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The Global Gender Gap Report: Important Facts


All people should be equal. That is the principal and undoubted right every human has. Unfortunately even in conscious modern society this right sometimes is not taken into consideration. Racial segregation problem is an example of inequality which still remains in our world. There are also another problem which. However many people don’t notice. It is a problem which everybody of us meets every day but it is so usual that we don’t even think about it. This is gender inequality.

Of course everything around us is changing rapidly and that always influence people. For example, more and more women go to work nowadays or drive a car. However some time ago it was quite strange to see woman driving a vehicle. So women becoming more and more equal with men. Or maybe not? A lot of experts and usual people often say that what is easy for man not as easy for woman. The main problem is connected with job. There is a statement that women get smaller salaries and it’s harder for them to find a good job. So, it’s time to prove or challenge this. We will talk about position of men and women and compare it. But before doing it you should look for more essays and visit our site. You can just write us “take my online class” and we will be happy to help you with essay.

Global Gender Gap Report: what is it?

Imagine that it is possible to express women’s inequality through numbers and comparison. So this is what Global Gender Gap Report stands for. World Economic Forum published it at first in 2006. One of indexes in this report is Gender Inequality Index. The bigger it the worse situation is. This index was presented in 2010.

How this index received? Three factors are taking into consideration such as reproductive health, empowerment and degree of economic activity. Index is looks like a decimal for example average index value in the world is 0.56. The best index is observed in Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The worst value is in Africa and South Asia.

But the main index is Gender Gap Index. This value is given in percent and as it is high it means women there have high position. The closer to 100% the most equal they are with men.

What facts Report is based on?

In general, there are four spheres that report observes:

1. Economy. This value shows access of women to high positions in job and salaries.

2. Education. It’s not a secret that earlier only reach people had access to education. Than only men. Now it is fixed in constitution of almost every country that both men and women have rights for education. However in some countries women still have less possibility to study. So this sphere observes access of women to education.

3. Policy. It shows how many women are in different government structures such as Parliament. We can still see that policy is mostly for men and all presidents almost everywhere are men.

4. Health. This value incudes some things such as amount of newborn women and men and level of maternal mortality.

Using data of all four spheres percent of equality is produced. It shows how country divided obligations and right between men and women. You may read more about Gender equality and different researches on this theme. Now we come to the facts and numbers. Let’s compare some data from Report of 2014 and 2016 to see if anything changed.

2014 Global gender Gap Report: situation seems to improve

In general it can be said, that such nations as Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are top four countries in the list. It means there men and women are the most equal in their position. Denmark took 5th place although early it was on the 8th one. We can see that Nicaragua took 6th place so situation there also improved. 7th place was taken by Rwanda (country in East Africa) and Ireland unfortunately lost its position and was on the 8th stage. The USA can be seen only on 20th stage however it raised 3 positions after more women got places in Government structures. The worse situation is in such countries as Brazil, Russia, China and India.

What did 2016 bring to women?

Position of the USA was a real shock this year. In 2014 it was on the 20th place, in 2015 fell to 28th and in 2016 placed only 45th. Maybe it’s not good result for such modern country which is the example for the whole world. One of experts noticed that USA as well as other countries has many talented women that are valuable and good personnel. But these countries don’t use them. It is noticed that situation changed in 2016 and not to the better side.

Looking at the top ten countries of 2016 we can point that Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden still remains at first four places. So these countries are good example of stability and attitude towards women. Rwanda, which was on the 7th stage in 2014, got a good result and raised up to the 5th in 2016. Ireland goes next and after it we may see Philippines, Slovenia, New Zealand and Nicaragua. As we see Denmark missed its position in top 10.

As expert says it’s difficult to close gap between men and women because of crisis. We may also suggest that this gap is connected with rise of innovational technologies. People in this sphere receive good salaries however almost all of them are men. It’s quite difficult to find any women in programming, for example.

To sum up we can say that top four countries which stay stable are Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. So, if you want to see women that are equal with men you should visit one of these countries. We should remember that position in this list depends on many factors but mostly on economic situation in the country and place of women in the working space. It is also depends on role of women in policy and we can see that during last years their presence in policy grew up and the brightest example is the USA, where Hillary Clinton almost got place of a president, although USA lost its position and now is only at 45th place in the Gap Report list.

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So, remember that men and women should have equal rights and especially in education and job. It was proved that women are as usual more diligent than men. However for latter it is great purpose to prove their significance as all men like to compete.