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WTA Or ATP: Difference Between Ranking System


Sportsmen are usually the example of strong body, mind and willpower. They work hard every day as they choose sport wisely and then work in this narrow direction. Although some people criticize sportsmen for doing nothing it’s not true. Sportsmen make incredible job every day and sport may be compared with art: it gives enjoyment and excitement as pieces of art do it. Of course tastes differ, but for somebody hockey may be the best art and sight.

Sportsmen are people who overcome their own weaknesses every training. How often people do some exercise for example and when they got to a certain time they decide to stop and relax. Good and professional sportsmen also do a lot of exercises when it seems that they are exhausted and don’t have energy for that. But that is how it works. Only in this way you can get some progress in sport because if you do the same things and give the same tension on your body it will simply adapt and you won’t access visible success and progress. The same is with classes for example. If you just want someone to do your class our company will help you with that, but we will be like a coach: so we will give some knowledge and help but you will get skills to be able to write an essay or do some other disciplines.

Unfortunately sometimes even these strong and persistent people need some help. It may be help with recovering or help with protection of their right in definite situation connected with sport. For these purposes different associations were created. Nowadays they mostly organize some tournaments and championships and it’s their main task. Today we will talk about tennis and about such organizations as ATP and WTA.

What is the purpose of WTA and ATP?

Both these organizations are for tennis players and they stand for representing rights of sportsmen and now ATP and WTA are really prestigious for professional tennis players. But let’s look at difference between these two organizations. WTA is a Women’s tennis association while ATP is Association of tennis professionals and it was created for men. However we may say that nowadays these associations mainly hold championships and that is their main task.

Let’s look at some tournaments that are hold by WTA and ATP.

ATP tournaments

This category itself has five types of tournaments such as ATP World Tour Finals, ATP World Tour Masters 1000, ATP World Tour 500 and 250 Series and finally, Challenger tournament where generally amateurs participate. Participants have something like a schedule season of ATP is similar to year season with first competitions at the beginning of January and last tournament in November. December is like a month off.

Now it’s time to analyze tournament for women.

WTA tournament

At first there was no such strict differentiation of tournaments as it was with ATP and they were formally divided by value of prize fund. Later it was created five categories due to skills but prize fund also was taken into consideration. Each category has definite size of tournament net, which means definite number of participants for every tournament.

However there are some other tournaments held both for men and women and they can participate there. Every series of tournament has its own system of scores and ranking.

Rating and scores in ATP

ATP rating is a system where results of tennis players are noted depending on the amount of scores they have. Only eighteen best results in season are taken into account. For those players who get to final of ATP World Tour Finals counted as 19th result. Rating is calculated as a result of 52 weeks. Participant, who gets the biggest amount of scores by the end of a season, becomes world number one tennis player.

However in different tournaments amount of scores are different. Let’s look each of them.

1. ATP World Tour Finals.

Participants get 200 scores for group stage play, which they win, 400 – for winning semi-final and 500 – for winning final. The maximum that you can achieve is 1500 scores.

2. ATP World Tour Masters 1000.

In this tournament player gets 25 scores for qualification (if there are more than 52 participants you can get only 12 scores). If you come to 128 players you get 10 points then 25 for coming to next stage where 64 players compete and 45 – at the stage where there are 32 players. Finally, when you come to the 16 players you receive 90 scores, then 180 for quarter-final, 360 for semifinal, 600 for final and if you win it you get 1000 scores. That’s why this tournament has such name (number in the title shows maximum possible amount of scores you can win in the final).

3. ATP World Tour 500 Series

Player can receive 20 scores for qualification, 45 - if you come into 16 players group, 90 – for quarter final, 180 – for semifinal 300 for final and 500 for win in final.

4. ATP World Tour 250 Series

12 scores can be received for qualification, 20 – for reaching 16 players and then you can get half of amount of scores as in ATP World Tour 500(45 for quarter final, 90 – for semifinal, 150 for final and 250 if you win).

It should be said that there are some other tournaments held which we won’t look at here such as: Grand Slam tournament and some Challenge tournaments.

Talking about situation now we can see that Addy Murray from the UK is at the top of ATP ranking, then at the second place goes Novak Djokovic from Serbia and third is Milos Raonic from Canada.

Rating and scores in WTA

This rating has something similar with that described above. For 52 weeks results of participants are taken into account – every won match of professional tournament gives some scores. However unlike ATP in this rating there are two ratings: single and pair. In single rating 16 best results are accounted while in pair rating only 11.

1. Championship Final

A ranking system is as follows:

Single tournament: 230 scores for every won match and 70 for lost one in group. 360 scores for final and if you win it you get title and 450 scores.

Pair tournament: 460 scores for quarterfinal, 690 – for semifinal, 1050 for final and 1500 for title.

2. Championship Final B

Single tournament: 120 scores for each won game and 40 – for defeat. 200 – for final and 260 for title.

What about pair tournament, scores for it are not given.

There are also some other tournaments that we won’t describe such as: Grand Slam tournament, Regular Prime Series, Regular International Series, etc.

What about WTA ranking just right now Angelique Kerber from Denmark is at the top, second place is occupied by a well-known Serena Williams from the USA and the third one is also taken by famous tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland.

If you liked this essay don’t hesitate and read about our class mentor – service that always ready to help you with any classes online. To sum up it can be said that ranking systems of WTA and ATP are quite different although have some similarities. In general it’s quite easy system and you may find ranking of WTA and ATP in the Internet without any problems as well as read about top players both men and women. There exist some distinctions between ranking systems and we mentioned them so women in general able to get more scores and get them even for defeat. We may say that it’s easier to women to gain scores. But there exist another problem. Women sometimes say that they receive less money as a reward for the tournament than men and this problem still can be observed however not as bright as before.