Top 10 The Richest Football Players Of 2016


Football is very popular all around the world. Many people play it as amateurs and children really like this game. Another huge part of football is professional football. FIFA World Cup is much more popular than cricket world cup for example. But the World Cup is not the only championship in football. There also exist such championships as UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa league and local championships in different countries.

Some people all over the world can’t resist criticize football players. The reason is that they earn great amount of money and don’t do job. That’s what people think. But let’s analyze it more profoundly. At first, football players, even beginners have a lot of trainings every day and they train really hard. At second, it’s quite difficult to do something when millions of people are watching. So football players are able to play football and like attention of fans. That is not as easy as it may seem. At third and this is very important, football players are prone to different injuries. At forth, it’s not easy to show a good game during ninety minutes of the match however all professional football players try their best to amuse fans. And the last which is connected with previous statement: a lot of football players, those who have world names such as Ronaldo, Messi and others, play not for money but at first for their fans and people who watch the game. That is very important fact. So football players are people who like what they do and receive money for that. Do you want to receive online classes? Our essay writing service is exactly what you need: good prices and high quality.

Hope that now those who thought, that football players are just people who receive money for nothing, changed their opinion. Now, we are going to show you a list of the richest football players. So you may see how much players earn and to see if your assumptions were right. Before we start, you should remember that richness of player does not mean that he is just a rich snob: all these players totally deserve this money and through their acts they show that money can’t change you if you are a humane.

Who is the richest and what countries are these players from?

What is interesting is that all players from our top are now live in Europe. Maybe that’s because football is the most popular there or maybe in Europe people have more possibilities to become football players. Nobody knows. So, are you ready to know, who is the richest football player? We took article about top ten richest football players, but in this article you will find more about these football players and something interesting about them.

10. Frank James Lampard ($86.84 million)

This player from England takes the tenth place in our top. He is an attacking half-back. Lampard’s father also was a professional player. So Lampard is one of the best football players in England nowadays. He started his career in the same football club as his father – in West Ham United FC (in England). Some years later he played in the first team and helped his team to get fifth place in the Tournament table. That was the highest result that West Ham United ever got.

He played in such famous teams as Chelsea, Manchester City and now he plays in New York City. By the way when Frank moved to Chelsea many people thought that he was overpaid however he became the best forward by amount of goals so those claims were only claims because Lampard showed that he could play greatly and be very helpful player for his team.

What about his place in a national team he was also very important. He was recognized as the best player in 2004 UEFA European championship.

9. Ronaldinho ($90.5 million)

This football player doesn’t need to be represented: he has a worldwide fame although he doesn’t play now. This famous player from Brazil showed to the whole world that Brazil is a country where the best football players are born. Later he moved to Spain so he can be called Spanish player too. He could play on different positions as offensive player or half-back player. He was recognized as the best football player and received FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2004 and 2005.

He played in such famous football clubs as Paris Saint-Germain, Milan and Barcelona. But his first club was Brazilian Grêmio. Talking about national team he was one of the most important players and had been played from 1999 to 2013.

He is also famous for endorsement of such companies as Cola-Cola, Nike and others.

8. Raul (Net Worth: $93 million)

This is a football player from Spain, who played as a striker. Spain is like Brazil is a country of football and Spanish national team is very famous for its results. The famous teams where he played are Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid (he played for it for about 16 years).

He won UEFA Champion League three times, championship of Spain six times and five times he was recognized as the best football player in Spain.

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7. Samuel Eto’o ($95 million)

Cameroon-Spanish player and the best offensive player of Cameroon national team. He became the best football player of Africa for four times. He played for such famous clubs as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Everton.

In 2004 he played for Barcelona and scored his first goal for this team and then next years he was in great shape and was an important player for Barcelona. In 2008 with coming of a new trainer it was hard for Eto’o to understand him, that’s why he decided to leave the club. After some tries and trainings in not very famous clubs, he finally joined Chelsea in 2013.

This player changed many football clubs but for every of them he played greatly and was one of the most important player in all these football teams.

6. Kaka ($105 million)

This is another player from Brail, who represented this country as homeland of many talented football players. Later he moved to Italy and received Italian citizenship. He plays as a half-back. His career was started in São Paulo football club. It may sound strange nowadays but at that times he was in bad physical shape that’s why he didn’t play for a long time for this club and in 2000 he suddenly hit head against the pool so he might become a paralytic – only luck helped him. Kaka thinks that that was God who saved him and when you see Kaka raise his hand to the sky it means he please the God for ability to play.

