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Do you want someone to take your classes? Are you afraid that such services are not affordable? Let us dispel your fears and concerns: Onlineclassmentor professionals do classes online for cheap. You can delegate us any written assignment, class, or online course you have and our experts will do it as quickly as required. Our on-line agency is famous for its cheap prices affordable to everyone. The expert team of our site works round-the-clock so that you could contact us anytime. It is not easy to study and the classes are often too many. However, if you choose the right place, the learning process will seem more pleasant. This is exactly what we want to speak about today.

The places where it is pleasant to study

Monotony and sameness do not benefit anyone. The monotonous actions in the pestered surroundings can even make someone depressed. Luckily, it is possible to read, do home assignments, and get ready for the exams in completely various places. The specialists of our site have created a short list of the places, studying in which can diversify your boring days.

1. Café and anti-café

Sometimes you can sit in a cozy café with a cup of your favorite drink, books, and notes that you need to read. Another option is so-called anti-café, where you can also comfortably take any place surrounded by pleasant interior and feel like a true member of the society.

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2. At friends

There is sense to visit your friends and do your home assignments together. Everyone knows that two heads are better than one. The most important is not to turn your attention to the discussions and entertainments that do not have relation to your main occupation at the moment, i.e. learning. However, if you just want to have fun with your friends, without thinking about the classes, we can help solve this problem:

3. At school

If you do not experience some negative feelings towards your educational establishment, why not stay after the classes and dedicate a couple of hours to prepare for the next day in a working atmosphere. Also, the teachers will see that you are really interested in getting knowledge.

4. At the educational courses or with a tutor

Some people require competent help with learning educational material. This help can be got either at the courses or with a tutor. It is always useful to discuss something unclear with a teacher, especially with the one who pays attention to your problems. If you wonder how to pass online courses successfully, our online course site can help cope with this easily.

5. Outdoors

If it is already warm outside, you can always combine a pleasant thing with useful and go to study to the park, seafront, or even wood. Fresh air and nature sounds contribute to the good information learning. Besides, it is much more pleasant to take a break in a place like this.

6. At a desk

A classic option will suit better those people who feel more comfortable in a usual environment, such as to study sitting at your own desk with a computer and a cat (if you have it). Sometimes it is easier to focus on the books in an especially designed for this purpose place. The most important is not to be tempted by social networks or online games.

7. At home

Do you need to focus to prepare well but your younger brother is running around and screaming and a loving grandma is trying to feed you all the time? It happens that your own studying place does not allow getting rid of the external irritants. However, it is possible to avoid the influence of your family members if you shut in any room, it can be even a kitchen, storeroom, or balcony. Take all the necessary books and a couple of cushions to feel comfortable in your new temporal office.

8. In the library

This is one of the best options to learn something. Being surrounded by the books and smart-looking people who move very quietly, you can feel like a true genius. In the temple of knowledge, information is absorbed not only by your brain, but also by the eyes, ears, and even skin.

9. In the public transport

If it takes much time to get to the place you study, the minutes you spend in the bus or subway can be used with benefit: you can review some rules, read a couple of paragraphs, or solve several tasks. If you do so, the way will seem much shorter.

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The art of taking notes

We believe that not only the place to study is important. It also matters a lot how you take notes. It may sound a bit weird, but the way your notes look influences the process of perceiving information and memorization. That is why we want to tell you how to take notes effectively.

It would seem what so difficult can be in taking notes. Everything required is to write down the necessary information briefly. That is it. Also, it is better not to lose the notebook and not to use it as a stand for coffee or tea. But what to do if you look at your notes and cannot understand them? We are going to present a couple of tips on correct and effective notes taking so that you would not feel embarrassed to show them to other people and could understand the information written.

How to take notes of a lesson or lecture correctly

  • Take notes thoughtfully

Do not grab a pen immediately when a professor starts talking. Try not only to write automatically everything you hear, but filter information. It is better to listen to a sentence till the end, understand it, and only then, write it down briefly. It is also useful to take notes of the professor’s remarks, especially if they explain some difficult terms.

  • Structure your notes

It is necessary to highlight some elements of the notes: the subject of a lesson or lecture, titles, subtitles, definitions, etc. Make the gaps between the text blocks and frame the main information (formulas, laws, rules). Do not be afraid to visualize the information received (when it is possible). The drawings are easier to memorize and they will help recollect information, which they imply. Also, use different highlighters but do not overdo, and google “study inspiration” to find the inspiring samples of taking notes and creative approaches to writings.

  • Use abbreviations

Shorten the words so that you could understand them later. Make up your own abbreviations to accelerate the process. In this case, mathematical symbols, as well as any other symbols, can help you. For instance, such words as “increase”, “growth”, “enlargement” can be replaced with an up arrow. Of course, you should not forget which symbol what exactly means. Words can be shortened in many different ways. Let’s say a word “civilization” can be written as “civiliz.” or “civil-ion”. Choose the way that suits you the most.

  • Select comfortable writing utensils

For taking notes, use the notebooks with paper, on which you feel pleasant to write. It would be great if there are fields in a notebook, where you can write some significant remarks on the topic. If something is not clear to you, put a question mark in this place. If a lecturer has interrupted his (her) speech and started to talk about something else, leave some spare place, which you can fill in later.

Select a comfortable pen with bright ink for writing. A gel and capillary pen is also suitable if the paper is thick. You can also use multicolor pens if you want, but notice that they take much time. A text marker is much handier.

  • Every subject should have its own notebook

It is not recommended to take all the notes in a single notebook. This will confuse both your professor and you. Have a separate notebook for every subject.

  • Use additional means

It happens that a teacher reads the lectures very quickly, nobody is perfect ( In such cases, there is nothing you can do but adjust to his (her) pace. For this purpose, you can take notes in the form of theses, use a dictaphone or laptop (if it is not forbidden). We hope that our tips will help you take notes much better.

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