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US Election 2016: What To Expect


Sometimes something unpredictable happens in the world. This year it happened with the USA during election of the President. Of course this question is very doubtful and nobody can answer how it happened and is it good or bad however there are different thoughts and we are to look at different points of view. There were some great and outstanding presidents for USA: you may read facts about Bill Clinton, for example. But they all left in past and that’s why it is easy to see and analyze all their mistakes and faults. It’s not a problem to criticize all previous presidents or vice versa exalt them.

Of course election of this year in the USA have finished but in this article we will look back at those process and try to understand what pros and cons country got with new president. At first let’s remember ex-president Barak Obama (who is still current president to January, 2017). Some Americans claimed that he was sometimes unprofessional; others just wonder that black person became president. But as we all know, we begin to appreciate something or someone only when we have lost him. Despite everything that was told about Obama, he was elected twice and because of law he can’t be a president at the third time. He is a representative of Democratic Party which is always moderate and respects law. Want to know more about policy and other subjects? Take classes online and know more about elections and policy, how to write essays and a lot of others.

This year was a real shock for many Americans. As we all know two main opponents were Donald Trump who represented Republicans and Hillary Clinton (wife of Bill Clinton, who also was a president). As this theme is quite complicated we will look it following some points of plan. Firstly we will look at election itself. Second point is dedicated to actions happened after election. Third one is about reasons for people discontent by result of election. Finally in fourth paragraph we will look some facts from Trump biography which can be treated as pros and probably will help him during his presidency.

1. Election and result

  • Pre-election actions

On 19th of July Donald Trump officially became a candidate for a president post.

On 29th of July Hillary Clinton was chosen as representative of Democrats.

  • Election

The process was very stressful and for many people result was very surprising.

Electorate was on Hillary’s side and about 48 percent of Americans voted for her while almost 46 percent did for Trump. People really said that they voted for Hillary and almost nobody seemed to vote for Trump. However electors were on Trump’s side and he got 306 of 538 possible votes. 30 states were for Trump while only 20 for Hillary. That’s why new president of the USA will be Donald Trump – member of Republican Party.

2. Winners are not judged?

However all that didn’t end as a fairytale. Now we are going to look at some problems that happened after Trump’s victory.

1. Doubts about the fairness of Election

Some politicians suggested that in three states results might be falsified. There were states where computers counted number of electorate and Trump won with very small gap. A lot of people had doubts and thought that maybe those states voted for Hillary however in the result of hacker’s attack computers gave victory to Trump. If it were so, Hillary would become a President instead of Trump because in this way, number of electors will be on her side. However later it was confirmed that Trump’s win is legal and out of uncertainty.

2. Actions of protests

After Trump became a President in some states happened actions of protest. However Hillary Clinton asked people to calm down and go home in order not to create difficult situation in country.

Trump also reacted on this situation. He said that he doesn’t become president yet however already gave people workplaces. That phrase can be looked at from different points of view.

All those actions of protest in some way were because of emotions, but they had some real reasons. We will look at them in next point.

3. Reasons for population’s discontent

In every country people may not like their current president. What are the reasons of that in the USA and what different people say about Trump? You can also go to our site and read about our educational service. We have many offers for you.

  • Policy towards Mexican population and migration

Many Americans say that Trump is just a populist however sometimes he says very radical things. One of them is connected with migration. First of all he promised to build a huge fence on Mexican American border. Secondly, he said that all illegal immigrants will be immediately deported from the USA. Thirdly, he promised that immigration policy will become stricter especially towards Africans and Mexicans. He even said that children of Mexicans won’t receive citizenship of USA. Of course, truthfulness can’t be guaranteed with 100% and all those may be just election policy in order to make people vote for him. But who knows?

  • Unpredictable person

As Jonathan Freedland wrote in his article Trump is very dangerous because nobody can predict his policy. The author of the article also says that new president is very radical.

  • Hermit and president

Some people also blame Trump for his independency. However it’s bad form of it, when person can’t work with no one and don’t admit others points of view.

  • Policy towards Russia

Situation with this country was very complicated for many years. Nowadays many countries recognized its aggression towards Ukraine. The same did USA when Obama was a president. However, Trump showed and not once, his good relations with Russia. So if before USA was like equilibration in conflict with official coming of Trump it may become together with Russia. So, delicate balance may be ruined.

4. Pros of new president

It was told a lot of things about cons and contradiction things about new president, but it will be fairly to distinguish some pros. Of course it is difficult to do, because he is not even officially a president. He will become one only in January, 2017. But let’s try to analyze.

One and the biggest plus is that Trump is a businessman. It means that he knows how to deal with huge amount of money and how to deal with people, although some blamed him in being loner. So as his biography shows he had difficulties with business and quite big ones. He was at the border of bankruptcy however overcome this period and could regain power of his business. It shows that he is not an alarmist and don’t afraid of difficulties.

Another thing also connected with his activity. As he is a businessman and good one, he can count variants and as a result it’s possible for him to analyze situation in the country and its economy. There are some doubts however, about success in foreign affairs and relations with other countries because Trump can be very radical sometimes. But all we can do is hope for better.

Unfortunately these are the only pros we can point out for today, however don’t panic and let’s look at Trump’s policy in 2017. As usual first steps show a lot of person’s real desires. So be patient and respectful. USA is an example of powerful economy and democracy. Hope that it won’t change with Trump’s coming. Just hope for better and look at his steps.