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Why Modern Education Doesn’t Teach?


Our modern world gives so many opportunities to study, to get new knowledges, to grow up and to improve your mind and soul. But with the development of new technologies and increasing of number of modern educational approaches we still meet great amount of unhappy children and adult students. Why it happens so? Why some students think something like “Anybody please take my online course and all my classes at all because I need something very different.”? Of course this is very doubtful question but let’s try to think about it.

Let’s look at some problems from different points of view. The first problem and statement everybody can agree or disagree, sounds like “Children learn too many subjects”. From one point of view children should have broad mind and know some information from different aspects. But does it mean that they must learn all that subjects like chemistry, mathematics, biology etc.?

What children want is to get to know something new every day

As we all know child is very curious creature. He always wants to learn something new, he always asks questions. But what schools do with these creatures? They don’t allow child ask many questions, do they? And it so happens that instead of teach himself and learn a lot of information that is interesting for him, child sit in the class and learn something that Ministry of Education wants him to learn. Isn’t it ironic? It looks like they want to make people learn something that government need but not something that person wants to. Imagine the situation when child ask questions like “Why birds fly?” or “Why there is day and night?” and instead of answers he just hears “Don’t talk, or you will be punished”.  That is what our system of education really is. So we can make a conclusion that the main task of education and especially of primary education is to allow children learn what they want and ask their questions. Because children naturally want to know everything. Teacher should just help them in it, but not make them learn something. Do you agree with it? Do you have an essay for such theme as this or another doubtful theme? So read about good essay writing service and order an essay.

What about high school?

If in primary school children just want to know everything and ask many questions, children in high school as usual have at least approximate understanding of what they are really interested in. So the task of high school from one point of view is to give pupils all possibilities to learn a narrow scope of subjects they are interested in. Like if person really in studying languages why can’t he study them? But what do we see in our schools? Pupils in high schools learn “everything” and “little by little”. One may say that it’s great. Children have a wide outlook. They have, of course, but isn’t it better to develop your strong sides in priority? Because if pupil of high school really decides to become a programmer, for example, he will hardly ever need all that subjects like chemistry or biology? So isn’t it rationally to make some core subjects for this programmer guy? For example, he wants to make software. So what subjects does he need? Primarily it’s subjects that will teach him different languages of programming. Than will go mathematics and logic but on the basic level. Let’s left that higher mathematics for mathematicians, okay? Of course some obligatory subjects for everybody like history and native language should be in every timetable but it shouldn’t be so that your specialization is programming but you spend more time doing homework for literature than for programming. It’s ridiculous, really. Or, for example, if student wants to study some languages maybe he should decide what languages to learn but and has all possibilities to learn them?

Creativity: something that had been lost in education

Another opinion, that is quite common, that schools kill creativity. Of course opinions are different but why schools can kill creativity? One of the reasons is because children are punished and bad marks for them are something that really makes them sad. You see this? From the beginning it is so happened that child receive bad mark and what he does? He just afraid of punishment, he doesn’t want to go home and teacher may also tell something like “that pupil did the task greatly but you didn’t. Why you couldn’t do it well?” So, what is the solution of this problem? Of course, there may be different opinions; however, one good thought is that child should learn how to analyze his own mistakes. When child receives bad mark he should concentrate on mistakes but not on the mark. He should look at his work and try to understand why in one place he was wrong, what possible variants can be right and then teacher should help him to correct that mistake. Child should understand that mistakes are not something scaring and it’s not a disaster and fail of all his life. So don’t punish your child for a bad mark. Try to analyze with him what was wrong and correct it. As one professor said mistake is something that children are afraid of and something which is the biggest problem for them. But the variant above shows, that it’s more than possible to deal with mistakes and marks.

As it was mentioned above, children like to learn something new and they sometimes don’t even realize it. This process is as natural for them as playing or talking. By the way children like only one thing more than learning something new: they like to play. So why not to combine it? Unfortunately many of modern schools want the pupils to behave like adults, be calm and do everything in a right way. Of course they are failed in it, because children are children and they can’t be as adults. As a result children are usually punished for natural behavior. But isn’t it better to teach them in the form of play? It will be more effectively and they will like it and bad behavior won’t be a problem.

What about education in universities?

A lot of pressure is put on students who want to enter the university. Some want to study in the best universities of the world, other just to enter at university no matter what will it be. However some problems of the universities that can be mentioned are like: a lot of theory and not enough practice, they don’t prepare students to future life and sometimes they don’t give to student anything.

Why it so happens? Maybe because students again are forced to visit definite classes and ae not really free to choose? Maybe that is because dull lectures for hours are not really good method of getting new information?

And the last thing that is really sad is that a lot of students after finishing universities work in definitely another sphere. But why? Some people say that these students just chose a wrong faculty. But did they have enough time, did they spend hours at the subjects they liked or maybe they couldn’t do it because they ahd other subjects that were more important. Not more important for them but for their parents or teachers? It means, students didn’t have time just to get acquainted with the profession they want to choose and as a result they just get really disappointed then, because they had another expectations. Or what if classes, teachers and pressure were so high that made students to think that they were wrong?

This theme is very doubtful and will be doubtful forever. It’s more than possible that many years ago there existed similar problems in education. However education should changes and professors and ministries of education should search a real ways to success, not only to pretend to do it. Because if they will pretend not to notice the problems, we will have a lot of students who don’t know what they want, who don’t have any good ideas and who can’t create something new but only can obey and be quite and obedient but without their own opinion.