are opposite. We have day and night, light and darkness black and white and what about human beings we have men and women. The problem that existed earlier and exists nowadays is in understanding men and women. We can often hear that woman complains that she doesn’t understand man and vice versa we can hear man saying to his friend that he doesn’t understand woman. Sometimes people can become mad and nervous because they can’t understand each other. In the way of men and women we should remember that they are very different in many things so you should remember this and respect this every time when you speak with person of opposite gender.

Sometimes people look at list of hardest languages before they start to learn one of them. They will not find there a language of women however sometimes it seems that they really have one. As well as men sometimes also have other language. It seems like they speak different languages and that’s why its hard for them to understand each other. But let’s look at some key problems which people forget usually and maybe after this, you will be successful in understanding men or women. There are a lot of jokes that men are very simple and they are very rectilinear while women are too complicated and it’s unreal to understand her. So let’s try at to try.

What about interests?

First difference we have is interests and hobbies. It is natural that men are usually associated with strength and bravery. Psychologists also tell that men like to compete more that women do.

So as a result it can be said that men like to go in for sport and it’s usually football or basketball. Nowadays it’s popular for men to go to the gym. Also men like to play computer games more than women and that is also because they really like to compete and to win, to be better than others.

What about woman? They want to be bright and beautiful and its as natural as men’s passion to be strong. That’s why women like all that things like shopping and different beauty salons.

So if you want to understand men remember one thing: sport or even computer games are important for him. So try to remember that and understand it.

If you are a man and you want to understand woman just remember: she go shopping because she wants to look good and bright because it’s extremely important for her. You are not obliged to go shopping with her but don’t at least argue with her because she go shopping to often. She wants to be beautiful and bright for you, so appreciate that. If you want to write an essay about other problems but not sure that you can do it consult online class mentor and get help there.

What about role in society?

In middle ages for men it was similar to live because he had clear goals. He should defend his family from predators and other dangerous things. He should feed them and that’s all. What about woman? She had some obligations too. She should look after children and cook food.

Nowadays obligations of men and women become much more complicated. Let’s look at men first. Nowadays a lot of women have job so they earn money like men do. That’s why they are not more the only getter in a family. What can really make man depressed is salary of his girlfriend or wife which is bigger than his own. That comes from first statement and can be explained by the fact that men like to compete.

What about other functions? Man still should defend his family and this will be important forever. However nowadays there are special organizations like police which defend people, so in this sphere man loose his role too. Some men may be depressed because they feel that they are not very important. So if you want your man to be happy don’t forget sometimes to praise him.

What about women? Nowadays all is quite more complicated with them that in middle ages. They have not only to look after children and cook but a lot of them also have job and we can say that they are very busy nowadays and big pressure is put on them. Let’s look at modern families: woman goes to job, like man but except that she cooks food, she looks after children and she always clean up the flat or house. So men, if you want your wife or girlfriend to be happy with you, help her with cleaning up the flat or you can do a massage for her or just help her if she asks.

What about goals in life?

Everybody wants to be happy. Psychologists discover what woman needs to be happy and what man needs for that.

So woman will be happy if she feels that she is loved and she has a child or children to take care of. So it’s not as hard to make woman happy and every good man can do it. With men situation is quite difficult. They need to be loved too of course, but also for them sense of their life is to find a good job and find their vocation. If man doesn’t earn enough money he won’t be happy.  Moreover he won’t be self-assured.

Other interesting things

Here is an article and you may read some information about men feelings and features of men’s character.

The common mistake that all people make is that women usually think that all men are similar or even all men are the same. Men however also often think in this way.  But it’s totally the wrong way. Remember that every human is equal and women can be very different as well as men. If you was unfortunate to meet woman with bad character don’t say that all women have bad character. And if you meet a man that is a philanderer don’t say that all men are philanderers.

Psychologically it so happened that women are very emotional and don’t afraid to show their feelings. So their perception of world is come through feelings more than brain. Men analyze and don’t let feelings dominate over the brain. You should remember this when you think that your boyfriend or husband is too cold or unemotional. Remember that for men it’s harder to show their emotions. Also you should remember that women are very successful in reading emotions of other people. However men have some difficulties in that. So if your man doesn’t understand your hints or emotions don’t be upset and don’t argue with him. Just tell directly what you want.

It’s not a secret that girls love by their ears. So, they like to hear compliments, and man can make every girl little happier, by telling her something good. Men are not interested in compliments as usual, and the only thing that is important for them are actions.

That’s why men don’t like to speak as much as girls do. That’s why a lot of men are great listener but he doesn’t talk back many words. As usual, in conversation woman will be interested in such details as appearance and emotions while men will concentrate on concrete things. For example imagine the situation: couple goes to the shop to buy a new cupboard. The woman will look at color and appearance of it and if it’s beautiful and she likes it she will buy it even if is not too convenient or large enough. Men, on the other hand, will look at this cupboard from the practical point of view. It is not important for man what color the cupboard is and is it beautiful or not, man will look at size of it, think about how to install it in the flat. So combining man’s prudence and woman’s sense of beauty couples can choose everything and be happy in all. So instead of criticize each other for natural things try to combine them and get a profit from them.

Now let’s look at the last thing which is often forgotten. All women can imagine the situation when she comes home and find her man doing something no matter if he tries to cook something or repair something. A lot of women don’t just say hello and finish on that. They begin to talk and ask questions and finally man starts to shout at woman and become very nervous. Why does that happen? It’s psychological feature of men. They can’t do some things simultaneously and if they concentrated on something and you will distract him, he will be really nervous and angry. Women don’t understand this and forget about this too often, because they can do like ten things simultaneously without any problems. They can cook something, take care of the child, play with pet and water the flowers. But for men it’s hard to do some things at one time, so remember that.

Hope this article was interesting and helpful for you. You may found other interesting articles on our site and you can get more information about our site more in order to get your own essay or get some help with your essay. You can also read other examples of essays which are very interesting and useful. Hope after reading this one, you will never argue with you boyfriend or girlfriend. Remember that men and women are different in all and patience is one of the most important keys to successful relationships.