Language Of Twins Myth Or Reality?


Scientists have been always interested in how languages had been created and how people named different objects of the world. Everybody thought about this at least once in his life. It’s really a great scope of questions even for scientists. These questions are like: how people created different languages many years ago, what principles they used to choose a word for one or another object, finally how they negotiated that this word is for one object and that word is for another? Just imagine that: hundreds of old people gathered round the fire and decided that this thing is called so and that is called in another way. Nobody knows what definitely happened at those times. However there is a hypothesis that all languages came from one proto language and it could be so.

In our modern world we have many languages which are flexible and are in constant development. It’s not a secret that nowadays exist many lists like top easiest languages or vice versa language that are extremely difficult and even native speakers don’t know them good enough. Languages also can be classified by amount of speakers. Some of languages have millions of speakers some just a few people. But maybe everybody during his life dreamt about having his own language to speak with best friend or girlfriend or boyfriend. Something like a language for only two people. Imagine how great it could be: to speak to each other and be sure that nobody else understand you. Somebody will tell that it’s impossible and humanity has spent million years to create languages. But let’s check the existence of such languages.

We all know that twins very often have something in common instead of their appearance. They feel each other maybe they can even understand each other without helping of words. The world of twins is very mystic and interesting. So, is it possible for twins to create their own language and why it’s the twins who do that? Many young people crate some key words which only they can understand. But that are only few words. Twins usually spend a lot of time together since their early childhood. Moreover during their growth twins are really similar in their mental and language skills and activities. So it’s more than possible for them to create their own language. It’s even not an unusual thing and more than that, it has a special term “cryptophasia”. This phenomenon describes a language created by twins and spoken by them in their childhood. So since the childhood twins invent their own language.

Another question is “how does cryptophasia influence the development of language skills of twins and what about their mother tongue?” It’s something like twins are bilingual from the moment they start to speak, but one of the languages is their native while another is just language of two of them. Sometimes it can be very sad as it was withGrace and Virginia Kennedy for example. The accident with these twins received a worldwide fame. Only imagine that these twins couldn’t speak English by the age of six! Finally when parents decided to show their children to a doctor it turned out that twins spoke their own language which neither parents nor anybody other could understand. Many scientists were interested by that occasion. They began to learn thoroughly all possible reasons what that accident. Finally they could explain that. Firstly Grace and Virginia didn’t receive any education at all. Secondly, they had a constant lack of their native tongue, because their parents didn’t speak to them at all. That was only their grandmother who sometimes spoke to them and not even in the language that was native. Later when specialists tried to teach twins to speak English they saw that in their “twin language” Grace and Virginia used some English and some German words but which were very changed. However, in the most cases children get enough education and their families and relatives talk to them in their native tongue. That’s why native language gradually supplants the language of twins.

You can read more about languages or any other themes just have an online class on our site. We can write any essay you want! There is also a fact that twins usually create their language during first three years of their life, so twin language always developed earlier that the mother tongue. Although twins usually don’t such big problems as Grace and Virginia, they usually have some difficulties when they began to learn the mother tongue and forced to speak it. Sometimes their language abilities are not developed as well as that of their coevals.

But next twins Matthew and Michael definitely don’t have any problems with languages: they know about ten languages and moreover they didn’t forget their own language: language they had created since the childhood. So these twins turned their own language into something like a hobby.  However it’s a quite serious hobby for them. They made a dictionary for their own language; they created something like a grammar for it. They even gave name to it: they called it “Umeri”. This is a good example of how developed and flexible the language of two people can be. There is also one sad thing in it. As only two people know this language and they create new words for this language sooner or later it will disappear with its creators. Because even if some people could understand the language of twins they won’t be able to create a new words for new things and therefore language will die. However something encouraging in this situation is that brothers work on dictionary and language in general and that means one day everybody will be able to read about this language. This language will become a part of history and, without any doubts, it worth to be a part of history.

So it can be said that cryptophasia is a very interesting thing and one of the features twins have. But all in all they are finally forced to learn their mother tongue. It shows us, and Mathew and Michael also say it, that mother tongue is something everybody should know. Also we are free to decide what other languages to speak and what can we write about, so if you want to get an essay for your topic just visit our site, we will help you. Moreover people should always remember that their mother tongue is something glorious and native, no matter where you go your tongue always with you, it’s like a part of your homeland which you always can take with you. So be careful with your language and don’t forget to respect other languages and people who speak them, even if it’s a language of only two people.