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Is It Possible To Learn Programming All By Yourself?


In our modern world technologies have leading positions, and people who work as programmers or Internet Developers or as designers in the IT sphere, are successful. Nowadays for many common people being a programmer means to be rich and happy. That’s why we can see huge demand of common people for different sources that can teach them how to code. Some people try to learn programming by themselves; others find different courses and attend them. Really. There are a lot of possibilities and resources. You can learn programming using your Internet and find different free courses there, watch different movies on YouTube and try to do something by yourself. Another way is to find some good programming courses which are not free so that will motivate you to finish them.

Tendency of learning different languages of programming is widely observed and it seems like every teenager at least once tried himself in this sphere. However many people don’t finish courses even if they are not free and we should accept that good programmers are still rarity. So how to learn Programming without any tutors and even without paying money? Is it possible at all? Let’s try to find it out. By the way, if you have to write essay on this theme or about other themes feel free to join online classes, find essays you like or order your own. Now let’s look at programming and how to learn it.

There are many sources where you may find how to learn programming by yourself or how to learn it for eight weeks. So let’s look some general steps.

How start and what to learn?

Internet has a great amount of information but sometimes that’s too much and people, who start programming, just become afraid of amount of information, close their browser and decide to play a game because programming is not their cup of tea as they think. But there is a thing you should remember. If you decided to become a programmer, you should have an ability to find a lot of information by yourself. Because programmers very often have some errors and problems and nobody can help them. They are eye to eye with their problem and they should search ways to solve it by their own. Like this article? Don’t be shy, read about our project: we have some other examples of interesting essays and other opportunities for you.

There are some general advices though, so feel free to read them and maybe that will help you.

  1. Why do you want to learn it?

That’s quite good question however simple it may be. Some people start programming just because they once heard that programmers have very big salaries. It is true in some way however at the first stages you won’t have big salary and you will have to work really hard. So just realize your goal and don’t dream too much.

  1. What language of programming to choose?

It’s another interesting question that many people ask themselves. Of course there are a lot of different opinions and for every person some languages will be the best while for another person those languages will be totally different. Firstly you should try something like a classical language for example C++. But to decide what language to learn you should decide what do you want to do in programming at all. For example if you want to create web sites and design them, you will need one set of languages, if you want to make programs for PC you will need another set of languages and finally if you want to make applications for Android or Apple production – it’s another set of languages. And by languages here we mean languages of programming, of course. However as with usual languages in programming you may also find something like top languages to learn. However you should remember that all those opinions are quite subjective.

  1. Can I learn programming for free?

Yes of course you can do it. There are many different courses in the Internet like code academy and others; also you can find different information, books and some video lessons. All they are free. However as you will learn more difficult things and move further and further be ready that you will have to pay for some courses for advanced learners. However at the beginning you will find more than enough free information to learn programming. Just only important advice connected with the information: take some different sources, and never learn everything from one source. You can take one of course, as a base but use other sources too.

  1. I try something very easy but already have errors and difficulties. What is wrong with me?

So the great day becomes. After watching a video you wrote your own simple code which just prints out something on the screen, for example. You try it and it doesn’t work. And what do the most people do? They begin panic and become upset. They think something like “If I can’t do this very easy task, how can I do something more difficult. How can I move further?” For such occasions you should always remember one thing: you are not the only person in programming who did something wrong. As many programmers confess programming is not that kind of thing where you may find all answers for your questions in a library or in a dictionary, for example. Remember that you should be calm and you should analyze your first program and all next programs. Don’t be upset: as one programmer once said this is a sphere where workers always feel incompetent. But of course it’s not so. It’s quite usual thing in programming when you see an error somewhere where it must not be at all!

Some life hacks which may help you

Programming is quite hard but also very interesting. It will develop your logic and brain and you should try it. You may start to learn some languages but have no visible result. So maybe some interesting thing will help you.

  1. Learn while playing

There are some games which will help you to learn something in programming. One of the famous is called Scratch. Of course such games won’t teach you how to code but they will help you to understand better how it works and how to make right and appropriate logical chains.

  1. You are tired and think that programming is not for you? Get a dose of motivation!

Sometimes you may think that all this is not a right choice and be very disappointed. But all you need is just have a little rest and receive a piece of motivation. You may find some stories of real people who achieved their goals and became programmers despite all difficulties. Remember that even if you have a job and learn programming in your free time it’s all possible. If you are a teenager it’s even better, because you can sacrifice your free time and spend it with real pleasure and benefit learning some languages of programming.

  1. Some people can teach you for free and help you

Some people write even a little program and explain there what to learn and how to learn. For example on one site person describes how he learnt programming for eight weeks. Of course that will gave you just basic knowledges but if you have a good base you will move on and then become good programmer.

  1. All you need is love practice

What is really great in programming is that you should know a minimum set of information to try yourself in some languages. This is not a sphere where you will learn dull theory for months and then try yourself in practice. In programming you mostly have practice and through it you learn new theory. So try not to concentrate on theory too much because practice is more important in programming. Try to write simple program and if you find out that you don’t know how to do one or another step, search information about it. That’s how it works.

So, to sum up, it’s quite possible to learn programming by yourself. However you should be patient and be able to concentrate on it. One of the reason why a lot of people abandon programming is that they just loose interest or don’t have time. So if you want to become good you should really love it and put a real goal in front of you for a month and try to achieve it. Just remember: programming is hard but interesting. Don’t be a dreamer about it instead of that just learn as much as you can, try to devote to programming as much time as you can, finally you can learn it with friends and then create your own projects together. It’s fun and you may feel more confidently because there is always you friend who can help you. So, don’t be afraid and just try! It’s not as scaring as it seems and it’s really interesting.