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Top Ambitious Kickstarter Projects


Why talented people so often have no money and live in extreme poverty? Many years ago talented painters had to paint something they didn’t want to in order to earn some money. There were many cases when people had to do something they didn’t like and finally it ruined them and their talent. Hopefully in modern world things are changed. Or maybe they didn’t?

Today we may see that talented people often receive some help and we may think about Stephen Hawking as our hero because he made a great contribution to science. What about other people, maybe not so famous but very wise? These people have great and interesting projects, but unfortunately all those projects demand start-up capital. To the great happiness there is a special site called “Kickstarter” for such people. It helps people with their ideas by giving money. But let’s look at it in details.

How it works?

So first of all, let’s look how it all works. This site serves to attract people who can contribute some money for any project they like. It’s like a source for donations but as a result people will be able to see new useful and interesting things, so they give money for a good cause. It’s even more like investing than charity. You may get help with classes online if you need any, for example with essay or article. Our service always ready to help!

Person, who has interesting ideas and wants to implement his project in life place information, photos or video about it on the site. He defines limitation in time and minimum sum of money that he needs. For this limit of time others may donate money. If minimum sum wasn’t gathered by time, all money returns to their owners.

Of course the site takes some percent (about five percent) from invested money, but that’s not so much, is it? All descriptions and registered projects stay at site even after ending of the time for investigation. However that’s not bad too.

Maybe this system needs some improving however for today it is one of the best ways for people to be independent and create something useful for others. Now it’s time to look at site itself and some interesting projects. So, here we go.

Kickstarter – father of many interesting things

We can definitely call this site as we called it. Because thanks to it, many people got ability to transform something, that existed only in their brain, into a real world. Site has different categories so everybody may find something interesting: videos, technical inventions, music, crafting and many other things. So we will look at some projects from these categories. We will sort them by popularity, however another important mark is amount of money that project gathered. So if you want you may go this awesome site and look at many other projects that are not in our list.

1. The Wabash Lights (category: Art)

Do you like Christmas? Do you like all that garlands which are so magnificent? Two guys have something even better! But before, listen to a short story.

Train tracks on Wabash Avenue, Chicago are quite dull place, dark and unpleasant for tourists. However usual people often meet and live there. So, how to make that place more bright and place warm atmosphere there?

Jack C. Newel and his mate had great idea. It’s like gave people Christmas with all its lights but for the whole year. Their plan is to install twenty four thousand special diodes that will change their color. So they will gave colorful light and road under the bridge will be like a rainbow. Very beautiful sight and moreover, people will be able to “order” lights what color they should turn into. People may use their phones to print color and then connect with those lights.

Creators of the project had already made beta test of their project by using just four blocks of lights in order to understand if it works and what is reaction of people. They were satisfied, that’s why now guys need investigation to turn dull and dark bridge into bright Christmas tree.

You may read more and get to know if this plan finally becomes successful. Guys have 13 days to go and still need some money, so only people can decide the destiny of this project.

2. Foldscope(category: technology)

How often did you look through the microscope when studied at school? Once or twice? Or you didn’t at all? Microscope is really expensive and not even all laboratories have them. But how to make children interested in all that biological terms without practice and without showing them world of molecules and atoms?

Fortunately two guys: Manu Prakash and Jim Cybulski invented microscope but it costs only one dollar. Why? Because it’s made from paper and so small that can be put in your pocket. All you need is to make it using origami technique and then enjoy by another world which foldscope allows you to see.

As creators say this invention may be useful for children at schools for usual people who are curious about biology and even for different professors.

As inventors made some foldscopes and distributed them they got a lot of feedback. That’s why they created a new project at Kickstarter in order to gain more money and be able to produce more. They go to different schools and give their invention to children, showing them how it works and what they can see through it. Their next step is that people will be able to exchange their images which they see using foldscope.

So this is important invention and it allows people who don’t have money or for every student to learn biology or just to discover a new micro world.

3. Quetzalcolor. Mexican handmade characters(category: crafts)

Have you ever wanted some famous Mexican characters sit with you? Now, you can get this, maybe not as much as you want but in a way. Yess Castell is very talented in drawing. So she draws her characters and then she makes little toys using those drawings.

As she said in video she wants to break new ground and distribute toys all around the world. But to do it she needs to employ some people, create new characters and money. The latter one can be donated by everybody who likes her handmade toys.

This project is quite good and quality of production is high. Maybe that’s why creator got even more money that she asked and moreover this is the most popular project for now in this category.

4. How to be a magician(category: Film and Video)

Everybody wants to have superpower. Guy whose nickname is Ellusionist and his friends decided to make a video and share some tricks. They made a video at first where showed some miracles performed by them.

As guys got enough money, they made video lessons of how to become a magician and some people will receive them in December. So there will be a package with some equipment and you will learn different tricks with coins, make things move and many other things. So read more about it and maybe you will even order the course and equipment.

5. Paradox Girl (category : comic books)

As for now, three parts of Paradox Girl were published and creator needs money for next three issues. The comic book is about a Paradox Girl who can travel in time and space. The title is as follows because the hero changed her past so often, that in her present she can’t make an order and has no real name and no real past.

Three next issues will be like adding to first ones and together will form first circle. Maybe then, another one will appear.

This project will be interesting for those who are crazy about comic strips and won’t live such people indifferent. So you may just wait for it and read about it as people have already exceeded goal almost three times. So that gives hope that more than three issues may appear.

6. The Everlast Notebook(category: gadgets)

To keep all subjects in one notebook: it may be very convenient. Sounds like dream especially for many student. What if you will be also able to transfer them from notebook into an electronic form? Sounds great but like something unreal. But it’s more than real.

Such notebook was created by one of kickstarter’s visitors. This is not usual notebook. You can write there by special pen and then copy that images or notes to your electronic Cloud. All notes can be easily deleted: just use a drop of water or wet wipe.

This notebook is really useful and very convenient. There are different sizes available, so you may choose the one you like.

Interested in this article? You may found others which are as interesting! Just read about our company and what we can do for you.

7. Vue (category: product design)

Imagine that you can always keep your hands-free garniture with you and listen to music and do many other things. Smart glasses allow you to do it. They have many different functions: you can listen to music but at the same time you will hear everything around you. So that allows you to drive car and get reminders to move. You can also get information about calories and etc. when you are in for sport.

You can also get lenses you need and use this invention as sunglasses or usual glasses.

Without doubts projects we looked at are worth existing. However, we looked at only some categories of them so you may find great amount of other ones. Different categories and different amount of money required but all of them are so genius although sometimes they seem to be plain.  But as proverb says: everything genius is plain. So maybe our essay inspired you to create your own project and now you know here to go for help and support. So good luck!