Ways To Solve Rubik's Cube


Some people like to read books other – to watch some films or play computer games. However it’s important to improve logic and other skills and that is the reason why people spend more and more time doing some useful things like learn programming at home or try themselves in solving crosswords and other puzzles. But there is one, which you can always put into your pocket and in free time take it and work on its solution. It is called Rubik’s Cube. Everybody at least one in his life seen this puzzle and if not you should try to solve it. Here we will talk about possible ways to solution and about history of this toy for brains. You can try to solve it by yourself of course, however some people have spent days trying this and they weren’t successful, so this essay is for such people and also for those who just want to get acquainted with secrets of Rubik’s Cube. But at first let’s single out where and when it appeared.

What is Rubik’s Cube and how it looks like?

This toy was invented in 1974 and first word of its name is a surname of inventor Rubik Erno, who is famous for invention of different puzzles. It became extremely popular and now situation haven’t changed. People like this game and buy many Cubes. Want to learn something new and can pay someone to take online class? Our essay writing service is the one that you need: we can write an essay for you or help you with your ideas about article.

What is the appearance of Rubik’s Cube? It is a small volume cube which has six faces each one of different color. Every face itself consists of nine smaller squares. So, solved puzzle looks like cube, every face of which has own color. There are a lot of different combinations and you can move rows in different directions. We will talk about it in the next paragraph.

General principles of Rubik’s Cube

1. Every face for one color

As it was mentioned, every face of Cube should be of definite color. As there are 6 sides there should be six colors which are as usual white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue. You can move every face but remember, that central piece is of the color that the whole face should be. For example, if the central piece is white, that face should be white.

2. Different pieces have different characteristics

We can distinguish central pieces, every of which has own color. There are also corner pieces, which have squares of three different colors. Finally edge pieces, which situated between corner ones and have two squares of different colors. You should know names for these pieces so that it will be easier to solve the puzzle.

3. Opposite colors

We said before, that middle pieces represent the color of the whole face. You should also know what colors have opposite faces. So they are: yellow – white, orange – red, blue – green.

Now, when we know all this let’s try! It should be said that there are many combinations exist. We will just describe general steps here and some hints.If you want to know more about this toy you may read about it in appropriate article.

Let’s solve it!

Let’s try to gather all colors in the right place, step by step. Remember that there is no instruction because every case is different and you can achieve every step only by your own. Some steps that are mentioned here are the most widespread but there smaller steps between these ones are not described. It’ is because between these essential stages there may be more than hundreds of small steps different in every case. So, this short instruction just helps you but don’t expect that it will do all the brain work instead of you.

1. Crosses

The first step is to make a white cross. Your Cube should be placed with white central piece on the top. The process can be longer or shorter and there are different variants but below there is a short description about how it should look like:

  • Looking at face with white color all edges should be white. Every edge has another color except white. For example piece which has white and blue. Be sure that blue square is placed in face, where central square is blue. The same with other pieces.

Be patient and remember that this is a puzzle and you should think logically and try different variants. It may take you hours, but try to enjoy the process. If you feel angry just do something another and come back to your Cube later. When you achieve the goal and make a white cross you can go to the next stage.

2. Let’s make white face completed

We have white cross now, so let’s try to finish with this face. There is an important moment you should know about:

  • Don’t change position of your Cube and when you gather white face, look at other faces. Rows above the middle one should be of the same color. Moreover, they should be the same as the color of central piece.

For example, if the central piece is blue, be sure that the row above is also blue. The same is true for other faces except white. The latte should be completely white. So, as a result at this stage you should get ready white face and other faces should have higher rows of the same color as the middle ones.

3. Solve the middle row

Now we need all central rows to be of the same color. Before you will try it, place your Cube in the position where white face is at the bottom.

  • At this stage middle row and row under it should be of same colors. Like if the main color of face is blue, you should have middle row and row under both of blue color. That should be so for every face. If you completed go to next step.

4. Make a yellow face

As we mentioned white color is opposed to yellow. So now take you cube so that yellow central piece is on the top.

  • Now you need to make the same things as at the first stage. At first try to make a yellow cross. Try to remember how you did it with white one.
  • When you got it back to the second step when you made the face completed and made two rows at other faces.

5. So close to solution

If you have your yellow face made, you are almost finished this puzzle.

  • Notice that you should have yellow face completed; other faces should be also almost completed except the edge pieces.
  • Place the yellow edges correctly. If you have one edge placed correctly, locate cube so as right row is further and incorrect is closer to you. Then decide what moves you need to make.

After this you will get a Cube solved. Of course if may be very difficult at first; however after some days or maybe hours, you will begin to understand how it all works. If you have difficulties try to find video lessons, there are many of them. Some people like to solve this puzzle, then mix it again and try to solve it anew. Want to order an essay or know more about our site? You may read this information and also feel free to look for other essays because there are many of them and on different topics.

Nobody says Rubik’s Cube is easy to solve, but it improves your orientation and geometry abilities greatly. Even if you won’t solve it, you may at least try. If you can’t understand how to gather it but really want, you can watch video or read more articles with images and schemes. Because our article is just about general steps and it won’t be possible for you to understand all details without images. Some people may not need all those schemes of course, but people are different and have different abilities and addiction to logic. So try yourself and do your best. Just enjoy the process and have fun!