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Top Of Lifehacks That Will Help Everybody


There are different people on the Earth. Some are extremely practical: they can make atmosphere cozy and comfortable. If you want to be good at school, feel free to visit online classes for fee. It seems like they can find place and usage for everything they see. Unfortunately, some people are not as successful or just need more time for thinking about how to use different things. Anyway, for both these people we have some lifehacks.

As you may know, lifehack is a thing or advice, which helps person in any way. As usual lifehacks are simple and seem to be obvious, however as it is said, everything genius is simple. So, we made a list of different lifehacks for you, which you can use at work or at home, during studying or at free time. Hope some of them will be interesting for you. If you want to see something great get acquainted with top TV series and we start our list of lifehacks:

1. For those who travels a lot

Imagine a situation when you travel to different cities. You always take bag or suitcase with you. No matter how unique it seems to be, there will be always found some more, which are absolutely identical. It is quite unpleasant situation, when you see similar suitcases and don’t know which one is yours. Moreover, you will find your suitcase only if you are a Sherlock Holmes or if you have watched Sherlock TV series. However, there is an easier way. To avoid this awkward moments, tie something to your suitcase. It is not hard to take a ribbon and tie it in the form of bow, for example. So you will not only make suitcase notable, but also will decorate it.

2. For those who don’t use a corrector pen

This advice will be useful for everybody. When you have written something and then decided that it was not a good word or phrase, you would definitely strike it out. However, these words will be still readable. What to do in this case? It is not good idea to draw many lines to strike out the word because it doesn’t look good. Instead of it, you may just write another letters above the world you have written and want to strike out. This method makes the word unreadable and works not worse than a corrector pen. If you appreciate privacy and aware of keeping your passwords in safety you will like this article about Internet security: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/30-tips-how-to-avoid-getting-hacked.

3. Cat and computer

People who have cats know that these animals like computers. Nobody knows why, but they like to lie in front of your screen on even on the keyboard. Fortunately, there is one thing that cats like more than computer. It is a box. Put a box near your table or even on it. Cat will sit in it while you will be able to work in front of computer without cat’s tail waving between your eyes and screen. Of course, you may buy second screen and solve problem in this way, but before doing it, read about disadvantages of dual monitors.

4. For people who like to watch videos

If you can’t live without your phone and watch some videos even during a breakfast, or just when have some free time, this advice is for you. As usual, phone cases don’t allow you to fix phone in convenient position for watching something. Your sunglasses will help with it. Put folded sunglasses so the fold on the bows will rise up. Put phone behind them and you won’t have to pick it by one hand all the time.

5. How to struggle with puddles?

Rain has ended and there are a lot of puddles? Or maybe it is still rainy and you have boots, which are not appropriate for such weather and can be easily dripped with wet? To fix this problem you need only wax. Buy it and then spread it on your boots. They are waterproof now, so rain is not dangerous for them anymore! Exam is dangerous for you and seems- to be a real stress for you? Allow us to help you to pass exam well. We always happy to help with it.

6. For those who like to lose things

Interview over, business card of your future job is in your hands. You are happy and go out of the office with a happy smile. Then some hours later, you come home and happiness is changed into a disaster: you realize that business card with all contacts was lost. Of course, sometimes you can find number in the Internet, but it is easier to make a photo of this card, so all information will be there. Even if you lose a card, you will have it at phone.

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7. Some help with ironing

There is joke that some men find a girlfriend just to have their clothes always ironed. Moreover, for some men to have iron is like to have some unusual pets. The process can be really annoying and difficult. Such clothes as T-shirt are not bad and every man can iron it (if it is needed at all). However, shirt seems to be a real hell especially for those who don’t iron clothes very often and don’t have a lot of skills. Part with buttons is as usual the most awful and stressful. To avoid stress, just put T-shirt inside out and iron area of button from this side. You will save time and nerves and you T-shirt will look great.

