Is Being An Ideal Teacher Just A Myth?


Being an ideal teacher

Ideal teacher is like a mythical creature: everybody heard about him, everybody knows about him but nobody can’t tell exactly how ideal teacher looks like. Of course, for different people ideal teacher is different concept. For child in primary school ideal teacher is a kind lady, who always understands him. In university, ideal teacher is somebody who can explain new material so students will catch it in few minutes and remember for years. In harsh and modern world ideal teacher is sometimes suppressed by good online classes, where you have a course and computer to work with.

Ask yourself who is an ideal teacher for you, and probably answer won’t be clear. Ask thousand students and teachers and they will probably tell a lot of information about an ideal teacher but this won’t be the same person. The problem is that ideal person can’t be perfect for everybody and that nobody is perfect. However, in our imagination we can create such mythical character. Why not to do it? We have read many essays and articles and decided to gather different qualities that ideal teacher should have. If you want to write an ideal book, read our article about how to start a book.

As there are many qualities we can’t list all of them here, but we really tried to choose the most important ones. So here we go.

Qualities of an ideal teacher:

1. Sensitive, Responsive

Our world is cruel and sometimes students can’t tell parents everything. Ideal teacher should become a person whom student may talk to without any constraint about anything. Unfortunately, there also exist a last resort. So being too kind means that student won’t take you as serious teacher and they may just not do your tasks. However, being too strict is even worse plan of actions. If you like to stick to a plan it is better to be the plan of learning foreign language:

Ideal teacher should always understand students’ problems and try to find out the solution or help student to do it. Students are really afraid of monstrous teachers, so ideal teacher definitely shouldn’t go this way. Just remember that we all are people with feelings and problems and realize that students may have a lot of problems. Especially first-year students. So be the kind of teacher students can easily come to for getting help. If students like to come to you and help you or ask for help this is the best compliment ever. Finally don’t forget to read about the noble profession of teaching and teacher who were admitted by the whole world as noble pedagogues. Try to understand their tactics and take some their thoughts into your teacher path. Remember that ideal teacher will always listen to student and will never abuse him. He will always try to make sure that student tell the truth and will always believe him.

2. Enthusiastic, Motivated

How often do we see dull teacher, who can turn even interesting theme into a boring one? Teacher can turn great lessons into scaring ones, which students don’t like and don’t want to attend. It’s better to read materials like advice for music lessons in order to make your subject more interesting. If you want to be an ideal teacher, don’t think you are already at the top. Don’t be too gorgeous and too cocky. There are many teachers who think they are gods of the subject but they don’t even try to make the subject interesting for students.

Always remember about adequate self-evaluation. You may know chemistry as Mendeleev did, but if you can’t share your experience and knowledge with students you are bad teacher and it doesn’t matter how much you know because student will never understand even half of it. Don’t become teacher who is a part of educational system, and education that destroys creativity. Try to be at the opposite side.

Of course chemistry teachers are not the only who have problems with lessons. Every teacher can be dull and boring but ideal teacher must not be a gloomy and cheerless. The best way to motivate students consists of two main ideas. Firstmake material and subject interesting. Secondshow students that you also like the subject so they will be inspired by your energy. Here you can find way to motivate students.

Teacher should be motivated and he should be full of desire to show students something new, give them new interesting material, or in another way students want be motivated. Motivated teacher always make students motivated. In another way, it’s not an ideal teacher.

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3. Understanding Builder

Teachers often think that they can choose for students and students can’t choose at all. This is the worst quality teacher may have. Ideal teacher should always give student right for choosing something. Bad teacher will just yell at student. Good teacher will always try to understand student and find a compromise. Good teacher will always listen to student’s thought and arguments and admit them if they are really right and strong. Ideal teacher will always find a solution of every argue or stressful situation with student. Of course, here upbringing is very important but we hope article on upbringing of a child will help.

4. Teaches How To Be Creative

Good teacher is creative teacher. By creative, we mean that he should be able to create something new even studying themes that seem to be as easy as a pie. Of course, any teacher should know how to be creative. But good teacher is not only creative by himself but tries to teach students how to be creative. Creativeness is a thing that everybody needs but everybody loses. Creative teacher can make every theme easier and interesting. Creativeness is an art of making things bright and colorful; create something even if it seems that nothing can be created. Creative students and teachers always find unusual decisions and ways.

5. Knows Everything About Discipline

Problem of discipline is very wide spread both in schools and in universities. Most teachers see the only way of calming students in shouting at them. Other teachers try to intimidate students by marks and exams. There are very few teachers, who can find another way. Ideal teacher will probably does. Being an ideal teacher means being able to find solution for conflict situations and don’t punish students. Instead of it, good teacher should find methods of controlling discipline so students won’t even understand and see it. If you want to find out more interesting essay read about online class mentor and you will be surprised.

6. Can See The World As It Is

Another quality important for a good teacher if understanding that nothing is perfect. Teacher is not perfect and students are not perfect as well. It means if they do test with some mistakes they should be punished roughly. Ideal teacher will understand that nobody is ideal, so every student, even “A” grade student can make mistakes. It’s very important to support students and turn mistakes into stimulus for studying not vice versa.

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7. Skillful And Qualified

Can you imagine teacher who doesn’t know his subject? Unfortunately, we all people so nobody can know something perfectly. Even great teachers don’t know their subject from A to Z. That’s why we can say that only ideal teacher will know his subject perfectly with no white spots. He should be able to answer any question related to his subject, even if professors and scientists do not know answer on this question. Even if student asks something about Bermuda Triangle disappearances.

