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Top 10: The Most Popular Reality Shows


Nowadays people have a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. You are free to decide what to do: maybe like to compose and spend your free time trying yourself in it and want to write a book of your dreams. Maybe you just fond of doing some sport or can’t imagine your life without reading. But there is a thing that people of the modern world like to do and it’s watching TV shows and films. Nowadays people are interested in other people: what they do, how they behave, what they wear etc. Would you like to watch what celebrities or ordinary people do in definite situations? You definitely can do it! And that are reality shows which can help you in it.

Let’s look at reality shows in details in order to understand what they are and what features they have. Reality show is a TV genre it’s a kind of entertaining TV program where actions are happening in a real time. What is the plot of such shows? As usual, they just show actions of group of people in some situations that are close to life.

It’s quite difficult sometimes to differentiate reality how from other genres accurately. Because we can look that in some sources talk shows are referred to reality shows, as well as soap operas. However it’s a very doubtful question what can be called reality show and what can’t be. So there are some features that reality show has and due to them we can say what can be classified as reality show and what cannot.

These features are as follows:

  • At first – there is no script. It’s just impossible to write it, because nobody can predict what participants of the show will do.

  • The main heroes of reality shows are mainly common people not actors. Sometimes, however actors or celebrities can be participants of these shows.

  • Another interesting thing is that participants are almost free in their actions. It makes an illusion that they live their usual life.

Want to know more or have difficulties with writing your essay? Visit online class mentor, we are happy to help you with any essay on every theme. Have you ever watched “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” or “Survivor”? These shows are very famous and both they are examples of reality shows. Exactly they can be classified as reality game show and reality competition show. As usual there is a prize and some teams of people or some people who overcome different situations and difficulties to win this prize. The atmosphere may be extremely different in every reality show. It can be calm and full of intelligent thoughts as in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” However the reality show can be permeated with the spirit of extreme, instincts and struggle like in reality competition show “American Gladiators”.

There is a classification of reality shows so they can be reality game shows, some of which were mentioned above; they can also be based on a job search, showing some people who want to find a job; moreover they can be made as a date competition when participants go to the dates and try to find their love; reality shows based on sport are also really popular. There are some other reality shows based on some supernatural things or different experiments but they are not as popular as that mentioned above. Want to know more about certain TV show or have task to write an essay? You can take classes online at our site: you can find essays on different themes there or order your own essay.

Now it’s time to look at some outstanding and the most popular reality shows. There are many different sites that have classification of the reality shows but in this article you will get description of every show and why it is worth seeing. So here are top 10 of popular reality shows.

  1. “Shark Tank” is the show created by Mark Burnett. It’s dedicated to business projects and investments. The one part of participants is called sharks. These are people who have money and want to find some interesting business projects and invest money into them. Another part of participants are common people who have some business projects but don’t have money. So as you may understand sharks look at different projects that people present and if they like one, they can make a deal with this person.

  2. Do you like cooking or just like to watch some people create some masterpieces in the way of cooking? So the “Hell’s kitchen” is a reality show that you will definitely like! Ramsey Gordon is the host of the show and the participants are mainly famous celebrities as Steve Vai, Jenifer Aniston and others. Participants should cook different dishes. As usual, the host of the show gives tasks like what to cook and how many ingredients should the dish contain. Every day of the show one of the participants left this show and the winner takes prize which is presented by money. The winner also gets possibility to work as a chef in one of luxury restaurants.

  3. “The Ultimate Fighter” is a sport reality show based on Mixed Martial Arts. Participants of the show are MMA fighters not only professional but also beginners. There are two groups of participants and each group has its own trainer. Trainer is a professional MMA fighter with great experience. So the audience can watch how trainings and then competitions are hold. The participants of those two teams compete with each other and it’s something like a tournament table where results of every participant are fixed. The winner gets money and contract that allows him to participate in UFC championship which is one of the most prestigious.

  4. If you are in music and you like to discover new talented singers you should watch “The Voice” which is a well-known reality music show. People all over the world have analogues of it in their countries. This is a singing competition where every person is able to come and sing something. Sometimes outstanding and unordinary participants can be seen on this show. At the first time four coaches are listening to the participants and decide if they go further or not. They also decide what participants to take in their team. Than mainly audience and viewers decide the destiny of participants by voting. The viewers send messages with the number of singer they like more.

  5. “America’s Next Top Model” is for people who want to become models. This show consists of about sixteen episodes. In the end of every episode judges decide what participant must leave the show. In some previous seasons only judges decided who of the models would win, but in some seasons of the show audience could vote and decide the destiny of participants.

  6. Do you know what a gold rush is? It sounds like a lot of adventures and permanent chase after the richness. “Gold Rush” is a reality show based on this motive. It has great success, just imagine, about four million people watch it! The show describes some groups of people who went to the North of America to find gold. The features of gold mining and relations between gold diggers are described too. So, if you want to dive into the atmosphere of adventurism and want to know something interesting about gold mining you should watch this show.
  7. “Survivor” is famous American show participants of which are settled in inhabited place. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Moreover, participants don’t know each other at all; they should struggle for their life, find food and water in the wild. It’s like a Robinson, the difference only in that there are many of them, so that makes it even more interesting. The participants don’t only resist nature but struggle with each other because by the end of a definite time interval they vote and choose the person who has to leave the show. The winner gets one million dollars and rank of “Sole Survivor”
  8. Another American show is called “American Idol”. It has something in common with the “Voice”. However here, there are only three judges and the winner of the project gets contract for a promotion and recording of the album.
  9. “The Bachelor” is another American reality show. It can be classified also as a dating game. The main heroes of the show are women who are candidates for marriage and a bachelor who wants to find a wife. During the show participants have dates in romantic and beautiful places and at the end of the show man should choose the woman he likes. He should also eliminate one woman every time till only one is left. There is also a showcalled “The Bachelorette”. In this show there is only one woman and about twenty men. So the woman can choose the man she like most of all.

So, you may think that all that shows are just for fun and there is nothing useful in them. But the last show in the list is really interesting and it helps people.

  1. It is called “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. It is full of heartwarming moments and you will get good emotions from this show. This show is about a command of designers and constructors who help poor families with their houses. They repair the house and put some new furniture in and all this s free. While repairs the family is sent to a little trip and the audience can look at the family and at the command of designers and constructors who repair the house. Maybe the plot is quite easy but it’s quite interesting show and the emotions of the families who have their houses repaired can’t leave you indifferent. Even if you don’t understand anything in construction the show will be interesting for you.

Of course there are many other popular reality shows which are very interesting and great. They can be of different themes and goals. Their variety is really huge, however USA and the UK have the greatest number of them and many famous shows were originated there. It’s quite hard to classify them properly and they can be classified by dates of release as well as by the country-producer. So this list can be longer and maybe somebody will say that not all of these shows are good or worth-seeing but it’s quite subjective point of view and everybody likes definite TV show. So, try to find your favorite TV show which will give you a lot of emotions and enjoyment.