The Strangest Traditions And Habits Around The World


Every human being is unique in his feelings habits and actions. Sometimes we look at person and think: “How strange he is, how person can make such thigs without noticing it”. Did you notice that the whole nation may have strange laws and habits which are totally okay for them while for foreigners they are more than weird. If you like to read something new about different nations or some interesting facts get online class – just visit our essay writing service. You will find there some articles to read or may order your own one.

We gathered not only habits but also laws and traditions. So that will be really interesting, funny or sometimes even shocking. So, we go into mystery of different cultures and parts of the world. Here you will find absolutely different countries and some outstanding things within them. Some countries will be taken and for each of them there will be some oddities and also there will come some tribes’ traditions.

Chinese are stranger then they seem to be

These people are usually hardworking and talented. For them study programming remote or learn anything be it math or sport is not a problem at all. But there are couple of things that are usual for them but strange for others.

1. Are dogs good for police?

In every country people have specially trained dogs who can find different narcotics or search definite things. They are also very fast and can be strong enough to help a policeman.

Some people say that Chinese are very creative and it is true: they don’t want any dogs in the police. Instead of them they made special squads of geese! It sounds very funny isn’t it? You may go further and imagine, for example a goose in a police form. It’s more than fun. However Chinese say that geese have good ears, quite smart and can be aggressive. So, if in other country person definitely take a dog as partner, Chinese policeman will take a goose.

2. No free space but lots of it at the same time

We all used to think that Chinese have many cities that are overcrowded and it is really so. Personal space is a real luxury in China. Moreover in rush hours in underground there are special people, who push passengers into the railway carriage. It seems like you can’t be alone in China at all.

However there are some free places observed and even entire cities less uninhabited. They are like ghosts and you may walk there and enjoy the silence: nobody will hustle or breathe noisy near you. It happened so because some cities were build and prices for logging there were too high. That’s why people left them and these cities still stand majestically and lonely.

3. Clear air is a privilege

Many countries suffer from air pollution however situation in China is really bad. Very often instead of fog they have thick smog. It’s not unusual to see hundreds of Chinese in special masks: old people, children – everybody.

France is famous four tourists but also has something strange

4. What about pigs?

French have nothing against pigs and even give them names quite often. But there is a strange thing about it. As Napoleon was quite famous and not only in France, many years ago a law was created, which prohibits naming your pig with name of this famous conquer. So be careful with names and pigs!

5. Proud of language but extremely polite

There is a thing that French like more than everything, even more than vine which quality is awesome. This is their language. They really like it, fight for its purity and when the whole world will call email as it is called, French people will discover their own name for it. However, if you try to speak French and do it not in a good way, they will tell you that your language is okay even if it is not so. At the same time they can’t stand English and don’t understand it or pretend not to do it. So these people are quite complicated even for themselves.

In this article we describe mostly traditions and qualities but if you are interested in strange laws for example, you may read about them. We go further and will look at some other countries.

Now let’s look at some strange traditions in different parts of our world, because there are some tribes still alive and they have more than unusual habits and laws.

Can pain become a tradition?

This tradition is quite scaring. It is still alive in Indonesian Dani tribe. Hopefully this tradition begins to decrease. When somebody in this tribe dies, relative cut finger off his hand. Not pleasant yes? Moreover it sounds crazy. Nobody in civilized society will do such thing. Unfortunately in tribes laws are outdated but still respected.

How to prove your maturity?

Hindu ceremony will show everybody that you are mature and ready for marriage. It is held both for men and women. Everything could be okay but the details of the ceremony are not enough good. To overcome the ritual person shoul have his teeth smoothen. It means that participant lay on the bed while another person take special equipment and grind the teeth. It is not very pleasant, is it?

However Hindu people think that in this way they can clean themselves from all bad things they did, from anger and evil forces.

Love can make people do unbelievable things

What feeling can be better than love? It’s so great to feel this towards somebody. Sometimes people do crazy and very beautiful things to prove their feelings. But everything is easier for Gypsies. There is a stereotype that this nation likes to steal different things. Maybe it’s just a stereotype however they steal brides! If man like lonely girl and want her to become his wife with a hundred percent guarantee he should just kidnap her and then hold her for three days and if she will not escape new family will be created. Quite easy way and you don’t need too much to prove your love. However sometimes it may be quite bad if feelings are not mutual.

Spanish are very temperamental people and can fight for every word

It is not a secret that Spain is a country of very emotional people who always ready to struggle for their rights or words. One of the holidays allows them to do it without any harm. We all can see in films that people through eggs or tomatoes into each other. In one town situated in Valencia tomato fight called “la Tomatina” is held often and is very popular there. There are many different theories about this strange tradition but one thing is good that it’s quite fun and people may let out their bad emotions without any harm to others. But maybe, all those tomatoes should be given to people who need food? That is a doubtful question. Have question about this article? Read about our organization and remember that we are always ready to help and give some interesting articles for you.

Oh these strange tribe ceremonies

We have told something about tribes but here is another one from Africa. Masai Tribe is very friendly but person who doesn’t know this tradition may think they are not. As usual people simple shake hands when meet. But members of this tribe firstly spit on their friend’s hand and only then shake it. That’s as usual for them as simple handclasp.

If girl wants to be carried on man’s hands she should go to Finland!

Every girl dreams about husband who will take her on hands and carry. It’s so romantic isn’t it? But Finns are so severe and strong that they turned this process into a sport. There exist competitions like usual racing, but men carry a girl on their shoulders. Sometimes it is not simple jugging but obstacle race. So girls should really trust to her man to allow him do such things.

Of course there are many other traditions and habits all over the world. So this list can be easily continued. Some things that is usual for one nation are very weird for another one. So just don’t take it too serious respect each other and be happy!