Another thing perfect teacher should poses is a bunch of skills. We are not talking about computer technologies now. Let’s take chemical teacher again. Perfect one should know how to mix all liquids and how to show it to students. He should be able to organize their work so it will be safe but productive and interesting. Unfortunately, not every teacher has this skill and many other ones. For example, skill of preparing students to exam or test is also very important. You may get help with exams at online class mentor.

8. Has Sense Of Humor

How often can we meet teacher who can make jokes and understand humor? It is hard to admit but such teachers are really rare guests in universities and schools. If you were rare guest at online class, we can help you to take your course online. However, teacher who can joke and makes it in appropriate time can help students with acquiring new information. Turn information into a joke and 99% of students will remember it. Unfortunately, instead of it we can see that education is becoming more and more serious. So ideal teacher should understand when and how to joke to make student’s interest in subject bigger and to make the information easier.

It should be also said that good teacher always tries to find different associations. Why not to make them in a funny way? Information in such format will be remembered faster and easier. Probably humor is a thing that education has a constant lack of. Sometimes we all can find great movies full of humor and take it. So here is an article about source, which may be useful for humor seekers:

9. Geek Of IT Technologies

This point is closely connected to the point number six, but this one is narrower. Everybody will admit that computers, tablets and other IT stuff became an integral part of education process. We said that teacher should be a geek in this world of technologies, but if you do not know the meaning of the world geek, we advise you to look for it here:

Let’s look at some examples of using technologies in school:

- Computers make lesson more interesting, help students to find different information and make different tasks.

- Don’t forget about Virtual reality, which is becoming more and more popular in schools. In helps students to appear in definite world depending on the theme of the lesson and see different things or make different practical tasks.

Read more about how technology has changed education and you will see that students became very good in al technologies, while teachers are still haven’t. It means that ideal teacher should know IT technologies well and know how to use them during lesson with great effect and profit. If you are going to become better teacher than you are now, feel free to read about technical skills every teacher should have.

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11. Can Criticize But Know Measure

How often do students deal with reviews of their essays or any type of work? Very often. How many teachers are really taking care of this review? Maybe not all of them. Imagine a situation when student has written an essay and spent a lot of time on it. He tried to write it as he could. He opened his heart and soul, wrote greatly. But he comes to teacher and teacher says that this work is bad and should be rewritten. Even such kind of comment can spoil student’s desire to write essays at all.

What should ideal teacher do? He should gently point at mistakes and offer student fix them. Students should understand that teacher doesn’t just criticize him, but offers help and solution. It will motivate him to write better essays and other works and his marks will become higher. The same method can be approved for any type of work and almost any situation when teacher gives results to students.

12. Looks Good But Not Too Bright

Ask any student and he will tell you that some teachers look like freaks. They may wear some clothes from 18th century and have no understanding that something is wrong. As a result, instead of listening to history of modern world, students will discuss history of 18th century from which the teacher seems to come from. So, it stands to reason that every teacher should take care of his clothes and style. Of course, teacher is not demanded to be a model, but knowing some basic rules of clothes combining will make teacher bright. Should it be said that students’’ attitude to such kind of teachers is always high? Feel free to read more about what should teacher wear.

At the same time, it’s important to know the measure and wear clothes, which are appropriate for teacher. Agree that teacher in short dress will look great but students will hardly be able to listen to her. Instead of it, they will look at her and some may even fall in love with her. That would never do for ideal teacher. It may be hard to find your own style but it worth-trying if you want to be better. If you want to improve your health and especially eyesight, look here:

14. Can Create Safe Atmosphere

Finally, the most important skill every teacher should have is ability to create comfortable atmosphere at classes. By comfortable we mean atmosphere when student wants to come to this teacher’s class again and again and feels that he is important at this class. Let’s look at some tips for creating safe atmosphere at lessons:

- Listen to students attentively

The most obvious thing teacher should do to show that student is important and he should come to classes again. Because very often we see that teacher just pretends to listen a student and then continues his though as if nobody hasn’t said anything. When teacher is listening to students, the latter understand that teacher respects them and it creates great atmosphere.

- Learn students’ language

It is not a secret that students use their language with some words and phrases that can be beyond understating for adults. However, if teacher wants to create really warm and safe atmosphere he should at least understand these words and phrases. Students will definitely appreciate it.

- Create zone of comfort

For different people zone of comfort may be different. However, being an ideal teacher supposes that he can find out what are students’ hobbies or phobias and create clubs or something like this, where students will feel safe and sound. Such place, where all students can share their thoughts, fears or dreads are really important for creating safe atmosphere.

- Don’t allow bullying

Bullying is very awful thing and it is incompatible with safe atmosphere. Try to finish all bullying demonstrations at the beginning or try to avert them at all. Bullying is the main danger for safe atmosphere and understanding in class – remember it.

-Appreciate students’ help and help them

Some students will be always happy to help you. Don’t hesitate and accept this help. However, it is very important to distinguish true help from help for good mark. The latter in unacceptable. At the same time, remember that students may also need your help, so try to see the changes of their actions and mood in order not to be late with your help. Of course, sometimes find the way to student’s heart and confidence is not as fast as the quickest way to solve a Rubix cube, but ideal teacher would definitely try it.

As you see, ideal teacher is a person who has a lot of positive qualities and doesn’t have any negative ones. We all understand that it’s impossible, but this is an ideal. Without it, teachers won’t try their best to achieve it. It means that although ideal teacher is still something like a myth, it, motivates a lot of teachers to become better and always develop in different fields. So maybe one day we will see an ideal teacher.

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