Why Dysgraphia is More than Just a Disability


                       Dysgraphia is a scientific term used to define a special form of learning disability that is revealed in poor writing skills and is more common for little children. This disorder is expressed in bad handwriting, difficulties with word spelling as well as troubles with expressing oneself in the written form. This kind of disability can be of two forms: language and non-language. In fact, some people think that Continue reading

15 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Car


                         The question of whether it is better to lease a car or to buy it is currently faced by all future car owners. In fact, the sales people will always find a way to persuade their customers to accept a deal, but studies show that it is much better to buy your own car than to lease it. Nowadays, people have free access to various new models of vehicles that can be leased, but at the same time the conditions of Continue reading

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about Red Nose Day


A famous British charity organization, Comic Relief is specialized in raising funds the whole year round. It is widely known for its famous event, Red Nose Day, which is especially designed to conduct various charity projects and stimulate people to invest money for various worthy reasons. It also celebrates those people who have assisted in raising money for different charity projects. Although Comic Relief has started its charity event in 1985, not all people know much about this occasion. Continue reading

Do We Need to Avoid Gluten Foods?


In the course of time, people become aware of the negative effects of gluten on their health. It has been estimated that one third of the American population are trying to exclude foods containing gluten from the range of products they eat on a daily basis. There are several reasons why gluten is bad for our health as will be discussed in the following essay. The current paper will focus on the major negative effects of gluten to answer the question of whether gluten foods are really harmful Continue reading

Bilingualism: Illness or Advantage


Our mother-tongue is able to change the way we perceive the world around. It is quite logical that the more words we use, the greater knowledge we have about the surrounding world. But only think about a person who is brought up in bilingual environment being able to speak two or even more languages. Such a person is obviously exposed to the abundant world of meanings that makes his/her perception of the world even wider. Linguists and psychologists have not yet investigated the full effect of Continue reading