Are Schools The Strongest Creativity Killers?


Are schools the strongest creativity killers

Nowadays we can hear, and very often, that schools kill creativity. If you lost desire to studying, we can support you. All you should do is just tell us “take my online class for me for fee” and be happy and enjoy you time. In most cases children lose desire to study and don’t want to attend school. Or even worse: they become less curious and become indifferent. Just imagine how school changes child – creature who always wants to know something new becomes absolutely cold and don’t want to do anything at all. Today we will try to understand the main problems and reasons of modern schools and find possible solutions. Let’s go gradually from one point to another.

What is creativity itself?

Of course, we will single out some advice and problems connected with creativity but to talk about them, we should understand what is creativity itself. As Wikipedia gently say us, creativity is a process when something new is created. But it’s not just something new – it’s something unique and valuable for some people. So, when we say that person is creative it is usually meant that this person can create something unique and unusual or produce thoughts that are somehow new and not common.

It should be said that although many people think they are creative as a fact just unordinary. We can say that creativity is higher stage than just to be unordinary. However, there is a hypothesis that everybody is born creative and we all were creative in childhood. However, then something happens and most of us lose this unique quality. We will single out why it happens and for now feel free to read how to become creative in short time.

Schools and creativity

Now it’s time to talk about schools and creativity. Maybe we will single out the main problems and reasons why most children lose creativity exactly after first forms in school.

1. Child’s curiosity

The first and main problem is that education in most cases doesn’t facilitate child’s curiosity. What do we mean? We mean that child is naturally curious and wants to know as much new information as possible. Sometimes we all need to learn new things and sometimes we use different lifehacks. Feel free to know about different lifehacks here:

The problem is that he does it in his own way and order. So when child wants to know definite things, he receives other ones during the lesson. It happens constantly and what do we see when child is trying to ask a question? Teacher usually tells him that there is no time for such unintelligent questions or that this question is not coincides with the theme of the lesson. So child has to forget about his question once then twice and then he just won’t ask, because he get used to the fact that his questions are unintelligent and inappropriate. That is how child slowly turns from curious creature into a person who is indifferent to everything. You can read another article on what is modern education and problems of education in general.

2. Mistakes and their consequences

Every child is creative until school doesn’t kill it. Or in some cases creativity win and child becomes even more creative and even being an adult he saves this quality. The secret of child’s creativity is that he is not afraid of making mistakes. So as usual, child makes different mistakes, but very often; these mistakes lead to absolutely new and unusual decisions and discoveries. That is why children are more creative than adults are: they make mistakes and react on it in absolutely adequate way. If you like to learn for your own, read about the best way to learn programming at home.

However, everything would be to easy and bright if things were just like this. Of course, mistakes that children make help them to be creative. But let’s look at system of education. What we have in most cases? Yes, we have points or any other way of appraising. From the first sight, it’s okay and there is nothing to be worried about. However, different children react on bad mark differently. Many children feel guilt and parents’ pressure in addition. So with bad mark child feels like a miserable creature, who is good-for-nothing creature. So child tries to avoid bad marks and as a result is afraid of doing any mistakes, because mistakes lead to bad marks. If you want to get a good mark for online test ask our company to help you with test and you will receive good mark, we guarantee it.

Because of such things, we receive child who will better keep silence than say anything, because he is scared and afraid of saying something wrong. And then it becomes a habit and many adults just do and say the same things as majority just because they are afraid of being alike others or make mistakes.

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3. Children’s behavior and teachers’ reaction

Another feature of children is that they are very active sometimes. Unfortunately, most of teachers react on it in inadequate way and just punish children. However, it should be remembered, that most activities and movements the child does, can help to understand what is his calling and in what sphere he can be creative and create some unique things.

We have finished with general reasons and problems children usually face in school and exactly these things kill child’s creativity. However, good teacher should not only avoid these mistakes, but also try to use some methods in order to develop each child’s creativity. Let’s try to make some exercises and methods for creativity development in school and during the lesson.

1. Give child interesting tasks

The best way to develop creativity is in giving children interesting tasks. For example, even in math there can be some unusual tasks. Just solve an example is good but not as interesting as creating it. Every child will be interested in creating his own example. Even if it will be too difficult for him to solve, don’t punish him. If child created example which he can’t solve it means that he wants to know more and wants to know how to solve not only those ordinary examples from book. Child should better read literature as best Jack London short stories.

The same thing is with literature. Of course, reading books is important, but ask your pupils to write a composition. Moreover, try not to limit them and allow them to write article on the theme they want. It will help you to understand their hobbies and passions so you will be able to develop them later. Maybe once one of those children will write a book. Read how to write a book here:

2. React adequately on child’s mistakes

Remember that all people can make mistakes. Children are very sensitively to critics so be careful. Never talk child off in front of the whole class and never make another child example to another one, because everybody is unique and has his own weak and strong sides. If some subjects are not your strong side read about online mentor who can help you with some problematic subjects so you won’t feel awkwardly.

Instead of criticizing, try to analyze child’s mistakes. You can do it with the whole class, but don’t criticize somebody – just analyze mistakes and let the child who made them to rehabilitate. It is unforgettable feeling when child understood his mistake and fixed it. He becomes more self- confident and next time he may find some unusual ways of solving that or another task.

3. Don’t punish child for behavior

There is a story that once one girl had problems with behavior. That’s why teacher asked her mother to visit the school and go to the headmaster. However, that headmaster was a very clever person. She just asked all to leave the room and only little girl was there. The music was switched on and she began to dance. So, that actions which teacher and other teachers thought was just a bad behavior and ill-breeding. So, this girl was given to special school then, where she learnt how to dance and finally, she became a great and popular dancer. You can get to know what's the best sport for you.

The moral of the story is that sometimes teacher should look carefully at child’s behavior. Sometimes even bad behavior can show what child likes to do. For example if he throws paper balls into the blackboard, it doesn’t mean that he is just ill-mannered: maybe he just wants to throw a real ball into a basket and maybe he will become a creative basketball player. Maybe he will create new style of game in basketball. But all this possibilities may be crossed out by teacher who can’t understand children’s intentions well.

To sum up we can say that creativity is something, which everybody has in childhood. Unfortunately, sometimes people lose creativity or just don’t admit that they are creative. So, hard work should be done and it is better to develop creativeness from childhood. Just imagine how much is depended on schools: they can break a child down or vice versa give him all possibilities to become famous and creative person. Be wise and don’t allow anybody to ruin your creativity!

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