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Stephen Hawking As Hero Of Our Time


Some people can easily abandon their hopeful and ambitious plans. Why? Just because of laziness or some little troubles and difficulties. Person starts something great and useful and in some days he will stop it just because it’s easier to convince yourself in your own mediocrity, than overcome hardship. Fortunately near with such kind of people we have other type: those who always want to know something and ready to overcome all problems. Need examples? Look
Paralympic games: it is the brightest example of human who struggle for their life and never give up.  But today we are going to talk about scientists.

How often did you find some excuses in order not to study? Like “I have a headache, I won’t go to the university”. Sometimes we are too worried about trifles like bad mark at school, bad haircut or something other. Every time you will worry about things like that, remember a person we will talk about little further. People nowadays are too afraid of asking for help and sometimes too lazy for studying something new and interesting. Start today! It is possible to take courses online and learn how to write a good essay or order essay using our site. We can write an essay for you to understand how good essay should look like. All walls on the way exist only in the mind; to be successful just put all barriers away. The story which is going further is a fascinating example of how person can do what he like despite the privation.

Life of person, which nothing can stop

Steven Hawking is a famous professor, physician and mathematician. He is very talented person and is famous for the theory about black holes. He graduated the University of Oxford and then got a degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge. What is interesting is that this outstanding man has quite unusual thoughts about school and he said that some teacher there were really boring. But lessons of one teacher, Dikran Tahta, were very interesting for Hawking. This teacher inspired Hawking to become a mathematician and physician. Now we can say without any doubts, that he made a right choice. Interested in this story and want to know more? Read some information about our service to know what we can offer you.

Hawking worked as a Lucasian Professor in the University of Cambridge. Many years before, Isaak Newton worked in that university at the same position. As Steven Hawking said, he didn’t learn a lot of math since school, and even didn’t get mathematical education, so he just read a book some pages further that students whom he taught. Of course that might be just a joke, but even if it wasn’t, it show how wise and smart Hawking was if he could learn something new fast and without any difficulties.

Everything seems great with this scientist, his life was great and bright but suddenly he was diagnosed a motor neuronal disease. Doctors told that we would live not more than two years. However he struggled for his life and he is alive now, so he showed how person can cheat the death. However little by little he had been losing capacity to move, finally he was made to move in a wheelchair and was able only to wiggle his thumb. Of course he could speak but had problems with moving.

It seemed like life decided to test Hawking and later he came through a hard form of pneumonia. He had already had difficulties because but after pneumonia, he lost ability to speak. It’s hard to imagine his despair at that time. However his friends who were scientists created a special screen and sensor. Using the thumb and with the help of a screen, stuck to his wheelchair, Steven Hawking could communicate with people.

Of course besides science, physician had love and that was very dramatic. You may find film about Hawking which is based on a true story and depicts life and love of scientist. Some movies won't leave you indifferent but film called “The Theory of Everything” will show you the most important part of Hawking’s life.

So this person didn’t give up and continued his research and job as a physician. He tough students worked on different researches and enjoy his life. Diseases couldn’t interfere with active life of physician too: he participated in different Scientific Conferences and moreover, he made a fly in a zero gravity in special plane, also he was going to travel into a space but it was canceled.

Now, when we got acquainted with tragic destiny of Hawking, let’s speak about some his theories and books.

Some essential Hawking’s thoughts

  1. About space and black holes

Scientist devoted his life studying black holes, their nature and features and other physical theories which he tried to apply to black holes. He studied different planets and asteroids as well. Hawking also expressed a thought that some planets as, for example, Gliese 832c can be habitable. However he said that humans should be very careful if possible contact with aliens happen. You may read more about how to react if aliens send a message to humans one day.

In 2016 he said that small back holes are source of enormous energy and at one of the Scientific Conferences he said that it’s not possible to find another world in the black hole because it destroys almost everything that falls into it.

Hawking is also one of the pioneers in such science as quantum cosmology, which studies formation of the universe and big Bang.

  1. About robots and different artificial intelligence

Physician is quite interested in the theme of an artificial intelligence and he said that it could be one of the best things as well as one of the worst things. Hawking had speech at the opening of Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI) at Cambridge University, where scientist worked as a professor. Steven said that it is a great step towards future and it is much more productive to learn intelligence of future than history. He also believes that one time robots will be very smart and people will have to control them and that’s why learning of the future intelligence is very important.

  1. “My Brief History”

This is a book where Stephen Hawking describes his own feelings and thought about life. It shows the life of scientist, his experiences as disease which was diagnosed at the age of 21and illustrated with the photographs of Steven. So it is a ppopular book full of interesting things and humor.

To sum up, we can say that Stephen Hawking is the brightest examples of how brain and intelligence can help to overcome any hardships.  This great person is said to be as talented as Einstein and Newton. Some people called him as Einstein of our century. This person didn’t give up and made a lot of scientific discoveries as well as created many interesting hypothesis. So when you won’t understand something and begin to think about giving up. Just remember Hawking who overcome all tests which life gave him.