The greatest achievement was winning of the UEFA Champion league in 2006-2007 when Kaka played for Milan. In 2007 he was recognized as the best football player by FIFA. He was so faithful to Milan that when Manchester city offered him to join them, he refused.

5. Wayne Rooney ($112 million)

This is an English football player and he is famous all over the world. He plays as a half-back and offensive player. What is interesting about him is that he was the youngest player of national team who scored a goal. Another interesting fact is that Rooney played only in two teams: Everton and Manchester United. He is playing in Manchester United nowadays and he has been playing in this club since 2004 year and now he is a captain of this team as well as he is the captain of national team.

As it was mentioned at the beginning, football is game where players can get a lot of injuries. Even such stars as Rooney are not the exclusion. In 2008 year he received a fracture of leg, however recovered quite fast and in the first match after recovery he scored a goal.

Rooney is a player who has real will to play and can overcome all injuries. He is one of the best offensive, half-back players nowadays.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimović ($114 million)

Zlatan is a Swedish football player, who plays as offensive player and he plays in Manchester United - the same team as Wane Rooney does. He started his career in Malmö Fotbollförening and then moved to Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax which is quite well-known nowadays. Other outstanding teams he played for are Juventus Football Club, Barcelona, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and now he plays in Manchester United.

This player is very talented and changed many outstanding clubs. He has good technique and good sight of football field however he also has choleric temper and was often suspended during matches.

3. Neymar ($148 million)

What we told about Brazil? Right! It’s country of outstanding football players. One may think that children in Brazil first learn how to play football and only then how to move. Neymar is another football player born in Brazil. He plays as offensive player in national team and in current club which is a Barcelona.

Now he has a contract with Barcelona for five years. What is interesting, is that many players from Brazil play everywhere but not in Brazilian football teams. Maybe the reason is that Brazilian football teams can’t give these talented people what they want: worldwide fame.

What is about interesting facts: Neymar supports charity and participate in different Charity Events. Like Kaka, Neymar is a religious person and he visits church every week.

2. Lionel Messi ($218 million)

Football player from Argentina, well-known for his high technique and one of the best offensive players. As the most outstanding and famous players he plays in Barcelona. He is a captain of the national team. Messi became the best player of UEFA Champion League five times! That is awesome mark for football player which shows his level of playing. He became a record-breaker playing for Barcelona: he scored about 234 goals by 2008.

There were gossips that unknown football team offered Messi more than 100 million dollars if he would leave Barcelona in 2018. Now it says that this team was Real Madrid and Adidas. Another interesting fact is that Neymar, who was mentioned above is a good friend of Messi and this has some logic as both these player are in the same club now (Barcelona).

Messi has a lot of fans all around the world. Maybe people like him because he has great techniques and scored a lot of fascinating goals, maybe because he has good temper and always respect other players. He is also very calm and restrained. But maybe people like him for both these characters.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo ($230 million)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most ambiguous stars nowadays. He has many fans but on the other hand he has a lot of people who don’t like him, who laugh on him and even hate him. He is popular not only as football player but as brawler. But besides that he is the richest football player in the World. He played in Manchester United and now he is in Real Madrid.

Ronaldo plays as an offensive player and half-back. He is said to be one the best bombardiers of our time. He is very ambitious and sometimes Internet explodes with his loud statements, offences and applications. By the way, Messi is the main opponent of Ronaldo. People don’t like Ronaldo because he is bad tempered and the least touch during the game leads to Ronaldo’s falling down and sometimes he demand too much attention from the arbiters. He sometimes can create foul where there is no foul. But that is his style of playing so we have nothing to do with it.

However ambitious and bad tempered Ronaldo is, we can see also many his acts that deserve respect. He visits kids with cancer and in general he supports handicap people. In the internet we can find videos about Ronaldo’s acts that deserves respect and they are really so.

So it’s still up to you to decide what player from this list should be paid as much as Ronaldo and maybe you think that somebody is underpaid, however the important thing about all this is emotions football players show while playing and style of their game. If player likes to play fans feel it and see it. And for player the most important thing is support of his fans, not the money.