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Image Of Typical American Of 2016


Every nation has some traditions. However, each nation has something unique. That is why stereotypes and typical images of nations are born: because somebody can’t understand something in foreigners’ culture. People should be tolerant and respect different cultures. Want to know more about different traditions and nations all over the world? Join online classes and we will show you interesting world of stereotypes and traditions which different nations have.

It often happens that definite country has some stereotypes which can be as funny as offensive. For example New Zealand people sometimes are called kiwis. But this is quite cute and not a stereotype: New Zealand is rich for these flightless birds, so sometimes people can be identified with birds. However, statement that many Americans have problems with weight is quite offensive isn’t it? So today we will look at some stereotypes and will try to consider if they are really true or not. We will also look at different popular trends in America during this year. So we start.

Stereotypes and why they were born?

Let’s look at first at the word stereotype itself. Stereotype is thoughts those are adapted to certain person or nation in their way of doing something or style of life. However, stereotypes do not always reflect reality. This is really important thing you should always remember. Ground for them can be misunderstanding or just jokes which somebody took too seriously. There are different ways of appearing stereotypes. Now, let’s look at some of them in connection with Americans.

1. Americans are not clever

This myth is offensive as well as it is untrue. Nobody knows where this myth came from. But some people think that Americans can’t count without using calculators and etc. However, this is not so. Talking about this, everybody should remember that all nations have talented people and ignorant ones.

Talking about the USA, we can say that this country provides one of the best educations in the world. Of course problems of modern education can be seen in America, but that doesn’t mean American people are ignorant and every country has some problems with education. So, maybe that was only envy which caused this stereotype. For some countries it may seem that Americans don’t know a lot of information.

However, system of education in the USA is built so that students learn everything critically. What does it mean? If in Ukraine, for example, students can learn huge texts by heart without thinking about topic and etc., American students will read through some pages and then ask questions and think about what they have read. If some educational systems give wide education, American one gives you ability to analyze and ask questions. That is a great ability.

2. Most American people have extra weight

This is another typical myth or maybe not myth? Let’s look at some statistics. In the end of 1970s problem of extra weight really existed. About 33% of population had problems with obesity. That was a real problem and these years were peak of this phenomenon.  By 2010 numbers have changed a little. In 33 states about 25% of Americans had problems with weight. This problem also very spread among children. Americans really has this problem and are among first countries in the list of countries which have problems with adiposity.

One may now say that this myth is right and it’s not a stereotype…but let’s look at it from another side. As we all know USA is a country which a lot of people migrate to. That means a lot of people who have problems mentioned above may not be Americans at all! Statistics show that Mexican emigrants, for example, have problems with extra weight too and even more brightly expressed. So if take aborigines of America, not immigrants, percentage may decrease. Moreover near these people there are a lot of those who eat organic food and go in for sport regularly.

Anyway, appearance of person is not so matter if this person is great. Feel free to look how average American woman looks. They just take it as it is and have no complexes. So problem of weight doesn’t make people good or bad.

3. American people have problems with clothes

Nowadays and during a long time there exists a myth that Americans have no sense of style and wear weird clothes. In a way it is really so. However, they wear very convenient clothes and shoes. Of course, they can be often seen in T-shirts and shorts especially during summer or vacation. However they can be also very elegant if they think case is appropriate.

As we have told about some stereotypes and about clothes, it’s high time we told about what was popular among Americans in 2016.

Popular trends for Americans in 2016

1. Clothes

Let’s talk about style in clothing among Americans in 2016. Maybe something has changed? No, nothing. For American girl from big city such clothes as: jeans, T-shirts and coat are still popular and are worn by most girls. Talking about shoes, they don’t wear anything with heels as usual and prefer trainers or boots. Most of girls like to wear clothes from different European brands. Sometimes shirts and skirt are also popular but not as much as previous variants.

Talking about men, some of them prefer suits, others just informal kind of clothes as shorts and T-shirts. Jeans, T-shirt and plaid shirt is quite popular style in the USA.

However there is a category of people which just buy some clothes in supermarkets and don’t care too much about style.

2. Music

All people like to listen to music. All have different tastes. What about Americans? The most popular artists for this year were John Legend with his composition “All of me”, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, One Republic and Paramore.

3. Movies

According to one of the charts most popular movies in 2016 are mostly comedies and drama films. Among them we can observe “Deadpool” which has quite cruel sense of humor however can be noticed as a good comedy. “Shovel Buddies” is a good drama film about fate of group of teenagers. Among horrors we can distinguish “The Conjuring 2” which will tell you about demons and ghosts.

So, as you can see, Americans are simple people, who are not as strange as sometimes described. If you liked this article you can read about our company: online class mentor helps students with their subjects and do it very fast and ably.

To sum up it can be said, that stereotypes can be strong however, don’t be too trustful. Sometimes myth is only myth and nothing more. Examples we gave in this article can prove this. As well as now you can have some thoughts about tastes of Americans in their clothes and music. Just don’t generalize things and think critically: that is the key for avoiding stereotypes.