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Where To Go This Christmas: Top 10 Destinations


What can be better than the whole family gathered together? Christmas is awesome time, which you can spend with people you love: girlfriend, boyfriend parents or relatives. It is a day when fairytale comes to the earth. You may not believe in Santa Clause but spirit of this holiday will definitely come to everybody, to all parts of the world.

Everybody choose how to celebrate Christmas for his liking. Some families just gather at home and have a great supper with many delicious dishes. Others prefer to go out and spend time walking along the streets and only then go home and enjoy Christmas warming up near a fireplace after freezing walking on the open air. Somebody may plan hiking tour or celebrate Christmas abroad. That’s why we decided to make a list of places to celebrate Christmas.

1. Santa Claus Village, Lapland

Have you ever wanted to visit Santa Claus and his homeland? You have this opportunity. Santa Claus Village is a small settlement in Finland definitely in an Arctic Circle, always in snow and lights. You may stay there and walk along street of the village. Atmosphere is really great it seems like you are in a fairytale.

It organized like a real home of Santa, so there are different locations for different purposes. The whole village is full of interesting places to go so we will look at only some of them. If you want to look Santa’s village but have no time because of your classes, just write us something like “do my online class” and we will help you with any of them.

  • Hasky Park

Traditionally, Santa uses deer for travelling, but huskies are also good at that. This place will be a real paradise for those who like dogs. Hasky Park has about 70 dogs all very beautiful and kind. So you can see how these dogs live and of course the main attraction is that you are able to ride sled which Huskies will pull. It is really cute place full of positive emotions.

  • Santa’s house of Snowmobiles

If you are supporter of extreme and modern vehicles you should visit this place. This is an exhibition of many different snowmobiles which are very important for local habitants. It’s the most convenient vehicle in that area of Finland.

  • Snowman world

It’s a complex includes also Igloo hotel and Ice restaurant. So in this place you are able to have fun and take part in different adventures with snowmen. You may also admire the ice sculptures in the gallery and if you want to stay at night Igloo Hotel is what you need. Rooms there are built entirely of snow and ice however you will be in comfort and even sleep on a bed. Finally, Ice restaurant offers you different winter dishes that you have never tried before, so don’t miss that opportunity.

  • Santa Park

Santa has a lot of creatures such as elves who help him. So in this park you will find all of them and personally Santa will open door to his Park. This year it will be opened on Saturday, 19. There will be different events like singing of Carols and Magic Show. Who knows what will happen there? If you like mystery and fairytales visit this place.

Of course there are other sightings which you can visit such as Santa Claus office, Post office, Gift house etc.

This place will be definitely like a fairytale, like you are in the center of Christmas. That’s why it is at the top of our list.

2. London, England

This city seems to be a second home for Christmas. British really like this holidays and all country celebrates it. Be ready to see a lot of people roaming the streets, lights and a lot of fun. It’s quite hard to describe all that using only words. There are some features you should know about 25th of December in London.

  • No public transport

Yes, you won’t find any double-deckers and taxis this day because all people celebrate. You can use bicycle to get somewhere if you don’t have a car. However the best way is just use your feet so that you will be able to enjoy silence and atmosphere and look at everything around you, because there are really a lot of things that are worth-seeing.

  • Almost everything is closed

Of course, it may sound sad but almost all places of interest are closed this day. But look at this from another point of view: London is a huge city and in winter its landscapes are really great just imagine: silent street, snow falling a lot of lights and decorated houses.

  • Hot sales and great offers

So if on the 25th London peacefully napping near the fireplace, 26th of December is day when city begin to awake. There is good news for lovers of shopping: 26th is the first day of great discounts however not all shops are opened.

So, British people are really good at enjoying the silence and moments of Christmas, for them there is nothing better that meditative silence of lights and they mostly spend it with family. If you like such things you should definitely go to London.

3. Paris, France

Paris is great attraction for tourists during the whole year, however in winter especially during Christmas it is in all his beauty. French people have their name for Christmas – Noël and celebrate it with great effort. Two weeks before it you can see thousands of people in the city malls and shops. They are looking for presents. If you are in Paris you should visit Disneyland, which is always interesting no matter what season of year it is.

So you should visit Christmas markets of course to feel that pleasant excitement of people who are looking for presents. You may also find some interesting thigs there. One of the most outstanding shops is Marché de Noël de Paris Notre-Dame. Champs Elysees is place where many shops and fairs are opened specially before Christmas.

Another place to go is a skating rink. You may find a lot of people there especially on the 25th of December. One of the most popular skating rinks opens near the Eiffel Tower.

