Why So Popular? Agar.io As Modern Trend


People all over the world play computer games. Now we have a special word for such people: we call them “gamers”. It’s interesting that in some countries like Japan and South Korea gamer is not only a hobby but also a profession and gamers there can earn a lot of money. Game industry in those countries is very developed there exist some championships for different games and players’ level of playing is really high. What about common people? They play different games and spend a lot of their time playing them.

As usual teenagers spend a lot of their free time playing games and sometimes, unfortunately, they even have some problems with it, something like games addiction. It means that they can’t live without computer games, become very irritable. However, as usual, people control themselves, so games are just a way to digress from problems. But if you have some problems with you home task and ready to pay someone to take online class we are happy to help you with your essay. Our community will write the best essay for you on every topic you want. You may find examples of essays and read them too.

With appearing and development of the Internet appeared such games as online games. They are very different and differ so much. Nowadays you may find great amount of such games from survivals to simple browser games. If online games as usual have quite good graphics, plot and can be complicated and hard, browser games are very simple. These games are just to relax and they have some advantages.

Browser games: why are they so popular?

Many people may remember first games even not for computers but for console. Maybe the most interesting and famous game was “Tank”. That was a game where you could run a tank and defend your “boss”. Nowadays many people return to such games. It is quite strange because nowadays we have games with awesome graphics, good plot and many possibilities. What makes people return to games that were so simple, with quite bad graphics and almost without any plot? Maybe those are just memoirs and great feelings. Maybe, the easiest the game is, the more popular it will become. Nobody knows that exactly.

So browser game is the bright example of the thought that the easiest the game is the most popular it will become. This type of games is very simple and all you need to play them is just browser and Internet connection. Maybe the secret of success of these games is that they don’t require too much computer resources so even those people who have old computers can play them.

Agar.io what is it and how it appeared?

One of the most popular browser games nowadays is called Agar.io. It’s quite easy to play however it’s also quite interesting. Like every person knows some facts about Disneyland every person should know about Agar.io because this game is something like thing that everybody plays. So who created it and what we can say about it?

The creator of this game is Matheus Valadares and the game is treated as multiplayer action game. That means you play with many other people in real time and it is action because it based on movements you should do. We will look at rules of the game and its main task later.

The first mention about game appeared on 27th April, 2015. How much time do you think it took creator to make this game? Only two days, so it was really simple game at first. However then he continued to work on it and develop it. Nowadays the game is free to play and moreover versions for Android and IOS were created and released on 8 July, 2015.

How to play: strategy, control and other features

Of course, it’s better to play once than read about how to play the game. Here you will find some strategy and control features. However you should try to play this awesome game.

So you are on the site ready to play and full of exciting waiting. All you should do to start is just enter you name and press the button “play as a guest” or you can enter the game using your Facebook or google account. You started the game but what should you do? At the beginning you are a little cell of a definite color or you can use image as a background instead of the color. You should just gather little food (small circles of different colors). To control your cell just use your mouse: your cell will always pursue the mouse pointer.

At first you are quite fast so it wouldn’t be a problem to avoid other players. Why should you avoid those big cells? Because bigger players will eat you! Quite cruel, isn’t it? So run, Forest, run as fast as you can from cells bigger that yours. As you eat more and more food you will become bigger too. So some time after, you will be able to eat other players. Just remember: you can eat only smaller cells, bigger ones will eat you.

There exists something like advices or strategy about how to play. Let’s look at some stages of the game process.

  1. You are small and have just begun the game process. All you need for this time is to eat a small food and avoid bigger players. It’s sad but almost everybody will be bigger than you at first. But don’t be upset: you have good speed and it’s really hard to catch you.
  2. When you see that there are guys smaller than you, you can try to eat them. Try to chase them and drive them into a corner. But remember that now your speed is not as big as a the beginning of the game and moreover except guys who are smaller there are quite many players bigger than you.
  3. You are quite big now but slow as well. So in order to eat someone you can use one great function: come as close as possible to your victim and divide your cell into some cells using button “w”. But you should do that only if you are quite big and that si quite a big risk, because you will be divided into smaller cells so somebody can eat you.
  4. While playing you may see some green circles with something like spikes. When you are small you can hide there and it won’t be harmful. However when you become big avoid these spikes because if you collide with them you will be divided into small cells. You can use these circles with spikes in order to attack some big and slow guys. You can shot into the spikes circles by using your “space” button and spikes will burst and if there is anybody big near them, they will split him into pieces, which you can eat than.
  5. Finally this game gives you a great possibility to play with your friends or even to create teams. So it will be fun to play with friends against other team.

These are just some advices and general information about this game. If it was interesting for you to read this, you can read about our site which has examples of other essays and you can order an essay for your topic and taste. In general the game Agar.io has become very popular in different countries and you can play it rather on computer or using you smartphone. One of the best features of the game is that you can play it with friends and rules are very easy to understand. Maybe at first you will have lack of skills however after some tries you will understand how everything works in this game. So just try it, because it is really fun and will give you some good emotions. Don’t be afraid of been eaten: just relax and enjoy the game. Have a good luck and tell your friends about this simple but exciting game: maybe they will want to play with you.