8. For people who like cold drinks

Do you know how much do the most expensive cocktails cost? Feel free to consult this article: https://onlineclassmentor.com/blog/top-15-the-most-expensive-cocktails to know. Talking about other drinks as lemonade or bottle of bear, everybody will say that its best taste is when it is cold. So how to make it cold in some minutes? As usual, this process takes some hours. However, there is a useful lifehack. Take a bottle of your drink and wrap it into a wet paper towel. Then put it into the fridge. After ten minutes, it will be cold and ready.

9. How to carry a sandwich?

Although the question is quite strange, it really exists. Some people buy special boxes for lunch and put sandwich there. However, there is an easier way. Almost everybody has a round box for CDs, which can be closed. Age of CDs has gone always, but age of sandwiches will never do it. So use this box for sandwich and don’t spend money on special boxes. Feel free to read also some hacks for students.

10. What to put into a wallet?

Of course, every person knows what to put into a wallet and what not to put. However, there is an important thing you may do. Take a small piece of paper and write your information there like address, phone number, blood type and some other important things. It may really help you in some situations.

11. Do you like puzzles of Christmas decorations?

Christmas has gone but memories are strong. Memories about Christmas tree and how beautiful it was, about presents and about two hours you have spent for unraveling Christmas decorations. The last thing is not good, isn’t it? To avoid it find plastic boxes for eggs. They have deepening so you can putt decoration there and they won’t puzzle.

12. How to conquer a carton with juice?

As usual, carton with juice or other liquor behaves in inappropriate way. You just want to fill glass with great juice and it pours jerkily so your table is also full of juice and your mood becomes worse and worse. All you need to do is take a knife. Don’t think about something bad and just make a small hole at the top of the carton. Juice now will pour well and you won’t have to clean up a house then. If you have a dog don’t pass by and read some lifehacks for dog owners.

13. How to check batteries?

We use batteries in many different gadgets but the most often usage is for wireless mouse and keyboard. However, usually we have problem with distinguishing whether the battery is good or maybe it is dead. To check this take it, rise above the table (not very high) and then drop. If the battery will bounce only one time, it is good and fully charged. In another way, you should find a new one, because mouse will stop working very soon with such battery.

14. Small sink vs big bucket

It is such a big upset when you want to fill bucket with water, but sink is small. If you have a scoop with you, it is not a problem anymore. Just put its wide part on the sink and direct the handle towards the bucket. Of course, it will work only if your handle has recess. Want to know more about our essays and order one? Look through information about class mentor and you will definitely find an interesting offer.

15. Cheap handmade lamp

You need one thing for this lifehack: it is a bottle with water and flashlight (on your phone). Place a phone with the flashlight on. Then put a bottle with water on it. As a result, you will receive well-lighted room with warm and pleasant atmosphere.

16. How to boil something safely?

We all had situations when we wanted to boil something. We put a pan, fulfilled it with water and went away. Unfortunately, water can boil out. Solution is very easy. Just take a wooden spoon and place it on the edges of the pan. Now you can leave a pan and don’t be afraid that water may boil out.

17. How to avoid mess of wires?

Many people use mouse, keyboard, and other things, which have wires. If you use wireless mouse go to the point number 13. To avoid mess with wires take a paper clip and fix it on your table. Then take off an iron part and insert wire there. Now it won’t intertwine with other ones.

18. How to buy only important things?

Scientists have proved that when human is hungry he will buy a lot of goods he doesn’t really need. To prevent this, take a picture of your fridge, so you will always know what food you have at home and what you should buy. It is faster than writing a list and better to remember.

As we can see, there are many lifehacks and these are only some of them. They are example of how people can create something great without extraordinary sources. The only thing you need is imagination and desire to experiment. You can see that most of lifehacks are easy and don’t require a lot of things to have. So, try experiment and maybe it will be you who invent some new lifehacks that everybody will use.

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