These three places are really worth visiting for Christmas. That’s why they were so greatly described. However there are some other destinations which are also good however maybe not so well-known. Let’s briefly look at them too.

4. Vilnius, Lithuania

Why not to go to calm and beautiful city for Christmas? Vilnius is really exciting at this time of the year. You may see a beautiful Christmas tree which is quite extraordinary, visit Christmas Town situated at the Cathedral Square. There you may visit house of fairytales. You can roam through the Tree maze in the Town Hall Square, take a trip using small Christmas train and these are not the end of the long list.

So, if you want to visit city that you don’t know well and maybe haven’t even heard of, this one will be great choice, especially for Christmas.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

First of all you definitely should visit The Amsterdam Light Festival. Lights will be everywhere so you can see them walking through the streets or may take a boat tour.

If you want to see huge and beautiful Christmas tree, go to the town square called Dame. You can celebrate outdoors at the ship all you should do is just go to Oosterdock.

For lovers of dancing there is also good news: you may visit some holiday parties at Gashouder and Mediahaven.

Do you like shopping? So in this case we recommend you to visit De Bijenkorf and Magna Plaza shops. You can find many interesting things there and will be able to choose presents for your family.

Finally feel free to visit detached houses on the canals. They are like museums so you can see the museum of bags or Willet-Holthuysen museum.

6. Sydney, Australia

Australia is situated quite far from Europe that’s why its traditions are unique. What about Christmas in this country? Thousands of lights beautiful Christmas trees and warm climate. The latter is distinctive feature of Australian Christmas.

Sydney Square is a place of light show and here you may also listen to some stories and look scenes which actors make. Don’t forget to visit Martin Place and outstanding Christmas tree. You can send a text message and it will appear on the garland of this tree. Quite interesting and unusual invention, isn’t it?

7. Tokyo, Japan

Trees of Tokyo, it’s buildings – everything is covered by lights. The whole city itself is like a huge light. There are a lot of places to go in order to admire light shows and animations. For example you may go to see Baccarat Eternal Lights: a lot of garlands and 10 meter Christmas tree can be seen there. Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination is also very beautiful place with pink lights and gorgeous cherry trees – unique and unforgettable place.

In general Tokyo during Christmas is city of many innovational technologies used for celebration.

8. Quebec, Canada

This city looks really great with all those garlands and decorations. You should visit l’Hôtel-de-Ville with its Boutique de Noël but there are many other places to go. Place D’Youville is place where you can see some well-known buildings as Théâtre Capitole or Saint-Jean Gate. Also there is a big skating rink there, so don’t hesitate: take a pair of skates and try it.

Avenue Cartier is beautiful during this time so don’t miss the opportunity to walk through it. There are a lot of small and cozy cafes and shops so you can visit them.

If you like some extreme you can visit a tobogganing race and even participate. It is hold on Dufferin Terrace near Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, which is by the way very famous hotel and symbol of the city.

If you want to buy some presents visit Christmas Market at the Old Port Market. You may find a lot of crafts and products there.

9. Las Vegas, USA

This city is well-known for its casino industry. But it’s also really good at celebrating Christmas. There are some interesting features about this city

- Everything is opened on the 25th of December

The city is full of different bars, casinos and etc. They all are open even During Christmas. That is quite fun, because you can celebrate this holiday in one of the pubs, for example.

- Double prices

As somewhere we can find Christmas discounts buffets this day have elevated prices so you should better find another place where to eat.

-Book a table in restaurant if you want to go there for Christmas

Restaurants are overcrowded on Christmas so If you want to be there better think about it beforehand.

Finally, remember that streets of the USA are really full of people so if you don’t like crowd better look for some quiet street to walk.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

This city may be not as well-known as London or Las Vegas; however it’s really peaceful and cozy during Christmas holidays.

It is a real holiday for shopping as there are many discounts in different shops and city malls and of course huge amount of fairs the most crowded and popular of which are those situated at Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, etc.

There is a tradition which takes place every year one 24th of December. People go to the bank of Vltava River. There they buy fish and then release it into the river.

Restaurants and cafes place tables where write about plan of celebrating Christmas. So you may look at different offers of restaurants and choose one you like. That’s good idea and you will be able to book a table.

Hope you liked our article and now, you know where to go for Christmas. If you liked this article read about our helpful service and feel free to ask us about online classes or any other things.

We wish you to appreciate Christmas and have fun celebrating it. Just remember that it is one of the best days of the year. Even if you can’t go abroad walk along streets of your native town or city, go to the central parks or squares, look at all that shops and decorated streets. Decorate your room or buy some sparklers and light them. Just enjoy your Christmas and have a good time!